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Halfway Back Men’s Addiction Recovery Program


Louisville KentuckyHalfway Back Men’s Addiction Recovery Program Review

Established in 1996, Halfway Back Men’s Addiction Recovery Program is a residential treatment facility for men located in Louisville, Kentucky. Administered by Volunteers of America Mid-States, substance abuse treatment is available using the therapeutic community approach and aims to encourage men to develop accountability and a healthy lifestyle. Clients of Halfway Back are recent parolees who depend upon the Halfway Back program to learn life skills that will help them become independent, productive members of their communities.

Accommodations and Food

Halfway Back houses up to 50 men at a time in a large brick facility located in a residential neighborhood of Louisville. Most men have roommates, though some singles are available for clients with work schedules that may make their lifestyle incompatible with other residents.

The facility has a TV room and plans are in place to build an exercise space in the coming months. Food is prepared by the house staff and each resident has chores and community work assignments to help learn collaboration and time-management skills.

Treatment and Staff

Clients come to Halfway Back through referrals from their parole officers. Most stay in the program for six months, though some may stay up to eight months. Upon admission, the treatment team devises a treatment plan that consists of individual and group therapy. Groups include processing using CBT skills. Others are psycho-education groups that explore dual diagnosis, anger management, relapse prevention, errors in thinking and living with HIV.

The treatment team is made up of Master’s-level therapists including MFTs and CSWs who are practiced at treating co-occurring disorders. If the severity of a client’s mental health diagnosis increases, referrals are given to a mental health clinic for additional therapy and medication.

Treatment at Halfway Back uses the 12-step framework and the facility hosts several on-site 12-step meetings each week. Residents are encouraged but not required to attend the on-site meetings.

Since the intention of Halfway Back is to prepare clients for independent living, there are few schedule restrictions in the facility. Clients can have phones and come and go as needed for their work and school commitments. They are also free to visit family who may come visit the facility on Saturdays.


Halfway Back also provides employment and educational services such as GED preparation. It maintains relationships with several area vocational training programs and will help clients assess which programs are the best fit.

In addition to helping secure employment, as a client’s time at Halfway Back is coming to a close, counselors also help them secure housing in the area and create an on-going treatment plan to maintain their sobriety.

In Summary

Halfway Back Men’s Addiction Recovery Program has worked for over two decades to help recently incarcerated men transition back into independent living. Combining evidence-based therapy, the 12-step framework and extensive job and life skills training, Halfway Back strengthens several facets of each client’s life. Over 90% of alumni feel they’ve benefited from their time in the program.

Halfway Back Men’s Addiction Recovery Program Location

1436 South Shelby St
Louisville, KY 40217

Halfway Back Men’s Addiction Recovery Program Cost

Free. Reach Halfway Back Men’s Addiction Recovery Program at (502) 636-0742. Find Halfway Back Men’s Recovery Program on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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