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Hampstead Hospital was the first private psychiatric hospital licensed by the state of New Hampshire. Built in 1974, it is a fully licensed and accredited 111-bed private specialty hospital, serving the psychiatric and chemical dependency needs of patients and their families throughout the New England area. Located on 100 acres of rolling hills, woodlands and landscaped grounds, Hampstead Hospital is less than one hour from Boston and the seacoast in rural southern New Hampshire.

Accommodations and Food

The facility consists of one building, which houses all clients and staff. There is a detox unit, which offers a full service detox, an adolescent unit and an adult unit. Depending on the census, there are two to three residents per room. Because psychiatric and chemically dependent residents are on the same floor, the restroom facilities are located down the hall off the TV room as a safety precaution. Men and women have separate bathrooms, and there are up to 20 clients on each unit.

Food is served in the cafeteria three times per day, with breakfast starting at 7:15 am. Snacks are provided after lunch and again after the evening meal. Caffeine and sugar are restricted, but special dietary needs can be accommodated. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the grounds or in the hospital. Cell phones and computers cannot be used at any time during treatment.

Treatment and Staff

The average length of stay at Hampstead Hospital varies depending on diagnosis but a standard 30-day residential treatment program for substance abuse clients is offered. Dual diagnosis clients are well supported.

Acute, inpatient medical detox is often the first stop at Hampstead Hospital—each client is closely monitored by doctors and nurses 24 hours a day until his or her condition is stabilized, at which point addiction education begins. The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services program provides a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment that assists patients in crisis stabilization. The staff works intensively with patients on their treatment goals to assure a quick return to their family and community. With the client’s permission, family members are encouraged to participate in their treatment to help focus on education and aftercare planning.

The treatment team consists of board-certified physicians, nurses, social workers, LADCs and case managers. They work directly with each patient on a daily basis to provide a safe environment, treatment and education. Board-certified family practice doctors provide consultation on a daily basis for medical issues. Consultations for other special medical concerns are available, as needed.

The typical daily routine for the residents starts at 9 am and concludes at 9:30 pm. It includes a variety of group therapy topics included coping skills and relapse prevention. Alcohol/drug education classes are conducted with an emphasis on mental health and addiction; the neurobiology of addiction. Residents attend AA meeting to provide an introduction to the 12-step program approach. The social worker and addiction counselor facilitates family meetings. On Monday evenings, a multi-family group is offered for family and/or primary supports. The focus of this group is to educate loved ones on the progression of abuse and addiction. Separate family meetings can also be scheduled with a program clinician to accommodate family members unable to attend group sessions and to provide additional support to the family. Visiting and monitored phone calls are permitted after one week at the discretion of the treatment team.

In Summary

Hampstead Hospital is a full service facility providing treatment for clients suffering with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as those with psychiatric disorders. This could be the place for those struggling with substance abuse and complicated co-occurring disorders. Hampstead Hospital provides a safe, contained and well-monitored environment.

Hampstead Hospital Location

218 East Road
Hampstead, NH 03841

Hampstead Hospital Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Hampstead Hospital at (603) 329-5311 or by email at [email protected].

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  1. Craig Thompson on

    So there is a lot of negativity in these replies which is upsetting. I get it people with bad experiences tend to be more motivated to leave their comments. The issue here isn’t the facility, the issue is the person enrolling into the substance abuse program. If you think for a second that you need to be in this lush resort like facility to get clean your out of your mind. You only need to want a better life as i did and this facility got the ball rolling towards that. Take some responsibilities for your life. Would you really have gotten better with a nicer bed or if the staff treated you like a child and gave into your every need? You went there to stop doing drugs or drinking yourself to sleep you can do something about it and want this and this place will help it or you can continue to blame others for your short comings because clearly that’s worked so far. I mean if you are checking into rehab you clearly don’t have it together i know i didn’t but i do now and this place helped me get there.

    • Craig Thompson on

      Also, the staff here is awesome obviously i didn’t get along with everyone and add them on Facebook but i got what i needed and i learned new things. The place is clean and they feed you. I was sleeping on the floor while i was in active addiction so its a one up, and no you cant smoke but drug addicts and alcoholics will figure that out… Pro Tip: pack a lip.. I wouldn’t turn anyone away from this place with my first hand experience. If you are looking at this place for yourself or anyone else feel free to email me with questions [email protected] and good luck !

    • I have personally Not Stayed at this hospital, however I have a brother there now for detox. I live in St Louis Mo and stayed at a place in my town . Was it posh ? NO Was all the employees nice? NO Was the bed soft , food good, rules fair? NO !!!! Plain and simple it sucked! But I had no choice my life was a Mess and I needed help. I am going on 2 years Of Sobriety and work the program daily,! I agree it “Gets the ball rolling”! If you are truly Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tierd you will do whatever it takes to get well. IT WORKS,

  2. Terrible hospital. Poor staff, uncompassionate. Beds are like rocks, literally plastic pillows. Food is terrible. Staff very rude. It’s not a detox, it’s a psych ward that they get paid to daycare addict while they kick. the place is garbage. go to baldpate.

  3. my son went to hampstead hospital last summer, and came back destroyed. they seemed to force him different medications, even though he has many allergies and is very sensitive to medicine. they would constantly give him new medications, and refuse to even tell him the name of the pill they were making him take. when he would tell the staff he didn’t like how his medicine made him feel, they would tell my son he had to take it, or he would be confined to his room, and the common area for treatment. my son is also on a gluten and meat free diet. he has been for years. when he was in the unit, and his meals were brought to him, they would always give him pasta and meatballs. and when he tried to send it back, they told him he would be hungry. they would never feed my child the food and nutrition he needed. they lock children in padded rooms with a tarp for warmth. my son witnessed innocent children get put into this cell. he also had a doctor assigned to him like everyone else, and though you are supposed to meet with them once every day, he only saw his doctor once. she in the one time she saw him, when she met him, prescribed him with 3 new meds. this place needs to be educated.

  4. My son when he was a minor 5 years back was at Hampstead Hospital not once but numberous times not by choice, Let me tell you this hospital needs to be shut down lying abusive and not only do they have a room but also the chairs you get tieddown to staff is taught to lie and yes when he was there they got vindictive cause I’m the mother with the big mouth.. I could go on and on about what happened there but to cut a story short a complaint was made to state in which I lived in and they agreed that not only was he abused but also neglected it was transfered to the state of nh but I can see this shithole is still running.. For any parent thinking of this place RUN as far away as you can.. Want to know more fb me Sandra Dalapa Lucido

  5. So… they check you in… give you drugs.. take your vitals.. if after a few days you feel good and want to stop taking the drugs but want to remain under their care, that is not an option. They are very two faced in this area… “we want you to take the medication because you could have a seizure and die”… but if you don’t take the medication… you can’t stay here… they are like “One Flew Over a Cuckoos Nest”… complete with Nurse Cratchett. As we were arguing with them to stay… the conversation at one point turned to support at home.. and when the nurse was told that there was plenty of support at home… she replies in a sarcastic manner “Yeah.. I am sure that everything is ‘WONDERFUL” at home. So I pointed a finger at her and said… that is not very nice.. you are being sarcastic and if you deny that you are lying… to which she said… “Don’t point a finger at me… I consider that A THREAT.. are you THREATENING me?.. and she then kicked us out…. really?… pointing a finger is a threat? I must say.. I have not have many conversations with these folks.. but after talking to many of them today… with the exception of the woman with an accent and a guy the looks like he works out a lot… there is not a sharp tool in the shed at all… especially the nurse.. the female nurse that was working Aug 22, 2016 at 3:30 PM… not one single intelligent thing came out of her mouth.. and telling a patient that she is sure that everything is “WONDERFUL” at home.. implying “Why are you here?” Is the stuff that you hear about but refuse to believe. Just hope that you never end up here… they have a procedure to follow and the use it on everyone… not matter the circumstances.. “everyone is treated the same way”… they actually said this to me when I asked… not one of the four people that I was talking to at the time including that ‘head nurse’ has any idea how sophomoric that statement was. Not an original thought in any of the ones that were making an argument.. I was so upset… not one had a clue.. but they all verbatim repeated each other… a sign that they are quoting policy and have Zero Understanding of their job.

    • UPDATE…
      6:12PM… so we forgot some stuff… called at 3:30 and told them that we would stop by at 5:30 to grab the stuff… so they no doubt intentionally and vindictively made us wait.. a good 1/2 hour.. and when one of the minions (older woman with black hair) finally came out.. she ignored and went to chit chat with the receptionist..

      … this is what I was dealing with… this same woman (along with others) were adamantly telling us that she could not stay for treatment if she refused the medication because she is at risk of having a seizure and dying and they did not want to be held liable for that.. so here she is.. INTENTIONALLY KEEPING A PERSON AT RISK FOR HAVING A SEIZURE AND DYING IN THE LOBBY TO BE VINDICTIVE… talk about a bag of rocks.. that is the staff here… a big bag of rocks with a couple of golden nuggets mixed in.. but mostly rocks. You can’t make this stuff up.

      So here is a point lost on this staff… it is honorable that someone wants to stop taking medication… medication is mostly bad for you… if this person wants to get better.. which she does.. and she stops medication and starts feeling crappy.. she will tell you and even ask for the medication.. she was feeling good… didn’t want medicines but wanted to stay there another day… she was unequivocally told that to be there.. “you must take the drugs”.. regardless of ANYTHING. “No point in being here if you are not taking drugs”.. was a quote from one of the rocks. One of the other rocks said “I don’t have the time to follow her around to make sure she doesn’t fall”… Really? What are you up to.. hunting Pokemon? Another genius quoted “If you refuse drugs, you are refusing treatment”.. really.. she wanted “treatment” just no more drugs.. based on his comment.. yep he was a guy (not the very muscular one, he was actually intelligent and made sense) .. based on his comment.. the entire experience there is just about Drugs.. Drugs are not a ‘part’ of the alcohol detox.. they are everything. She had been on drugs 3 days and feeling pretty good.. just wanted to be evaluated one more day.

  6. Hampstead Hospital for Alcoholism. First off its a small substance abuse center, they also accommodate mental health for children and adults but this review is simply for substance abuse. As one reviewer stated they truly do have a nurse ratchet. And be aware, Alcoholics and drug abusers are together in a small area, and adult mental health without substance are also in the same ward. Beds are limited and had to wait about a week so plan ahead. No smoking, will give you a patch or gum until visitor arrives then you can hide and chain smoke. I’m not in agreement with them being non smoking. I think it’s hard enough to kick one habit but two at the same time is a little absurd. My husband had more nicotine withdrawls than alcohol. They prescribe librium to take the edge off withdrawls for alcohol. But as soon as your vitals are good then expect to be kicked out after 4 days or sooner depending on your addiction. There is an intensive aftercare program that’s about 3-4 days a week for 3 hours a day that you can go to but you need to fit it into your schedule. Now from what I heard they do have a 30 day program but seems they prefer drug addicts over alcoholics. If you have a heroin problem you will get right into that program which has limited availabilty. The admission process is a little intense and takes a while and your have to be medically cleared to enter. Expect to not bring a cell phone, computer, sharp objects (metal picture frames with sharp edges), belts, lighters, etc. This is also a mental health facility so keep in mind you will be around depressed people without substance problems. There is a community pay phone style phone you can use to recieve and make calls. TV is limited and in a common area. Beds are small, limited, and you will have a roommate. Obviously roommates are gender friendly (women with women etc). Food was good, and snacks without nuts are allowed but keep in mind that snacks are kept in a community fridge or nursing station so snacks can be stolen even if your name is on them….some people are not in the right frame of mind to know right from wrong. So all in all I would rate them a 2.5 on a scale of 1-5. Counseling typically takes place in a group format.

  7. I have been a patient at Hampstead hospital. When I was admitted I was suffering from severe ptsd. Hampstead made it much worse. They even have their very own nurse Ratched. It’s a wonderful place . . .NOT! I have never seen so many supposed medical professionals enjoy the discomfort of their patients. And it’s really fun when they pull out the straight jacket. Good stuff. Great to see them slam a patient on the floor for literally asking one question; sit on her; ban together to force her into a straight jacket – and at this point the “professionals” we’re screaming at her telling her she was being uncooperative! Imagine. I don’t know why the patient would be so upset. And then off to the rubber room where she can’t ask anymore silly questions that the staff doesn’t want to answer. Luckily for me, my family was deeply invested in helping me. As a result my stay was very short. I thought “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was a nightmare from the past. But it actually exists in Hampstead.

    • Huh. This facility does not carry straight jackets nor have they since its opening. Likewise the adult units do *not* have a seclusion room so the place you went to is not the same that I went to. Are there problems, yes? But I found the hospital far more helpful and non institutionalized than you’re making it sound.

      • I am sorry , but I have stayed @ Hampstead Hospital twice for depression/anxiety issues. I was in an adult ward along with drug addicts /alcoholics coming trying to come off their addictions. There IS a seclusion room that is padded for the patient’s protection. (Don’t know if it’s a “rubber” room). But if there’s is an outburst by a patient that really gets wild or out of hand, the procedure was to send all other patients on the ward to their room and close their doors and staff would deal with the patient accordingly, talking them down and or putting them in the seclusion room ( no straight jackets!) for their own and others safety. It only happened once each time I was there. This was about 10 yrs. ago.

  8. My adolescent daughter has been in Hampstead Hospital three times over the last 1.5 years and I will NEVER send her there again. Not knowing what to expect the first time, I thought the “case worker” was useless and didn’t realize the doctor barely EVER visits with the patients (or their parents). The first two times they gave my suicidal daughter medication changes that only made her condition worse and also did not give her an accurate diagnosis. When you place your child in an in-patient facility, you expect a higher level of care than a glorified expensive daycare! The last time was beyond horrible! After years of therapy and evaluations we finally got her true diagnosis and have been working weekly for months with an out-patient treatment center. We had decided that we would NOT have Hampstead make any medication changes while in for treatment in February 2016 per her therapist and other doctor recommendations. She was admitted in the afternoon and it took a doctor over 24 hours before he did her initial evaluation. When he finally met with her he immediately wanted to increase her medications (to a strong anti-psychotic) only after just meeting with her. When my almost 17 year old daughter told him she (we) did not want to change her medications, he made an extremely inappropriate comment referencing what a 16 year old child CAN do without parental consent, but how he needed my permission to stick her on new medications! I didn’t hear from him until over 48 hours after her admission, and only to tell me he recommended the anti-psychotic medication. He wasn’t very pleased when I told him we did not want any medication changes during this hospital stay and told me her stay would be shorter without permitting the meds change. I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN while my daughter was there. In fact, he only met with her the one time, spoke with me on the phone that one time, told me he would be out of the office the next day (Friday) and that he would also not be in over the weekend. I called my daughter Monday and the staff said she didn’t want to come to the phone because she was in her room upset and crying because she was told early this morning she “was being discharged today and doesn’t feel ready to leave.” I’d think this is something someone from the hospital should make the parents aware of. The next several hours were an absolute nightmare. The doctor, the discharge nurse and even the Director lie to cover up for their incompetence. The next day they would not release her paperwork so she could return to school – (which they lied about at her discharge) and I have requested her health records and they will not provide them – so I will now be having my requests “signature required” when I send for them. I have filed a complaint against the doctor for his inappropriate remarks with the insurance company. I had been told previously by other health care professionals that Hampstead Hospital was not a very good treatment facility for providing these children the help they need- but because my daughter was familiar with it and nervous about going to a new hospital in February – I allowed her to return – but will not make that mistake again. Overall, our flawed healthcare system is a travesty and there aren’t really any acute mental health facilities for teens in much of New England. It’s extremely sad.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes to any family going through this HELL – I pray your children get the help they need.

  9. The nurses depend on uneducated staff to take vital sign and give meds accordingly. Kinda like a CVS machine. So Unprofessionally when involving importing meds.

  10. This facility does not treat substance abuse even though they advertise they do. Their program will enroll you and take some of your money then kick you out of the program.

    • How do you figure they don’t treat substance abuse? How long were you there? What was it like? I’m confused by your comment, it sounds like it didn’t work for you, you are pissed off at the place for some reason, something obviously happened while you were there. They wouldn’t advertise it if it wasn’t something they provided.

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