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Part of Grays Harbor Community Hospital, HarborCrest Behavioral Health (HBH) is a substance abuse treatment program in Aberdeen, Washington. It was established more than 25 years ago with a mission to provide medically supervised detox and short-term inpatient stabilization before addicts are referred to longer-term care. Along with short inpatient treatment, HBH offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as well as traditional outpatient treatment.

Accommodations and Food

HBH is part of a hospital, so the rooms are typical hospital rooms. Two people stay in each, with a curtain separating them for privacy. Clients have their own sinks, but share a bathroom. The accommodations at HBH are meant to be short-term—most clients stay around two weeks—so the hospital setting isn’t something anyone has to live with for a long time.

The food is prepared in the hospital kitchen and is designed to provide balanced nutrition. HBH employs a nutritionist who will work with clients to prepare special meals for people with specific dietary requirements.

Treatment and Staff

A stay at HBH begins with an evaluation in order to determine a client’s medical needs and decide on the course of treatment. For those who need it, treatment at HBH starts with medically supervised detoxification. The length of detox depends on the substances used, but averages around four days. HBH is a federally approved provider of opiate-replacement drug Suboxone.

Once individuals successfully detox, the 10 to 12 day stabilization phase begins. This is a short but intensive period of individual therapy, group therapy and educational sessions, all designed to engage clients in the recovery process. HBH employs a 12-step approach to substance abuse treatment, and within that framework, uses a variety of different therapeutic techniques including CBT and DBT.

Once the stabilization period is complete (it usually last for around 10-12 days) HBH will refer clients to appropriate follow-up care. That could be placement in a longer-term residential facility, admission to HBH’s IOP program or traditional outpatient treatment.

Clients in HBH’s IOP program will take part in three group sessions per week, with each session lasting two hours. The total length of the IOP program depends on the individual’s progress in the program. Once the IOP is completed, clients can attend an aftercare group that meets monthly for one year. HBH’s outpatient program consists of a combination of minimum of one group session per week and individual therapy based on clients’ needs and progress.

HBH uses a variety of medical doctors who are experienced in prescribing psychiatric medication, but has no staff psychiatrist. The staff at HBH are experienced with dual-diagnosis support. HBH’s clinical staff has a variety of backgrounds, from PhDs to recovering addicts with Associates Degrees, so HBH tries to match clients to the “right” therapist, depending on their needs and personalities.

HBH accepts a variety of private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid for pregnant women. The program provides financial consultation prior to admission, detailing the likely cost of treatment, insurance benefits and patient responsibility.


HBH provides specialized care and treatment pregnant women. HBH’s program for pregnant women is a 26-day program that focuses on physical health, personal discovery, and long term recovery. It includes parenting classes and OB care. Mothers with children in CPS custody can often arrange visitation while they are in the program.

In Summary

HarborCrest Behavioral Health is an ideal program for someone who wants to take their first steps in recovery in a medically supervised environment. The program’s use of Suboxone could make it the right choice for those looking for a program that includes opioid replacement. Its connection with the Grays Harbor Community Hospital also makes it a great pick for addicts who need care for other physical problems.

HarborCrest Behavioral Health Location

1006 North H St, 2nd Fl
Aberdeen, WA

HarborCrest Behavioral Health Cost

$14,000 (14 days, including detox). Reach HarborCrest Behavioral Health by phone at (360) 537-6258. Find HarborCrest Behavioral Health on Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

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