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Parlin New JerseyHassan Clean and Sober House Review

Located about 30 miles from NYC in Parlin, New Jersey, Hassan Clean and Sober House provides highly structured and safe sober living for men in early recovery from chemical dependency. Parlin, a rural community in Middlesex County, is also the birthplace of rock star, Jon Bon Jovi. At Hassan Clean and Sober House, their motto is “It works if you work it.” Residents must demonstrate a steadfastness and enthusiasm regarding their recovery as well as participate in a 12-step based program.

Accommodations and Amenities

Hassan Clean and Sober House is a quaint, ranch-style residence with a spacious backyard. The home has a wooden deck and patio furniture, two common areas furnished with comfortable couches, recliners, coffee tables, and flat screen TVs and three and a half bathrooms. The house accommodates 12 men. There are five double-occupancy rooms and two singles. One single includes a twin bed, topped with a gray comforter, a closet, a white nightstand and a matching white dresser. A ceiling fan provides a cool breeze, and a large double window has a view of the backyard. One double includes beige-colored walls, two windows covered with gold panels, twin beds topped with gray and purple comforters, a ceiling fan, close and a dark wood dresser.

Residents are responsible for their own groceries, and food is prepared in a fully equipped kitchen. Amenities include Wi-Fi, Cable TV, washer, dryer and all utilities. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only. The men must use appropriate containers, and clean them out on a regular basis. A house manager lives on the premises.

Rules and Regulations

Potential clients must fill out an application, followed by an interview. They must have undergone detox, if necessary and preferably have completed a program at a residential treatment facility. Upon arrival, new clients undergo a 30-day blackout period, which requires attending daily 12-step meetings, weekly house meetings, going to work (if employed) and acquiring a sponsor. Unemployed clients must look for work. During this time, the curfew is 11 pm seven days a week. After that time, clients attend regular 12-step meetings, maintain an active relationship with a sponsor, work the steps, and perform household chores.

Those who are terminated from their places of employment must notify staff immediately, to establish a plan of action regarding the acquisition of new employment. Random drug and alcohol screenings are conducted. At Hassan Clean and Sober House, a zero tolerance policy is enforced and residents who relapse are immediately dismissed from the premises. After the black out period is lifted, residents, in good standing, are allowed two weekly overnight passes. After black out, curfew times are more lenient, and vary per clients’ employment schedule.


Clients are asked to limit their showers, so that there is enough hot water for the entire household.

In Summary

Hassan Clean and Sober House provides a serene atmosphere inside a quaint, unincorporated community, for men who want to focus on a 12-step program while they are working full-time jobs. Having a job is crucial to living at this house, so for those who want to focus more on healing from co-occurring disorders and the damaging effects of substance abuse, this might not be the right fit.

Hassan Clean and Sober House Location

Hassan Clean and Sober House
1067 Bordentown Ave
Parlin, NJ 08859

Hassan Clean and Sober House Cost

$660 (30 days, not including a $220 sobriety deposit). Reach Hassan Clean and Sober House by phone at (732) 614­-2869 or by email at [email protected]. Find Hassan Clean and Sober House at Facebook

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  1. Horrible establishment not good for most in recovery. The atmosphere is dissenchanting and the owner is very judgemental, dishonest and money hungry. Has no care for anyone or there recovery money is the only language she knows.

  2. Yes, I agree with everything written above. Instead of my family member getting better they disconnected from us and blamed us for ending up there. Part of recovery is making amends with those you have hurt. The men in the house do not understand or respect friends and family aspect of recovery. They also do not do non-partial drug testing in this house. Drug testing should be done by non biased labs not house managers that play God. As the saying goes, you scratch my back …ill scratch yours.

  3. Please keep your loved ones as far away from this facility as possible. The houses are cockroach infested, the owner is a slave driver only interested in money and whether or not the residents are keeping up her property. She has no regard for recovery, let alone the necessary stepS that go along with keeping ones self clean and sober. These men live by fear. Some are seasonal workers doing the best they can, at whatever means of employment they can find. Rather than rewarding, the owner of this property will take every last dime in their pockets. She has allowed members of the house hold, who tested positive for drugs to remain in the house for several days after their relapse as long as the rent was paid. People have overdosed not once, not twice but 4 different occasions. Two resulting in death and coma. If repairs are needed, the inhabitants of the home are expected to pay for them out of pocket, and when they are short at the end of the weeks she threatens them with homelessness. It is absolutely despicable and I implore anyone looking for a place for a loved one to continue their process, to stay as far away from Hassan House as you can. This is not a place that will help instead it will hinder.

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