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The Healing Place


The Healing Place Review

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, The Healing Place runs three long term residential treatment facilities for substance abuse. The organization opened in 1989 as a homeless shelter before transitioning into a fully functioning rehab that is free of cost to the community. As a result of limited space, admission is granted on a case by case basis. First priority is given to specific Kentucky counties, while second priority is given to Kentucky state and Southern Indiana residents and then to the rest of the US.

Accommodations and Food

The gender-specific treatment centers hold between 240-350 clients at a time and the co-ed facility has 105 beds. Three massive facilities house clients in dorm-style accommodations, sharing open rooms with bunk beds and small dressers. The women and children’s campus has rooms that accommodate up to three women and five children. The buildings also feature therapy rooms, lecture halls, dining halls, common areas and offices.

Meals are eaten as a group in the dining hall, just a short walk away from clients’ rooms. Three meals a day are cooked on-site by the staff and served cafeteria-style. Adequate nutrition often comes before award-winning taste.

Treatment and Staff

The long-term residential program usually lasts anywhere from three to six months and offers an initial medically monitored detox when needed. During this period of three to seven days, a team of nurses provides medical observation and assessment services. Medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms are used when necessary. Once detox is completed, clients begin doing the work.

The second phase of treatment is called Off the Streets. This motivational part of treatment requires clients to work with their peers, engaging in social skills and the philosophies of the 12 steps. Clients participate in group therapy and educational lectures on addiction. Group topics range from emotional processing to relapse prevention to life skills. The women’s program includes trauma-informed treatment modalities like EMDR.

The third phase of treatment is called the Recovery stage, where clients apply the principles of AA/NA. They attend classes and have written assignments due each day. Attendance and timeliness is required at the on-site 12-step meetings. Women in the mother and child facility are required to participate in their children’s school events or extracurricular activities during this phase.

The fourth phase of treatment is the transitional phase. During this time, clients begin working on life skills, employment and attending outside AA/NA meetings. Once residents have completed the program, they can become peer monitors. This opportunity allows clients to give back, with a chance to teach classes, monitor clients and check assignments.

Staff includes a mix of certified chemical dependency/addiction counselors, as well as a nursing staff and a consulting physician. All counselors have extensive training in the area of substance abuse and mental health issues.


The overnight shelter provides meals and shelter for the homeless population. It is designed to accommodate as many people as possible, with an emphasis on creating positive role models.

In Summary

The Healing Place is able to do the community a huge service with free treatment and a huge bed count. Through the phase system, clients can slowly work their way into a recovery-based lifestyle. With a strong emphasis placed onto the 12 steps, clients have a solid program that they can count on once treatment has been completed.

The Healing Place Location

1030 W Market St
Louisville, KY 40202

The Healing Place Cost

Free. Reach The Healing Place by phone at (502) 585-4848. Find The Healing Place on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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