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Half Measures Inc.


Half MeasuresHalf Measures Inc. Review

Incorporated in 2000, Half Measures Inc. is a non-profit that runs sober living homes in and around Asbury Park, New Jersey. Half Measures houses people of all ages, races, religions and backgrounds. According to housing coordinator, Michael Primak, the rigorous schedule and close community are the keys to its success.

Accommodations and Amenities

Half Measures runs four houses in Asbury Park and nearby Neptune, New Jersey that are all different sizes, from five bedrooms to two. All Half Measures clients share rooms. They are clean and stable, since keeping things neat is part of the program, but they are not centered on creature comforts. The goal is for residents to stay sober, become part of a recovery community and find jobs, so there is not much time to enjoy fancy dinner parties. Program fees include room and board, and simple meals are cooked by residents on a rotating basis and shared communally every evening.

Rules and Regulations

For the first month of their stays at Half Measures, residents are put on a “blackout period.” They are not allowed to leave the house without a senior member of the house, except to go to work or to look for employment. After that initial period, things loosen up a bit and passes may be given to visit family or significant others. Throughout the program clients are kept busy. Half Measures residents are required to attend 90 12-step meetings in 90 days (two per day if they aren’t working), get a sponsor, work the steps, complete a weekly assigned chore, get a job and pay their rent.

Half Measures randomly drug tests residents and anyone who tests positive is immediately expelled—without exception. The community of others in the same situation helps everyone stay sober and keeps residents accountable. Care is taken to see that the right people are put in the right houses. Clients are placed based on how old they are and what type of work they do, to ensure a better chance of success. Each Half Measures residence has a house manager, but they are not employees. They are trusted, sober residents who do some management work in exchange for reduction of rent.


Clients often share rides to meetings, since the main emphasis in Half Measures is the basic routine and the fellowship of others in recovery.

In Summary

This is great choice for those in a New Jersey looking for an affordable, highly-structured sober living house with an emphasis not he 12 steps. While Half Measures is open to everyone, it is definitely geared toward an older, male clientele. The average age of residents is around 40, so those in that age group may find Half Measures to be the whole package.

Half Measures Inc. Location

Half Measures Inc.
21 Asbury Ave
Farmingdale, NJ 07727

Half Measures Cost

$680 (30 days) with $200 initial fee. Reach Half Measures by phone at (732)-312-6399 or by email at [email protected]

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