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Healing Properties began as a dream. After receiving his real estate license and with some time sober, Healing Properties’ founder bought a small, five bedroom property with intention to open a modest halfway home for men. Since 2002, Healing Properties has continued to grow and change lives and now serves men and women.

Accommodations and Amenities 

Since its humble beginnings, Healing Properties has expanded from five beds to 48. Residents live apartment-style among eight units on the same property. As an incentive to residents, the further they progress through the program, greater freedom and privacy is granted. All new residents start with two other people in their unit. After a period of time they will progress to a double room, and towards completion will have their own private room. Each unit has two refrigerators for food storage and a washer and dryer. The living rooms are furnished with couches and TV’s for winding-down after a day of work and meetings. There are two full bathrooms in each unit.

The apartment complex features a large grass area with seating and tables acts as a group and recreation area for residents. Healing properties provides kitchen utensils and cooking utensils, but all residents are expected to buy and prepare their own food.

Rules and Regulations

Healing Properties has a unique screening process to ensure all its residents are dedicated to sobriety. For the first week of residence, individuals are watched carefully and assessed for their compatibility with the rest of the house. If deemed unsuitable, a resident will be refunded their first week rent and referred to other options. If approved, all residents must commit to a 90 day stay where they will do the standard “90 in 90” (90 12-step meetings in 90 days).

After completing three months of daily meetings, residents are expected to attend meetings five days a week. In addition, individuals must get a sponsor and work the steps. In conjunction with meetings, residents must attend the Healing Properties community meeting every Sunday evening, plus an on-site Big Book study meeting every Wednesday evening.

Taking random drug tests at staff request is a requirement of living at the house and refusing a test will be considered a positive result. Healing Properties understands that relapse can sometimes be a part of recovery, so as opposed to terminating a resident’s stay automatically, staff assess each situation uniquely. Prescribed medication is allowed so long as staff are informed of what those medications are.

For the first 30 days, the curfew for house members in 11 pm After 30 days, the curfew is remains at 11 pm Sunday through Thursday but extends to 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights. Members are are able to have overnight passes if approved by staff after the first thirty days. If an individual has a guest visiting, the guest must leave the property grounds at curfew.

Healing Properties offers an affordable living situation. Rent is due on Fridays by 7 pm in the office. The electric bill is paid for up to $150, and any expenses after that are divided up between residents. All residents are expected to have a job within two weeks of living at Healing Properties. The House must be maintained and cleaned on a rotating schedule. Dishes are expected to be cleaned and put away and beds made every day. Stealing and borrowing without consent are considered terminable offenses. Residents are responsible for keeping the peace and helping to maintain a harmonious environment.


Life at Healing Properties is not all responsibility—house members also have fun in sobriety, hitting the beach, going to the movies and playing nighttime volleyball.

In Summary

Finding strength in numbers and always keeping residents in the mindset of recovery, Healing Properties is admirable in their effort to work with newly sober men and women. Teaching individuals the basics of self care and home care, individuals are better able to continue their recovery and spread the message of living with drugs and alcohol one day at a time.

Healing Properties Location

Healing Properties
4 SW 4th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Healing Properties Cost

$800 (30 days). Reach Healing Properties by phone at (561) 292-5571. Find Healing Properties on LinkedIn

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