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Habit Opco, Satellite


Habit Opco, SatelliteThe Basics

Habit Opco, Satellite was founded in 1986 in Quincy, Massachusetts, a suburb south of and just across the water from Boston. The organization offers outpatient methadone treatment to Massachusetts residents.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Habit begins with an in-person assessment with a counselor at Habit’s office. To qualify for treatment at Habit, clients must undergo a drug swab and test positive for opioids. After the drug test comes back positive, clients are told to abstain from using drugs or alcohol for 12 hours so a doctor can confirm the client’s withdrawal symptoms. Once the client’s withdrawal has been confirmed, he or she can begin Methadone treatment and counseling at Habit.

In addition to methadone treatment, Habit offers an outpatient substance abuse program that consists of group and individual counseling. The program lasts for six months, but clients are able to transition out of the program at their own pace with some clients receiving treatment up to a year or two after the initial six months. Clients meet once for a weekly group meeting that usually consists of roughly 10 clients and lasts for 90 minutes. Individual counseling is scheduled based on the needs of the client.

Counselors use a variety of treatment techniques in these meetings including CBT, relapse prevention and substance abuse education. Sometimes, Habit will also offer men’s and women’s groups to address gender-specific issues. Although Habit is not 12-step based, some of the counselors will occasionally utilize principles of 12-step recovery in group therapy.

Habit is a dual diagnosis facility but clients are also referred to outside psychologists who specialize in co-occurring disorders.

The facility’s staff consists of LADCs as well as on-staff doctors and nurses to address clients withdrawal symptoms and methadone treatment.

Methadone doses at Habit are available seven days a week.


Although Habit does not offer an official family program, counselors can set up private therapy meetings with the client and their family members with the client’s permission. Clients can also request similar meeting with their spouse or significant other if they wish.

When clients finish with the program, they work with a counselor to determine a discharge transition plan charting out a strategy for long-term sobriety. Occasionally, clients are referred to outside outpatient programs to continue their treatment after Habit.

In Summary

Habit Opco, Satellite is definitely an affordable, long-term medication-assisted treatment option. The small size of the groups is optimal and the flexible length of programming is always a perk. The focus on creating a detailed discharge plan for the client when they leave the program allows them to transition smoothly out of Habit’s care and hopefully into long-term recovery.

Habit Opco, Satellite
1515 Hancock St
Quincy, MA 02169

Habit Opco, Satellite Cost: $523 (30 days). Reach Habit Opco, Satellite by phone at (508) 586-6300.

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