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The Hartford Dispensary is a Connecticut-based facility that offers medication-assisted treatment for individuals with opiate dependence. Originally founded as a private non-profit medical and dental facility in 1871, Hartford changed their scope of practice to treat addiction during the Heroin epidemic in the 1960s. Now operating nine facilities, services are available in Norwich, New London, New Britain, Willimantic, Bristol and Manchester. In addition to outpatient substance abuse treatment, Hartford offers a wide range of additional mental health services to assist clients in their journey towards sobriety.

Treatment and Staff

In order to enroll in the substance abuse program at Hartford Dispensary, individuals must attend the open enrollment hours Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 11:30 am. Potential clients are assessed for their needs and current state of mental health. Individuals who are prescribed benzodiazepines or other pain medications are not accepted unless they are willing to provide a letter of discontinuation from their primary care physician. Clients must bring with them two pieces of mail, a form of identification and their social security card. Once accepted, they begin treatment immediately and begin receiving doses of Suboxone. Treatment is designed based on a monthly schedule and clients typically attend and dose for one to three months. Individualized treatment allows for scheduling flexibility and the ability to continue to meet personal responsibilities.

Over the course of a month, clients must attend and complete four to five group therapy sessions at the facility. Groups are facilitated by CASACs and provide clients with relapse prevention techniques, psycho-education courses and the opportunity to develop supportive bonds with other clients. Twelve step fellowship meetings are highly recommended but not required. All clients must attend one individual therapy session per month with their primary counselor. A psychiatrist is on the property twice per week to provide additional support for clients and medication management services.

Hartford offers dual diagnosis support for individuals with co-occurring disorders. Dual diagnosis clients are seen by the staff psychiatrist for additional assessments and prescriptions if needed. Special women’s support groups are also offered so that female clients feel more comfortable in a group environment.


Hartford Clinic offers a wide range of referrals and community resources including acupuncture, 12-step meetings and more intensive treatment facilities for clients who require additional care. Testing and treatment for infectious diseases like Hepatitis, AIDS/HIV as well as vaccines is offered through all facilities.

In Summary

The Hartford Dispensary provides medication-assisted basic outpatient treatment through nine facilities in Connecticut. Clients can take advantage of a continuum of care that consists of group therapy, individual therapy and medication management. A clinical staff of counselors, psychiatrists and mental health professionals work to provide clients with a space to heal and recover from their opiate addiction.

Hartford Dispensary Location

Hartford Dispensary
12-14 Weston St
Hartford, CT 06106

Hartford Dispensary Cost

$200 (30 days). Reach Hartford Dispensary by phone at (860) 827-3313. Find Hartford Dispensary on Facebook

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  1. The counslors here are all about a paycheck they could careless about the safety of their clients or their privacy they change how they do things everytime a state worker is there to evaluate them they set up clients by giving them certain tests on certain days like giving working people a brethalyzer news year day at 6 am because they know well most people stay up till 1 am with friends and family and enjoy a few drinks they could.careless if your reading is .01 or .08 or if the person hasnt tested postivtive for drugs for years they just wont medicate them and send them on their way like passing a piece of paper all knowing the person is going to.suffer horrible withdrawl and the only way to fix that is well doing what they havent for years. But if u test positive for heroin or pills and just say well i don’t think my.dose is strong enough up up and up they will raise your dose this program has saved me from relapse for years but i see everything wrong with it how are u going to turn away your patient all knowing they could relapse and OD i get its in their little rule book but they are working with addicts not law students they give the people doing right a hard time and give a pass to the person using the program as a crutch these so called counslers have never gained my trust other than one in the years i have been and the countless times they has switched my counsler if i could go back i would have never stepped foot their i would have lost my job and went to a treatment center that doesnt care about just your weekly pay with counslers that have a heart and have been through the struggle not some 25 year old that took a 4 month course and now is going to try to tell you abouy addicition from.reading a book

    • The Hartford Dispensary does do methadone. They did stop accupuncture at the State’s recommendation.

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