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Havenwyck Hospital Review

Havenwyck Hospital is a licensed psychiatric facility offering short-term acute care inpatient treatment for adults and adolescents struggling with a primary psychiatric diagnosis and secondary substance abuse issue. Located in Auburn, Michigan and nestled along the Clinton River, Havenwyck Hospital is a Joint Commissioned-accredited hospital, serving residents in Oakland County and surrounding cities since 1980.

Accommodations and Food

The facility is a single story building, located behind a greenway off University Drive, with ample parking in front of the building. The hospital has six units and a total of 169 beds. There is one 54-bed adolescent unit and five adult units, each with 23 beds. Rooms are double to triple occupancy with a shared bathroom. While the setting is clinical, Havenwyck has done its best to create a warm environment. Group rooms are earth toned in décor; with sofas and cushioned chairs and floor lamps replace fluorescent lights. Residents sleep in twin beds and each have their own nightstand, with shared dressers and closets. Every unit has a recreation room with a TV, a dining room and laundry facilities. While clients are not responsible for linens, they must wash their own personal items.

The food is prepared by licensed dietitians in the cafeteria and brought to the unit three times per day. All meals are well balanced and special dietary requests can be accommodated. While caffeine is not restricted, coffee is only served in the morning.

This is psychiatric hospital care. There are no cell phones, cameras, sharp objects, mouthwash, aerosol products or any items that contain alcohol. Smoking is permitted outside only with staff supervision. Phone calls can be made at staff discretion at the nurse’s station during weekdays from 11 am to 12 pm and from 8 to 9 pm.

Treatment and Staff

Havenwyck treats adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 years and adults,18 and over. As mentioned, this is acute-care, psychiatric stabilization, often with underlying substance abuse issues. This is not a detox facility—while it does offer drugs for detox, this service is on a client-to-client basis and is dependent upon diagnosis. Havenwyck clients are most likely a harm to themselves and maybe even a harm to others. Adolescents stay for an average of six to seven days, adults for seven to 10.

Eligible clients must not have attended outpatient treatment of any kind and must be referred by a psychiatrist. With five adult units, Havenwyck assigns clients based on their primary diagnosis. For example, primary bipolar and manic-depressive residents are housed on the same unit, while those with severe depression and anxiety reside on another. Breakfast is at 7 am and residents have individual therapy with a psychiatrist daily, along with CBT and DBT based groups and private counseling sessions with LADCs. Group therapy and educational session topics include mental health, addiction studies, family dynamics, dealing with triggers, emotional balance, managing anxiety and depression, social anxiety, group communication, health and nutrition counseling and dealing with triggers.

Adolescents have a similar schedule to adults, with breakfast at 7 am, followed by group and individual therapy throughout the day, with the addition of a family program. These sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the parent or legal guardian. Group and educational topics are similar to those on the adult unit, with the addition of peer pressure group, role-playing and art therapy. For both adults and adolescents, an LCSW arranges a discharge plan, which includes psychiatric follow-ups and outpatient referrals.

Visiting hours for adolescents are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 to 3pm. Adults visiting is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 8:30 pm and Saturdays from 1:30 to 3 pm.

The treatment team is composed of psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, LCSWs, LADCs and Master’s-level therapists. The client-to-staff ratio is eight-to-one.

In Summary

Havenwyck Hospital is for people with severe psychiatric issues in addition to addiction—if someone is dangerous, whatever that may mean, this could be the place to get them stabilized in order to figure out what comes next.

Havenwyck Hospital Location

1525 University Dr
Auburn, MI 48326

Havenwyck Hospital Cost

Accepts most insurance. Reach Havenwyck Hospital by phone at (248) 373-9200. Find Havenwyck Hospital on Facebook

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  1. Tammy Mcbride on

    All of these horrible reviews are true!! I bought my daughter there last Tuesday and have had zero return calls or follow up. However, they extended her time with zero communication or explination. They prescribed her drugs and that’s it! My daughter is not herself there and it is obvious something is not right I have signed the form for her release and they are saying it takes 72 hours (probably just to bleed out more days on my insurance!!l) I have told them to not give her anymore drugs ar all and she can go see her regular psychiatrist who would never give.her such a strong drug!!! I WANT MY DAUGHTER OUT OF THERE !!! I will not authorize another day with insurance and I am calling to file a complaint with my insurance provider, licensing board and anyone else I need to about this place. I WANT MY DAUGHTER OUT OF THERE NOW!!! I will call fox news and anyone else I can to stop this horrible place from doing what they do to children!!!

  2. Karen Klein on

    I was there a couple months ago and have never been so scared in my life. They strip searched me — I was in for depression and being suicidal. Some of the nurses and tech’s treated you like it was a prison rather than a psychiatric facility. I accidentally walked into a staff room and one stuck her chest in my face and backed me out into the hallway yelling at me “What are you doing in here?? You’re not supposed to be in here!!!”
    The beds are a wooden box with a gym mattress thrown on top and then a sheet thrown on that. I felt like I was in “Orange is the New Black”. It was so incredibly loud because of all the patient screaming and I have a mood disorder and loud noise makes me want to pull my hair out.
    I also have another very serious health condition and they didn’t give me my morning medication until 6:00 at night after a family member called and yelled at them. They are terrible. There were some truly wonderful staff there too and thank God for them because the awful ones made it hell. I was lucky enough to be transferred out after a couple days. I honestly don’t see how anyone can possibly get well from staying there. I would have come out 10x worse had I not gotten out.

    • jeannette baldassarra on

      look for my unbelievable story about my experience there in late summer of 2013
      my name is Jeannette baldassarra, and I will be posting my complaint. It will be a very interesting read for all. I will be filing charges against this establishment very soon. Look for the story in the papers and on the news, won’t be too much longer. I am working on my case. I’m hoping they will be shut down permanently and I will be suing for as much money as I possibly can. Sorry for your experience there, I feel for you, you really should think about filing charges, I am hoping more and more people will join me In this and file charges if they have been wronged by this disgusting messed up, crooked place.

  3. My boyfriend who is a recovering heroin addict was in there for a week three weeks ago and came out addicted to benzos again. They didn’t talk to the family about anything and basically left his decisions up to himself. He went on a heavy drug binge the week he was out ending in another attempted suicide, even worse than before. So he’s back in and I called the hospital and told them he was abusing the benzos they we’re giving him and also taking other patients prescriptions. They haven’t talked to his family about anything and still give him whatever benzo he asks for. My boyfriend needs rehab and actual mental therapy not to sit in rooms all day with coloring books and be put on way too heavy of a dosage of sleeping medication. Why aren’t you actually helping him?

    • Wendy… Havenwyck… So we were told is a short term hospital….5-10 days. My son has been there for 15 days. I’m seeing suttle signs that they are milking the insurance industry. I had brought this to the attention to several staff members and one Kelly Fontana whom is the third party communicator and is the social worker. When we mentioned we feel as though he’s better and our intent is to have him go as an outpatient… The next day the psychiatrist says he is passive suicidal.11- days later. To me this is a means to scam the insurance and any legal remedies that may be brought against them… Another words… Self gains. No one is going to get help from a doctor that sees a person for ten minutes. This facility seems to be a jail and not for mental health individuals who seek help. Signed upset Irish dad

      • jeannette baldassarra on

        get your family member/s out of there, and stay as far away from that place as you can, see my reply to Karen Klein

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