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Located in Texarkana, Texas, Hazel Street Recovery Center was created to provide substance abuse treatment for adolescents in the local community. The program was founded in 1996 and offers a 90 day residential program for boys between the ages of 14 and 18. Using a mixture of individual therapy, group work and education, teens are carefully guided towards sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

In an attempt to create an intimate recovery experience, Hazel Street only accommodates 12 clients at once. Bedrooms are cozy double- or triple-occupancy units. The facility also has therapy rooms, lecture halls, common areas, a dining hall and a kitchen. Smoking is not permitted.

The boys take daily trip to a local gym, though this amenity is not included in the cost. Each resident has an account that can be accessed for membership fees and other medical costs. Clients are provided with three meals a day, with a variety of healthy options available. Dietary requests can usually be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment approach at Hazel Street uses both the 12 steps and evidence-based therapies. Programs are individualized, providing clients with one-on-one attention and support for mental health issues when needed. The boys each receive an initial bio-psycho-social screening, though not until the second or third week of treatment. Because of the potential for drug-induced psychosis, the facility maintains that results are more accurate after an initial adjustment period.

This residential program requires a three month commitment. Treatment is built on 12-step principles and includes significant involvement in the local recovery community, with clients attending both on- and off-site meetings. The boys also participate in individual and group therapy, as well as educational groups and recreation. Group topics include step work, relapse prevention, healthy communication, coping skills and meditation. CBT is also used, guiding residents towards better decision making. Educational lectures inform clients on the addiction as a disease model. Residents also attend classes for three hours in the morning to keep them up to date with their school work.

Family involvement is considered a crucial component to a full recovery at Hazel Street as well. Family counseling is available at the facility to provide private time for clients and their loved ones to work on communication, codependency and healthy boundaries. Dual diagnosis support is offered through therapy as well as medication management. Both a consulting psychiatrist and psychologist are available for appointments.

The staff consists of LADCs, a nurse, a consulting psychiatrist and a psychologist.

In Summary

Hazel Street Recovery Center offers a comprehensive residential program for adolescent boys. Clients receive therapy and education with individualized attention to maximize recovery potential. With daily 12-step meetings and a strong community spirit, Hazel Street teaches residents how to make sobriety lasting a way of life.

Hazel Street Recovery Center Location

1217 Hazel St
Texarkana, TX 75501

Hazel Street Recovery Center Cost

$8,300 (30 days, minimum 90 day stay); $25,000 (90 days). Reach Hazel Street Recovery Center by phone at (903) 791-0385. Find Hazel Street Recovery Center on Facebook

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  1. My son was there in 2004. The counselors were great & he did well. It was life changing for me & my family. Deborah was the Director & Robin & Carrie were counselors.

    I believe at least one owner was unethical, but the staff was wonderful, despite the owner. I’m grateful for Hazel Street.

  2. Regina Crotty on

    Our son was at Hazel Street for 60 days. He was 18 and in college when he started going downhill, mainly due to smoking pot. His entire personality changed and it was apparent he needed help before he sunk too deep. He came out of Hazel Street a changed man and is now back in college and making straight A’s. The treatment worked for him, and I am so thankful for that! There is an initial deposit required for spending money throughout the course of treatment. We had funds that were not used during that time and were told that would be refunded, to be sent to us within four months. That was well over a year ago and after several phone calls and emails, most of which are unanswered, we still have not received our refund. The professionalism is questionable.

  3. I am very disappointed with the level of service provided by Hazel street. You are a 12 bed facility, with a more than large enough staff. Every single time I’ve requested things (including during Tyler’s stay there) emails and phone calls have either gone unanswered, or you were extremely late with a response and I only received a response after many requests – to finally get the end result. I question the facilities integrity and the staff’s integrity. Are you there to help boys recover? What is your success rate? Or are you there to make as much money as possible while parents and teens, don’t know who to turn to. What to do. Where to send an addict. You prey on that.

  4. This place is full of good staff and counsellors. They just are not able to do there job to the best of their ability because of the management. I really feel that the owner developed this place purely for money, rather than helping teens. It seemed to nickel and dime the parents of patients. They do not do what they tell you in the application process. The sales pitch is great, but do not be fooled. Hazel Street is not conducive to recovery.

  5. My grandson has been there a short time. They were great in the initial stages. The intake went as well as could be expected under the circumstances. From what I was told, the counselors handled the situation perfectly.

    Now, a short time into treatment, I am wondering about the lack of follow up with the family. His counselor was supposed to set up weekly conference calls with his parents to discuss his status. So far, there has been a single email to the parents, but no conference call. Given their reputation and the fact he is early in his treatment with them, I am a little surprised they are not more sensitive to the family who has trusted them with their son’s care.

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