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The Hartman House


The Basics

Less than a mile off the Florida coast in south Palm Beach County, The Hartman House of Delray Beach is a collection of nine sober living homes for men in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. A team of caring staff members and a network of faithful alumni guide residents through their early sobriety and help to cultivate a meaningful new life.

Accommodations and Amenities

Most of the single-family homes have three bedrooms and two baths, with space for four to six men per home. Four of the homes have private bedrooms at a higher cost. Each home is fully furnished and set up with TV, WiFi, a land line, washer and dryer and swimming pool. Shopping opportunities, 12-step meetings, grocery stores and the gym are all close enough to be accessible to clients who don’t have their own means of transportation.

Rules and Regulations

After a careful assessment to size up a client’s motivation for sobriety, a new client is admitted and within the initial 30 days gets help finding employment, a home group through AA/NA and a sponsor. During the week, residents must be dressed and out of bed by 9 am and off the property by 9:30 am for work. In his first 90 days, a new resident must attend AA/NA meetings at least five times a week. In addition, there is a mandatory recovery support meeting every Tuesday for residents.

To ensure the safety of all residents, any use of drugs or alcohol will result in expulsion from the program. The same goes for steroids or any performance-enhancing supplements. Prescription medication should be taken as prescribed and under the supervision of staff members. Five drug tests are performed at random every month for a processing cost of $15 per test. Bedrooms may be searched by staff members at any time.

While The Hartman House encourages residents to explore their new-found freedom, strip clubs, bars, casinos, cava bars, shooting ranges and hookah lounges are off limits. For the first 30 days, a strict curfew of 10:30 pm during the week and 11 pm on weekends is enforced. After 30 days and the securing of a job and a sponsor, resident curfew is 11 pm during the week and 1 am on weekends. Visitors are welcome if approved, but no overnight guests are permitted.

Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms and the entire house and are expected to provide their own food. Every Sunday, they participate in a general property cleanup that is scheduled to be completed no later than 3 pm.


The Hartman House offers job placement assistance and career development. The staff provide referrals for therapy, outpatient programs and medical care and are on the property at all times to ensure that residents feel safe and supported in their new environment.

After 30 days, residents are given a YMCA membership where they can use the gym and play recreational sports. They are also taken on golfing trips, fishing excursions on drift boats and other organized group activities. Many of the alumni of The Hartman House offer support and mentorship to the current residents. Residents maintain and care for Lakeview Park in Delray Beach.

In Summary

Located in a dense recovery community, The Hartman House offers newly recovering men an opportunity to solidify the skills learned in more intensive treatment. With a supportive staff and alumni community, residents are able to nurture their sobriety and build a foundation for life.

The Hartman House
PO Box 8354
Delray Beach, FL 33482

The Hartman House Cost: $1,400-$1,700 (30 days). Reach The Hartman House by phone at (561) 272-2282 or by email at [email protected]. Find The Hartman House on Facebook and Google+

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