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Hampstead Hospital


Hampstead HospitalHampstead Hospital Review

Hampstead Hospital was the first private psychiatric hospital licensed by the state of New Hampshire. Built in 1974, it is a fully licensed and accredited 111-bed private specialty hospital, serving the psychiatric and chemical dependency needs of patients and their families throughout the New England area. Located on 100 acres of rolling hills, woodlands and landscaped grounds, Hampstead Hospital is less than one hour from Boston and the seacoast in rural southern New Hampshire.

Accommodations and Food

The facility consists of one building, which houses all clients and staff. There is a detox unit, which offers a full service detox, an adolescent unit and an adult unit. Depending on the census, there are two to three residents per room. Because psychiatric and chemically dependent residents are on the same floor, the restroom facilities are located down the hall off the TV room as a safety precaution. Men and women have separate bathrooms, and there are up to 20 clients on each unit.

Food is served in the cafeteria three times per day, with breakfast starting at 7:15 am. Snacks are provided after lunch and again after the evening meal. Caffeine and sugar are restricted, but special dietary needs can be accommodated. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the grounds or in the hospital. Cell phones and computers cannot be used at any time during treatment.

Treatment and Staff

The average length of stay at Hampstead Hospital varies depending on diagnosis but a standard 30-day residential treatment program for substance abuse clients is offered. Dual diagnosis clients are well supported.

Acute, inpatient medical detox is often the first stop at Hampstead Hospital—each client is closely monitored by doctors and nurses 24 hours a day until his or her condition is stabilized, at which point addiction education begins. The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services program provides a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment that assists patients in crisis stabilization. The staff works intensively with patients on their treatment goals to assure a quick return to their family and community. With the client’s permission, family members are encouraged to participate in their treatment to help focus on education and aftercare planning.

The treatment team consists of board-certified physicians, nurses, social workers, LADCs and case managers. They work directly with each patient on a daily basis to provide a safe environment, treatment and education. Board-certified family practice doctors provide consultation on a daily basis for medical issues. Consultations for other special medical concerns are available, as needed.

The typical daily routine for the residents starts at 9 am and concludes at 9:30 pm. It includes a variety of group therapy topics included coping skills and relapse prevention. Alcohol/drug education classes are conducted with an emphasis on mental health and addiction; the neurobiology of addiction. Residents attend AA meeting to provide an introduction to the 12-step program approach. The social worker and addiction counselor facilitates family meetings. On Monday evenings, a multi-family group is offered for family and/or primary supports. The focus of this group is to educate loved ones on the progression of abuse and addiction. Separate family meetings can also be scheduled with a program clinician to accommodate family members unable to attend group sessions and to provide additional support to the family. Visiting and monitored phone calls are permitted after one week at the discretion of the treatment team.

In Summary

Hampstead Hospital is a full service facility providing treatment for clients suffering with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as those with psychiatric disorders. This could be the place for those struggling with substance abuse and complicated co-occurring disorders. Hampstead Hospital provides a safe, contained and well-monitored environment.

Hampstead Hospital Location

218 East Road
Hampstead, NH 03841

Hampstead Hospital Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Hampstead Hospital at (603) 329-5311 or by email at info@hampsteadhospital.com.

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