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Harbor House & Harbor House II


Harbor House and Harbor House IIHarbor House & Harbor House II Review

Harbor House and Harbor House II are residential treatment facilities under the umbrella of Argus Community, Inc., located in Bronx, New York. The houses offer drug and alcohol treatment as well as services for co-occurring disorders. A majority of the Harbor Houses clients are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and the residential programs are free of charge if the client qualifies for Medicare.

Accommodations and Food

Harbor House and Harbor House II both are large brick buildings in residential neighborhoods of the Bronx. Harbor House is coed and holds up to 59 male and female clients, with genders separated by floor. Harbor House II serves 50 male clients onlyResidents in both facilities live in bedrooms with two bunk beds per room.

Both Harbor Houses have strict rules and structured scheduled for clients. For the first 30 days, clients are not allowed to have any outside guests or leave the facility. After the initial 30 days, clients are allowed more privileges and family visits on Sundays. Both homes prohibit cell phones for the initial six months of the clients’ stay. However, clients are allowed to regularly write letters to outside family members.

Harbor House places a great deal of focus clients learning life skills and money management. The men and women are given a monthly cash allowance of $160 and are taught how to properly budget and spend this money while in the program.

Both houses provide three meals a day from a chef. The food is served cafeteria style, and the chefs can accommodate dietary restrictions and needs. Clients are required to qualify for food stamps, as both Harbor Houses use funding from food stamps to cover the costs of clients’ meals.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Harbor House begins with an assessment with either facility’s intake coordinator to help determine if the program will serve the potential client’s particular needs. If the coordinator determines the client may need a higher level of treatment, he or she is referred to an outside detox facility as Harbor House does not offer detox programs at this time. However, if the coordinator believes the client needs a lower level of care, he or she is referred to Argus Community’s ELS outpatient program.

Treatment at both houses consists of group and individual therapy. Clients are in therapy from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. The group meetings last for 75 minutes and are CBT based. Both facilities offer a variety of groups topics including anger management, relapse prevention, life skills, behavioral health and money management. Clients also meet once a week with a counselor for an hour-long one-on-one meeting. Although Harbor Houses do not use the 12 steps in the structured programming, clients are encouraged to attend outside AA or NA meetings with other clients at the appropriated times.

The program spans up to a year, with the option of extending treatment to an additional six to 12 months based on client progress and needs.

As previously mentioned, both programs are dual-diagnosis and clients with co-occurring disorders attend an hour long mental health group each day. Each client also meets with a mental health therapist once a month.

There are five to six CASAC or CASACT counselors on site between both houses. Harbor House also has five mental health counselors and Harbor House II has four mental health counselors.

Also, the houses have a nurse practitioner on staff who monitors the physical health of the clients while in the program.


Both Harbor Houses offer six months of aftercare for clients. The program consists of group and individual meetings and the intensity and frequency of the meetings is based on the counselor’s assessment of the clients needs. The counselors also assist clients in finding appropriate housing for when they leave the program.

Although the Harbor Houses do not have an official family program, the facilities offer meetings with a counselor and members of the client’s family. These meetings are designed to help family members understand the unique needs and issues of drug and alcohol addiction.

In Summary

Harbor House and Harbor House II are both rigorous inpatient treatment plans for residents of the Bronx who are at the end of their rope with drugs and alcohol but are also financially limited. The flexible length of stay allows residents to receive as much treatment in a residential environment as they need before being discharged. Also, the inclusion of a mental health component ensures residents with co-occurring disorders are getting the additional support they might need.

Harbor House and Harbor House II – Argus Community, Inc. Location

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Harbor House and Harbor House II Cost

Free with Medicare. Reach Harbor House and Harbor House II by phone at (718) 401-5700 or by email at info@arguscommunity.org. Find Harbor House and Harbor House II on Facebook and Google+

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