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Based in Westampton Township, New Jersey, Hampton Behavioral Health Center has been providing behavioral health services to adults, adolescents and seniors since 1986. The facility’s main campus is the only full continuum private psychiatric facility in Southern New Jersey and offers short-term dual diagnosis inpatient care as well as outpatient services. The organization also maintains two additional locations in Cherry Hill and Hamilton Township, which provide outpatient care for mental health and substance abuse issues.

Accommodations and Food

HBHC’s Westhampton Township facility is situated on a 23-acre tree-lined campus in a modern hospital-like setting and can house 110 residents at a time. Since the facility offers only short-term inpatient care, each client’s stay typically lasts five to seven days, though rarely more than 10.

Given that there are multiple programs available (including psychiatric services for adolescents and seniors), each program is kept in a separate unit. Those seeking dual-diagnosis services are housed in a separate 35-bed wing of the facility, where residents share rooms with one other roommate. Clients can expect twin beds, basic furnishings and private bathrooms.

The facility also provides three hot meals a day, served cafeteria-style along with staff and outpatient clients. Because the services at HBHC are short term, there are no official recreational activities aside from treatment. Still, clients do have access to art therapy, music therapy and yoga.

Treatment and Staff

While HBHC’s primary function is an acute psychiatric care facility, there is a dual-diagnosis program in place for clients who are also in need of substance recovery care. Though there are no official medical detox services available, the facility can accommodate those in need of detox by offering nursing supervision and daily visits with a medical doctor and psychiatrist during this process.

Most of each clients’ short stay is spent attending CBT-oriented group therapy sessions led by LADCs and meeting with social workers. Clients work with social workers to put together long term treatment plans. There is also a heavy emphasis placed on the 12-step philosophy of recovery, with on-site meetings held nightly.

Typically, a client’s next phase of treatment takes the form of transitioning into HBHC’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), both of which are housed in the same expansive facility. Those participating in the dual diagnosis PHP attend group therapy sessions every week day from 9 am to 3 pm at any one of HBHC’s three locations. Similarly, clients in IOP attend group therapy sessions four days a week from 9 am to 12:30 pm, or in the evening from 5:30 to 8:30 pm (available only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

While enrolled in the PHP and IOP programs, clients have access to staff psychiatrists, LADCs, Licensed Social workers (LSWs) and LPCs though individual therapy is only scheduled as needed. Typically PHP or IOP lasts three to five weeks before clients step down to less intensive outpatient care. 


Given that most outpatient programs do not provide meals for clients, it is worth noting that those in the PHP or IOP at the HBHC’s main campus in Westhampton receive a daily meal in the main cafeteria as part of their program. Clients attending the Cherry Hill or Hamilton Township outpatient programs can also expect a catered lunch every day from a local eatery.

Aftercare is also provided, typically in the form of one group session a week and continuing access to staff resources.

In Summary

While HBHC’s specialty may lie in providing psychiatric care and mental health services, clients in need of substance abuse treatment can still expect comprehensive care provided they qualify for dual diagnosis services. HBHC offers inpatient treatment supervised by a medical staff that provides individualized attention and a host of modern therapeutic methods, as well as a PHP and IOP, followed by aftercare services. In all, the facility is worth considering for a range of needs to those living in Southern New Jersey.

Hampton Behavioral Health Center Location

650 Rancocas Rd
Burlington County, NJ 08060

Hampton Behavioral Health Center Cost

$11,760 (30 days, includes 5 days of inpatient, 26 days of PHP). Reach Hampton Behavioral Health Center by phone at (800) 603-6767. Find Hampton Behavioral Health Center on Facebook

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  1. $11,000 a month for a facility that only drugs patient up to keep them quiet, the best thing they have going for them is the food/menu. No real recreation. The outside area is terrible, with all the money they are paying they should have trips to the park , movies or something. No security in the place. There have been times when codes were given and everyone went into lock down. Luckily cops are right down the street however, anything can happen until the arrive. Drug addiscts working in the facility, no random drug testing as it should be and HR has been notified about it several times and has done nothing.

  2. teresa hornick on

    You never get to speak to a real psychiatrist the nurse practitioner thinks and calls herself a doctor. She diagnosed my daughter .. i asked for a real doctor never got one … i hate that place.

  3. My experience was similar to yours. I was sent home without prescriptions for heart regulating medicines, and was ordered to the hospital by my physician two days after my release. I’m suing them for medical malpractice.

  4. This is the worst hospital in the world. I was both physically and verbally abused by the nurses and therapists. They would call me names such as “Spoiled Brat” and “Bitch”. I was thrown in solitary confinement twice for breaking a couple of stupid rules (I was non-violent and not a threat to anyone). I got severely injured one of the times that I was thrown in solitary confinement despite the fact that I was working with the therapists (I would have willingly walked in there myself, but they chose to force my arms behind me painfully and push me in there instead). I only got a minute with the psychiatrist at 5:30 every morning (well not every morning, weekends and holidays didn’t count, so about half the mornings I was there) and he did not do a single thing. Clearly my meds were not working, but he was too lazy to change them so he kept prescribing them (and he’d prescribe the same meds to every single person who was not currently taking medication and not take any of their personal needs into consideration. On top of it all, I literally left the hospital homeless. The social worker’s only job was to set up housing and an aftercare plan and she couldn’t even do that. I honestly didn’t even need her help. All I needed was like half an hour with a phone and a computer and I could set up a place for myself to live but they couldn’t even do that. They dropped me off in the middle of Philly and I had to figure everything out for myself.

    Hampton Behavioral Health has left me with severe PTSD. I can’t go a single day without having flashbacks and breaking down. It has made me far worse than when I went in. The comment above is only about half of the abuse that I went through. I would not wish this kind of treatment on my worst enemy. Never go there or sent a loved one there. It will only make things worse.

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