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Welcome to Tucson, Arizona, home of the giant saguaro cactus and The Haven, a private non-profit rehab for women only. The Haven was founded by a group of sober women who saw a need in the community for a place where women could recover without being separated from their children. Established in 1970, The Haven has helped more than 1,500 clients get sober. It relies heavily on donations and community support to offer recovery to the financially challenged. Nestled in the heart of Pima Indian country, The Haven attracts many Native Americans and also welcomes court-ordered clients.

Accommodations and Food

Tucked in a quiet residential neighborhood, The Haven has been in its current location since 1977. The main building is a one-story tract house flanked by a small front yard, and the other buildings in the compound appear more comfy than clinical (though since the structures were built in the 1940s, many are in need of repairs). The Haven has raised approximately $19,000 in donations toward the goal of $24,000 for renovations.

The Haven can house 44 residents. Upon arrival, women are assigned to one of the rooms nicknamed “the closets” behind the main building, where they have two or three roommates. The rooms are simply furnished, with three or four beds and a dresser for each person; each room also comes with a private bathroom. Residents can watch television as long as their homework is done, but cell phones are not permitted. Instead, clients can use pay phones during their free time if need be.

After a month, residents move into a slightly larger bungalow while still sharing the space with other women. Although kitchens are available in the bungalows, meals are still served in the main dining room and clients take turns preparing them. While residents must follow specific nutritional guidelines when it comes to food, they’re still free to prepare whatever they want within those parameters. Five additional homes accommodate clients who have children or are in the process of reuniting with them.

Treatment and Staff

Pre-screening is done over the telephone. Upon admission, each resident gets an individualized treatment plan depending on their needs. Detox is not on-site, but referrals are available. There is no doctor, but there’s a physician on-call and a staff nurse on-site. The Haven follows an abstinence model that combines the 12-step approach and CBT in a treatment program that typically lasts 90 days (although they also provide 30 and 60 day options) and is broken into three phases.

Phase one is an intense 30 days. A resident attends lectures on topics such as relapse prevention, anger management and self-esteem. Classes are offered to teach clients to express themselves creatively, to deal with stress and cope with grief and loss. Individual and group therapy via the CBT approach is incorporated into the treatment plan. For those with children, there’s also a parenting class available. In addition to classes, residents attend 12-step meetings both on- and off-site, and are encouraged to get sponsors and create support systems.

Phase two lasts 30 to 60 days, during which residents deal with secondary issues such as eating disorders or sex addiction. Native Americans have the option of working with faith healers or medicine people who come to The Haven. They can attend Medicine Wheel 12-step meetings at the Tucson Indian Center, as well as participate in activities that employ the Native American ideals of the Four Directions and the Sacred Hoop.

Phase three lasts 14 to 30 days and helps women transition back into society. They continue attending group therapy, individual sessions and relapse prevention classes. This is also when they’re meant to look for a safe place to live and search for employment, or to begin a plan for further education. Upon discharge, residents attend aftercare meetings for up to a year.

The Haven’s motto is “Recovery with Respect.” The rehab is women only because the founders noticed that many of the women they were trying to help had been victims of physical and sexual abuse. The Haven believes that residents can learn to trust if there are no men around. They also believe women are conditioned to be caretakers, so it is beneficial in rehab for them to learn to focus on caring for themselves and their kids (if applicable).

The staff consists of 25 regular members and six interns. Out of the 25, there are three counselors, including a Native American counselor—there are only five men on staff. The age range of residents varies between ages 18 and 65.

In Summary

The Haven is an economical rehab that relies on support from the surrounding community. For financially challenged residents, a sliding fee scale is available. Ten percent of the residents are criminal justice clients, and the remaining 65% come from other rehabs or mental health facilities.

This rehab is not the Four Seasons, but what it lacks in luxury it compensates for with caring and support. The Haven seems to believe that each woman is a diamond in the rough that, given a chance to heal, will learn to truly shine.

The Haven Location

1107 East Adelaide Dr
Tucson, AZ 85719

The Haven Cost

Sliding scale (30 days). Reach The Haven by phone at (520) 623-4590 or by email at Find The Haven on Facebook

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