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Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board


Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board Review

Hampton and Newport News are cities on the Eastern coast of Virginia, about an hour from Richmond, just north of Virginia Beach. Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board (CSB) provides mental health and substance abuse services to local residents. This organization operates a lot of separate programs, including ones for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but there is no inpatient treatment program for substance abuse. The outpatient programs include Partners in Recovery, Next Step and Project Link for mothers, in addition to individual case management services.

Treatment and Staff

Partners in Recovery and Next Step are Hampton-Newport News CSB’s primary outpatient substance abuse programs for adults. Partners and Next Step both treat clients with co-occurring disorders, although Next Step is the more rigorous of the two. Partners in Recovery clients come to group just once a week, while Next Step clients attend five days a week for 26 weeks.

Next Step clients are in group therapy all day, with a built-in lunch break. Clients do not have to bring their own lunch; this is included in the cost. Psychotherapy groups facilitated by a therapist encourage participants to explore their feelings and thinking around their using behavior. Some groups focus specifically on relapse prevention: how to both identify and cope with triggers in sobriety. Other groups are more pragmatic and focus on the honing of life skills, including interpersonal communication. While treatment is based on 12-step philosophy, clients are not mandated to attend outside 12-step meetings or start working the steps with a sponsor. All the groups in the Next Step program are co-ed, unlike the weekly Partners in Recovery groups, which are segregated by gender. Partners in Recovery groups are available during the day and in the evening to accommodate clients with work and family obligations. Clients have the option to supplement their weekly psychotherapy group with individual therapy appointments and appointments with the staff physician’s assistant. Clients in both programs consult with a staff doctor to assess whether medication management is a necessary component of their treatment.

Next Step and Partners in Recovery operate on a team model. There are two full-time therapists on staff, as well as a physician’s assistant, a staff psychiatrist and the administrative and support staff. The ratio of clinical staff-to-clients is not as high as in some smaller outpatient facilities; there might be 10 clients to a counselor, depending on the census.

Project Link is specifically for mothers struggling with substance abuse; the program comes by its name because it links multiple agencies together to provide crisis intervention and then a continuum of care to clients while they get back on their feet.


Hampton-Newport News CSB offers a myriad of social service programs for vulnerable populations, from pregnant women to veterans to the homeless to the mentally and intellectually disabled. Residential treatment is provided for the severely mentally ill. There are day support programs for the mentally disabled, and crisis support for adults with intellectual disabilities. Hampton-Newport News CSB runs a Virginia Wounded Warrior Program for active and non-active military who are Virginia citizens and are coping with trauma symptoms. There are also Hampton and Newport News Drug Court programs for non-violent offenders charged with drug related felonies. Hampton-Newport News CSB provides mental health assessments and referrals for the homeless to find basic necessities as well as treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues.

In Summary

Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board is a multi-service facility with a lot of moving parts; clients in the outpatient substance abuse programs are only one part of the population being served here, but being part of a larger facility also means that more services are available to clients. For example, the staff is heavy on the medical doctors and psychiatrists, so this outpatient program for substance abuse is a great fit for men and women with mental health issues. Should any of these issues become severe or more active during treatment, Hampton-Newport News CSB is equipped to address that through their crisis services department and is able to make referrals to help clients find the right type of care. Potential clients looking for a straightforward substance abuse program are welcome at either Partners in Recovery or Next Steps, but this community program is perhaps better suited perhaps to more complex cases.

Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board Location

Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board
300 Medical Dr
Hampton, VA 23666

Hampton-Newport News Community Service Board Cost

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