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Gulf Breeze RecoveryGulf Breeze Recovery Review

Situated above the white sands of Pensacola Beach in Florida is Gulf Breeze Recovery, a holistic, non-12-step rehab that straddles both mid-range and luxury markets and has been around since 2013. The facility is seaside and offers ocean views.

Accommodations and Food

Gulf Breeze’s facility is a lush villa that has 30 beds, including five detox beds. All beds are private in detox; otherwise, clients can choose between semi-private and private rooms, some of which have ocean views (though these cost more). Rooms throughout Gulf Breeze include flatscreen TVs and cable and they also have a recreation room with a pool table and private strand of beach. Average stays last from six to eight weeks, and executive chefs serve three nutritious, gourmet meals a day, all with the intention of removing toxins from the body to heal the body and mind.

Treatment and Staff

Life at Gulf Breeze begins with an on-site medical detox for those who need it, all in private rooms in a separate wing of the facility. Clients can expect to be monitored by doctors and a nursing staff around the clock before primary care begins in earnest.

Treatment itself takes a two-pronged approach to healing residents by focusing first on physical health before addressing mental health. To that end, Gulf Breeze has a workout room on-site with a treadmill and free weights—also with an ocean view—which serves as a cornerstone of their holistic treatment program. There’s also a nearby spa in addition to an on-site hot tub.

The approach to mental health here includes dual diagnosis support and comes in three phases focusing on developmental activities, small group activities and intensive one-on-one sessions for more personal topics. Though the focus is primarily on talk therapy, other therapeutic activities include yoga, meditation, massage and art therapy. Days run from 8 am to 8:30 pm, and the staff is generally permissive.

Gulf Breeze’s staff includes an on-site psychiatrist, a consulting MD, a band of nurses, an executive chef and five drug and alcohol therapists. Medical professionals are available around the clock in case of any emergencies and family members are allowed to visit; for those who can’t, there’s time set aside on Tuesdays to Skype. Once clients are halfway through the program, those in good standing can request permission to stay overnight with their families on Saturday as well.

Though the overall atmosphere is one of respect where residents can expect to be treated like adults, cell phones and laptops still aren’t allowed at Gulf Breeze, though iPods and other music players are encouraged. Clients can still reach the outside world via two landlines at the facility.


Aside from the aforementioned activities, Gulf Breeze includes some other bonuses as well. Weekends are filled with recreational outings like deep sea fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, dolphin cruises and a variety of other beach-related activities. Finally, residents can also take in a movie or go bowling if they wish.

In terms of aftercare, Gulf Breeze has an alumni group that all graduates are welcome to join. Meetings take place every week, and all are free.

In Summary

Gulf Breeze is a high-end rehab for a mid-range price that does not follow in the 12-step tradition. Instead, it focuses on getting residents to recognize the damaging thought and behavior patterns they’ve entered into, and gives them the tools to get out of it. They treat addiction by bringing clients back to physical health before addressing their mental and emotional issues—and for the most part, alumni seem happy with their services. Though it’s not for those who feel their sobriety would benefit from an introduction to 12-step recovery, others will find solid treatment here.

Gulf Breeze Recovery Location

350 Pensacola Beach Blvd
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Gulf Breeze Recovery Cost

$25,000 (30 days, semi-private); $32,000 (30 days, private). Reach Gulf Breeze Recovery by phone at 855-973-3700. Find Gulf Breeze Recovery on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. I came to this site after seeing a commercial on TV for GBR and wanted to see if it might be a good fit for a relative. From what I am reading from most of these comments, not just the ones who felt they had bad experiences but even the “positive” experiences – this sounds dangerously similar to Scientology/Dianetics. The re-programming your mind, not allowing the parents to be involved, lying about the financial obligation and encouraging people to take out loans and credit cards… exactly like Scientology. I’m frankly surprised that once you are in the program they ever let you out. No thank you. Fall into the Scientology/dianetics trap would be a far worse problem to deal with than addiction…

  2. GBR is a place that has so much to offer! I learned a lot about addiction and how to deal with the daily stressors of life. The staff is very professional and kind and truly care about the well being of the guests. I would highly recommend this facility if you are having trouble with drugs or alcohol.

  3. I am so thankful that I came to Gulf Breeze Recovery! I have been thru several different types of recovery centers and nothing ever seemed to work for me! When I came to Gulf Breeze I was at the end of my rope, and in complete desperation! Immediately upon walking thru the doors the staff made me feel at ease and right at home! They actually cared about me and my well being and were there to help me with any of my concerns! The program has a unique and holistic approach in teaching a new way to look at life and live your life! They helped me to love myself and forgive myself! Something I haven’t been able to do in a long time! The foundation that I built there has set me up for success and continues to grow with my active participation in aftercare with my 3P educator, literature, and online groups! The facility is absolutely breath taking and the accommodations are really first class! They have amazing food, fun art classes, one on one counseling, sauna, and recreational therapy, along with yoga and meditation! This was honestly the best place I could have ever chosen to go to! It has saved my life today! Thank you Gulf Breeze for all that you have done and continue to do for the recovery communities!!

  4. I’m not sure if anyone here can help me but I’m a single 46 yr old Mother of a 12 yr old daughter. I’m addicted to heroin. I’ve searched online looking for a place to get help and Gulf Breeze Recovery sounds like the place I need to go. But I am jobless, broke due to my addiction and my family doesn’t have money. I do have Humana through Medicaid. But according to previous comments, I would have to pay $27,000 to $30,000 up front to get in GBR. I will die if I do not get help. All the other programs offered in the area will not help me. I am not comfortable with the 12-step program. I do not want to live in the past any longer. That’s why I am an addict today. Does anyone know if I can get financial assistance to pay for the cost of treatment? This is my last hope. And I know myself. I know what will work for me and what will only make be turn back to my addiction again. GBR will teach me how to believe in myself again. All suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Please refrain from making negative comments. They will only make me want to use. Thank you.

  5. UPDATE on previous review:

    I reported GBR to the Florida Department of Children and Families (they handle rehab licensing). They interviewed both management and therapists about their beliefs around rape, abuse, and trauma. After the investigation, the board required the ENTIRE clinical team to redo their trauma training and to notify the government when it was completed. Please be warned, GBR’s beliefs about rape, abuse, and trauma are incredibly harmful and degrading. I have first hand experience of this and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did here. The last thing a trauma survivor needs is therapists like the ones at GBR. And they are so stuck in their ways that being forced to retake one class isn’t going to change anything. They even say their opinions aren’t opinions but is “Truth with a capital T”. That it didn’t matter I didn’t like what they were telling me because it was “Truth”. It takes a special blend of hypocrisy and superiority complex to tell everyone they need to question or let go of all their own opinions and thoughts, yet they need to accept yours as a “universal Truth”. And that’s exactly what the people at GBR do.

    Don’t go to a rehab where the therapists will constantly defend your rapist, make excuses for him, and minimize the seriousness of his actions. Please protect your mental health and find a legitimate rehab with legitimate therapists.

    • My #1 reason and #1 goal was to get sober and stay that way. I’m a 2017 GBR graduate and that goal is 100% since graduating from GBR.

      • I’m glad you’re sober. But it doesn’t change the fact that people deserve legitimate therapists when they pay $30,000.

        The “three principles” is not legitimate therapy and it is not recognized by the American Psychological Association. It’s a self help book written by a high school dropout. That’s not therapy.

        Rape is not “just a thought”. Rape is not neutral. Rape is wrong! There is absolutely no instance where rape is okay.

        Therapists that defend rapists and make excuses for them deserve to lose their licenses. No therapist should ever tell a rape victim they were raped for a reason.

        This is not a real rehab. Stay away.

        I suggest finding a legitimate therapist to help with any mental health issues.

  6. Hope L Chalmers on

    I cannot say enough positive things about this facility. After a long struggle with opiate addiction and then Suboxone, I went to GBR in 2015. I had tried as many others do to wean myself from opiates and Suboxone, only to fail each time. The addiction and poor decisions I made while using had serious consequences. I lost a marriage, career, realationships and ultimately lost myself. I went to GBR as a final effort to reclaim my life. The folks at GBR and the program helped me do just that. I had a very difficult time during my detox, but the medical staff did everything possible to keep me comfortable. My therapists were absolutely wonderful and helped me “peel back the onion” to reach the root of my hurt. I was able to meet with my therapists 1 to 2 times a week and as needed. There was always someone available. The physician and medical staff work to meet every need. There are boundaries and rules as in every recovery center, but in the end these also helped me as I came there with a sense of entitlement and a huge ego. Since my treatment at GBR I have reclaimed my life and my profession as well as relationships. I still have some struggles in my life, but I can say that those struggles are met with the awareness to know that they will pass. The biggest discovery was that I do not have the ability to control my thoughts. What I do have the ability to do now is sit with those thoughts and know that they will pass. If you are looking for treatment, please consider this facilty. All you need is willingness and an open mind to this program. The facilty is beautiful and very warming. Everyone is welcoming and compassionate, from the chefs to the staff that accompany on outings. You will not be judged by anyone. The sunrises and sunsets are very healing. Thank you GBR for saving me from myself.

  7. GBR keeps getting my review deleted so I will try to post about my experience again:

    This place is absolutely horrendous!!! I told my therapist I was raped and this is what they said:

    -I have to take accountability for being raped because I should have fought my attacker more.
    -I am being judgmental and unfair to my rapist if I think he is a bad person.
    -Being raped is just a thought, and I should just move on from it now
    -My rapist did nothing inherently wrong, and just because I think it was wrong doesn’t make it objectively wrong.
    -My rapist is just doing his best and I should be less critical of him
    -The fact I was raped isn’t the problem, but my thoughts about my rape is the problem.
    -I need to have sympathy for my rapist and forgive him. (What about the sympathy for me? I was the one raped!)
    -Everything happens for a reason and me being raped is part of my path.
    -It is hypocritical for me to judge my rapist because if I were in his shoes I would have raped myself as well (I can promise you that in fact, no, I would not choke someone, violently penetrate them against their will, and threaten to kill them when I’m done)
    -I need to realize my rapist’s opinion is just as valid as mine and I need to stop dismissing it as wrong
    -The fact that I’m struggling with PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts is not my rapist’s fault, but instead that’s all on me and I need to take accountability that I’m causing all of that myself (they believe that there are no effects from rape and PTSD is always self-inflicted)

    I never imagined therapists would treat me in such a cold, unsympathetic way. My therapist knew I fought him a little and ended up with bruised ribs. It was painful for me to take anything more than a shallow breath for about a week. Yet according to my therapist I had to take accountability because I didn’t fight him even more as he held me down and raped me and threatened to kill me.

    Save yourself the $30,000 and the years of therapy it will take to recover from these “therapists”, and do not come near this place! Seriously, these “therapists” openly talk about how they don’t believe in any accepted mode of therapy and just regurgitated what they had to in order to pass the state certifications. Yes they have the degree and the certification, but they don’t believe (nor use) any of it. Don’t pay $30,000 for over-hyped life coaches that will tell you the only way to be healthy is to change your thinking about abuse. Abuse is objectively wrong! And it is not wrong for you to think that! Go to a real rehab with real therapists that won’t coldly throw your trauma back in your face but will instead treat you with the respect and sympathy every person deserves.

    Please, I wish someone stopped me before coming here. If I can help even one person with abuse or trauma realize how terrible this place is I’ll be happy knowing I’ve helped someone avoid all the additional pain this place has brought me. I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly harmful it was for these “therapists” to spend more time defending my rapist and making excuses for him, than they ever did saying anything remotely sympathetic or understanding of my experience. I would be in a much better place today if I never came here. It’s incredibly offensive and dehumanizing to be told repeatedly that my rapist is just some poor guy and I need to have sympathy for him or I’m being rude. I don’t “need” to do anything! He raped me; I should be able to think he did something wrong without GBR’s constant stream of passive aggressive, judgmental comments about how I’m being rude and unfair to him. I immediately got a therapist after GBR just to help me cope with my experience at GBR and to reaffirm, that no, obviously I’m not responsible for being raped! And it’s not unhealthy for me to say with conviction that abuse is wrong!

    This rehab, and the therapists that work here, deserve to have all their licenses revoked. They are not real therapists. Please protect your mental health and do not come here.

    • Wow Michelle, you have got to be the most negative whiny bitch on this planet. GBR is a WONDERFUL place and it works. You and your mind are the problem. They were right. It’s all YOU! It is all in your mind. The past is bullshit and the future is bullshit. You have to let go of the past. You are blaming GBR because you wouldn’t take their advice. They are right and you are wrong. Now STFU and quit complaining. You were raped, deal with it! Grow up and move on.

      • To anyone reading this, do you see how this person is proving my point about GBR?

        Rape is objectively wrong. ALWAYS. It is never the person’s fault that was raped. NEVER

        Don’t go to a place that says in order to be happy, you need to understand that rape is subjective, and not always wrong.

        I’m not a “whiny bitch” because I don’t like being raped. I’m not unhealthy, because I think rape is always wrong. I can find peace of mind while still believing rape is wrong.

        Please protect your mental health and avoid any “therapists” that are unable to say rape is wrong. GBR is not a safe space for anyone that has suffered trauma.

  8. During my time at GBR I met some of the most amazing people. Everyone is wonderful and the counselors truly care about your recovery. The staff does a great job of making sure you are well taken care of, safe, and feel comfortable throughout your eight weeks. The nursing staff is the bomb. They make sure that you stay totally comfortable when you are in detox by checking in on you often and seeing if you need anything at all from them. They are compassionate and kind. The chefs will not let you go hungry. The food is amazing! Overall my experience was great and I would recommend GBR to anyone who is struggling with addiction.

  9. I checked into GBR March 7th, 2017. I had a pretty good idea about the program which was nice. From the start the staff was great about check-in and making sure I felt as comfortable as possible. Having had history with the program it made starting classes a little more comfortable. I was really able to focus on myself and search for what would help me out on understanding what it is I want. The facility is extremely nice and well kept with amazing views. The food is outstanding! GBR has truly provided me help to get my mind back on track and enjoy life again.

  10. I spent the better part of 15 years using methamphetamine. It had taken over my life and my ability to be comfortable around anyone, most of all myself. I knew I needed help and I had finally gotten to a place where I wanted help. I had never been to rehab before and wasn’t really sure where to start. I knew that a 12 step program was not for me. I just started searching the internet and Gulf Breeze Recovery kept popping up. I called a few places only to get an answering service. I was left feeling discouraged and because of this, I was reluctant to call GBR. When I finally worked up the courage to call, Reed answered the phone. I’m so glad he did because I’m not sure I would have ever made it to any rehab if I had not spoken to a real person. Everyone at GBR went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Everyone there was so nice and helpful. During my 12 week stay at GBR I learned, not just how to survive but how to live life healthy and happy. I enjoy life now, a life that I now know I deserve. I thank God that I found GBR. It is the real deal! Thank you Gulf Breeze Recovery for saving my life!

  11. I checked into GBR June 3, 2016. I cannot overstate the impact my stay there made on me. I truly believe they saved my life. Actually, it would be more accurate to say they showed me that I had the ability to save my own life all along. I have been clean for about four and a half months as I write this review. I truly thought that I was beyond repair. I had been kicked out of my last rehab, I had come and gone, unmoved, from the rooms of 12 step meetings, and I honestly thought that I was destined to die with a needle in my arm. GBR offered me a safe place to come to the realization of my innate value. I had tried looking outside of myself for peace for so long that it was completely revolutionary to realize that the only place I needed to look was within. I could literally go on and on about the counselors and the rest of the staff. However, I think that my experience can be summed up by saying that there is no doubt in my mind that I would not be alive today had I not found this treatment center. And, today, the quality of my life has already surpassed any hopes I had for myself before coming here. And it gets even better every day.

    • Kat, I enjoyed meeting you in 2017 and hearing your story/journey leading you to GBR. Also hearing about some awesome positive post GBR life changes for you! To a clean and sober 2018!

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  13. My name is Jon Beyer, I’m 31 years old, and I attended Gulf Breeze Recovery Center for my drinking. I had been completely dependent on alcohol for 15 years. I had no respect for myself, and I no hope for the future. I had tried to taper, and I was still waking up at night to maintain. My mother recommended Gulf Breeze because she agreed with their principles, and she believed that this was my last chance.

    I didn’t know what to expect, and I had had negative experiences with seeking help in the past, but I would have tried anything because I believed my life depended on it. I was dreading the detoxification process, because I would get ill when I didn’t have enough to drink, but I was pleasantly surprised by how brief my detox was. The doctor and nursing staff made me feel very comfortable and welcome.

    After detox the real beauty of Gulf Breeze began to shine through. All of the staff and even the other guests created an amazingly nurturing and caring environment for me. And though I had my solitude, I never felt alone. I felt that everyone there truly wanted the best for me, and believed I could achieve it.

    The counselors teach you how your brain works, how your thoughts can work for you instead of against you. They teach you how to process stress, understand emotions, and become at peace with yourself. They taught me that there was nothing wrong with me. I didn’t have a disease; the drinking was just a symptom of how I was living. Just like if I don’t have a headache, I don’t think about aspirin, drinking rarely crosses my mind, but if it does, that thought will pass.

    Gulf Breeze has a knowledgeable, compassionate staff, an extensive library to utilize, fantastic accommodations, delicious cuisine, and a comprehensive curriculum. They have a great facility, and they provide plenty of free time for relaxation, meditation, or exorcise. The one-on-one counseling is fantastic, and the entire staff is always happy to talk with you.

    8 weeks can seem like a long time, but I felt like it was necessary to practice being my new, sober self. It really didn’t feel like that long when I was there, and giving 60 days to have the rest of my life back was a great investment. It wasn’t always easy, but I was definitely worth it. And, they make it easy to stay in touch with loved ones.

    Sometimes I think that Gulf Breeze shouldn’t be a recovery center, because everyone, regardless of whether or not they have an addiction, can benefit from the principles. If you are even the least bit curious about changing your life, I can’t recommend them enough. What they do works. I knew my life was bad, but I didn’t know how bad until I saw how good it could be. I never could have seen that without them. I’ll be eternally grateful for Gulf Breeze Recovery; they gave me my life back.

    I was in GBR from June-August 2015. I am posting an opinion now because it has taken this long to finalize my insurance claims. I was told by the intake staff at GBR that at minimum, 60% of my cost would be covered by my insurance. This was after they “vetted” the program with my provider. A full 15 months after I checked in I have received zero reimbursement from insurance and all of my appeals have been denied. I now know why they want all payment up front and encourage people to get debit card loans from an affiliated bank to pay for their program. In short, do not be mis-led by the advertising GBR uses to insinuate that your insurance will cover your stay (or portion thereof) or by the verbal promises made by their intake staff. If they were so sure that insurance would cover their program they would not require payment up front and would wait to be reimbursed by your provider. Very misleading and disappointing from a group that claims to be so caring about their “guests”.

    • Hi Richard,
      I also had problems with insurance after being promised I would be covered, although they told me only 50% would be covered.
      I also found the pictures on the website incredibly misleading. They make it seem like they have direct beach access right from the rehab, which they do not. The angle of the pictures makes it look like you can go right in the water! Anyone reading this, don’t be misled.

  15. Despite their underwhelming website which gives you very little idea of what the place is about, Gulfbreeze is truly wonderful and unique.

    Realize first that the cost is for a full 8 weeks, not just 4. That doesn’t show up clearly in some of the comparisons, and staying that extra month is a huge help in recovery.

    I looked hard for non-12 step. I found some places that claimed they weren’t, but it turned out AA meetings were an “option” or they were using “Smartstep.” Gulfbreeze actually has a fundamentally different approach. It’s the real deal — and it works. Moreover, I learned how to be happier and mentally healthier.

    The people who founded Gulfbreeze are idealists who worked in other facilities and set out to do everything better than what they encountered before. Everything shows this. These people are excited about the field and keep learning and innovating. You are a “guest” and treated with respect and warmth. You are an individual, and they will try hard to attend to your special needs. There are necessary rules, but there is as much flexibility and kindness as possible. There is ongoing professional excitement and openness to trying new ideas.

    Neurofeedback is one of the tools they employed that I think helped me the most, especially in the first two weeks. (Since returning home, I’ve talked to one doctor who spent a small fortune using it for his autistic son as an outpatient with great results.)

    The yoga teacher is fantastic and understood the philosophy of yoga well. She was able to teach a class full of people of widely different fitness and ability levels. I began to use yoga as a kind of meditation because of her.

    Their extensive follow-up program for guests is something I’ve never seen before after having been in another rehab and talking with family members who have been in one. Maybe that is part of why they have a phenomenal success rate. No place I’ve seen as I searched even comes close. I’ve professionally had to review survey results of various kinds, and the red flag is usually the response rate upon which the rest is based. Their response rate is very high (over 70%) as I recall, so their success rate is even greater than the usual comparisons would show.

    During my stay there were people of all ages there with various addictions. We all got along.

    As to luxury, well I’ve heard some ultra-wealthy folks express disappointment, given the website. It’s certainly very nice, but not Passages Malibu. It’s super clean and well staffed. There are wonderful nurses 24-7 who get to know everyone well, a good and caring staff, a super team of counselors, and then there are the cooks. The food here is marvelous. I had many of the best meals of my life here, and they were all healthy meals.

  16. Using drugs nowadays would be a real buzz kill. Since leaving Gulf Breeze Recovery I’ve found a happiness and peace in my life that is better than the best drink I ever had, or drug I ever used. I thought life without using would be dull and ordinary and couldn’t imagine not having the next “high” to look forward to if I stopped all my use. Truth is, using IS fun and exciting. That’s what we do it for right? I mean, who would ever use drugs or drink if it wasn’t great at first? Using makes you feel good, covers up insecurities, pain,fear, and makes life enjoyable and carefree. All of these things are true until you eventually and unavoidably hit…. (to use Pink Floyd’s album name)…”The Wall”. Anyone who uses long enough like I did will certainly come in contact with “The Wall” that begins to block every benefit that we thought “getting our buzz on” had to offer. If you’re reading this…You know what I’m talking about! “The Wall” of built up tolerance where more and more is required. “The Wall” that stops and blocks friendships, family relationships, success at work or school, and continuity of hobbies and activities we once found peaceful and rewarding without help from any kind of substance. “The Wall” that halts our ability to enjoy the “little things” and the simple pleasures that life has to offer us every moment if we are just open to it. If we can live in the“now” without the clutter of all our thoughts surrounding not only our substance abuse, but all of our thinking that comes from an ego based self that thrives and stays alive through petty comparisons to others, fear of losing something, “being right”, having beliefs, and living in a past and/or future that is only a projected illusion.
    If any of this sounds absurd to you, then I know my writing is on the right track for you. Something inside you knows there’s some truth here. When Gulf Breeze Recovery taught me that every feeling and experience I have in my life comes from my own ability to create with my own thinking, I was caught off guard too. How could that be? I’m 39 years old and have lived my whole life believing that all the events and circumstances outside of me determined how I felt, what kind of day I had, who was to blame, what mood I was in, and how happy or unhappy I was. How dare they tell ME that I’ve been doing this to myself all these years! How dare they tell me that I’m in control of how I feel about……..wait a minute…..I’m in control of how I feel and all of my experiences in life?……..And there it was….the truth that had been in front of me my whole life, so simple, yet so elusive. I was supposed to be looking inside for every answer for myself. It all starts there. What an insight…what a liberating discovery…..what an Inside/Out Revolution for me.
    Since my stay at Gulf Breeze Recovery, my life is not back to the way it was before my drug use….it’s way better. Within just a few short months, I was back in good with my family, my friendships were restored, and I’m enjoying my life every moment with a new set of eyes to view my world with. See, my addiction was just a symptom of a bigger problem. Some people have eating disorders, some people have gambling issues, some people have sex addictions, and some people use their intelligence to demean or criticize others to make themselves temporarily feel better. The problem is, just like drug use, these efforts to “cover up” our real issues are only a temporary false sense of well being. But, the truth to every “so called” addiction is a fundamental misunderstanding of how our brains and bodies work together to create our experience in life. Gulf Breeze Recovery helped me to uncover a true sense of well being that has no end, as well as an understanding of life for me that was there the whole time. My life will never be the same. There’s no unknowing what I know now and I am so grateful to their management and staff for helping me find the most important self discovery that anyone can have.
    Now, I am at the mercy of nothing outside of myself for my daily adventures in life. Nothing happens “to me” anymore. Things just happen and I determine how I want to feel about them which is no longer filled with a roller coaster of emotions, only an acceptance of every event for what it is….and what it is?…..well, whatever it is can’t be any other way, is part of a perfect system, and I’m just along for the ride. So, I figure……why not make it a playground? It’s way more fun than a Wall.
    Scotty A

  17. When I attended Gulf Breeze Recovery in December 2014, I was completely dejected and despondent. Having suffered from addiction for over 10 years and attending more than a few rehab facilities, I was left believing that I could never recover and lead a “normal” life. During my stay at GBR, I realized that I was not “broken”, and that a life full of happiness without substances is possible. Having been to numerous other rehabilitation centers that seemed only to focus on the past and negative consequences associated with my addictive behaviors, it was immensely refreshing to attend a place where I learned that life is not about what I could or should have done, but what I can do now and moving forward. The staff at GBR is amazing, and they truly care about helping people transform their lives from feelings of insecurity and inadequacy to general well-being and peace. I have since enrolled in a Master’s counseling program, and I will never recommend that anyone who is seeking treatment go anywhere but GBR.

  18. UPDATE FROM A MOM — If you read my review from May 23rd, you will know that I was not initially impressed with Gulf Breeze Recovery. While I am still disappointed in the way our only “issue” was handled by Barnett and the counselors, I must say that our son has thrived under their care. He graduates soon, and we’ve never been so optimistic. In spite of a bumpy start, we would do it all over again. It has been an amazing experience!

    My husband and I have enjoyed the weekly family video conferences with the counselors and have ourselves come away with invaluable information and encouragement.

    Our son tells us it has been a life changing experience for him, and he cannot say enough good things about EVERY SINGLE staff member.

    We ‘re all very excited about the future. Thank you so much Gulf Breeze Recovery!

  19. Gulf Breeze Recovery has impacted my life and my boyfriend’s life in a way I will never be able to repay. My boyfriend suffered from an addiction to heroin for five years. After trying eleven treatment centers from all over the country, he was blessed with finding Gulf Breeze Recovery.

    During his addiction, he had served time in jail and lived on the streets. He had given up all hope on having a future outside of drug use. Each day was a struggle on how he was going to get his next fix to keep him from feeling that he was on the brink of death. In the five most terrible years of his life, he overdosed four times and somehow managed to stay alive. Friends of the family had given up hope that he was going to be able to beat this “disease” that he faced. However, Gulf Breeze Recovery taught him that he did not need to manage this disease and allowed him to understand the true psychological meaning behind his addiction.

    When he had just about given up hope, he decided to try a different approach to his treatment and ended up finding Gulf Breeze Recovery. As a last resort, he found his home there and has been completely drug free for over a year now. I have no doubt that drugs will no longer be an issue for my boyfriend due to the mental health that he gained during his eight weeks in the program. Eight weeks in his program gave him the rest of his life back. If he had continued down the path that he was heading, I have no doubt he would have died within a few years.

    Today, he is a happier, healthier, clean man that will forever be indebted to this center for saving his life. I would recommend this center to anyone that has a loved one that is facing this struggle.

    To Gulf Breeze Recovery: Thank you for your care and support in helping him save his own life. I will forever be grateful to you.

  20. Gulf Breeze Recovery was the shelter in the storm i was looking for. I had been to treatment many different times and had given up hope. Then i found Gulf Breeze Recovery and saw that it truly offered something different than what i had been exposed to in 12 step programs previously. I was never called an addict or made to feel any shame or guilt. They offered a simple approach that allowed me to overcome my addiction instead of just managing it for the rest of my life. To put it simply, GBR saved my life and I will be forever grateful to my counselor and the entire staff there.

  21. August 29, 2014 was literally the day that changed my life. Five years prior I had become addicted to prescription pain pills. For five years, I lived with this secret and demon that controlled every second of my life. I hid it from family, friends, coworkers, and even perfect strangers. From the outside you would have thought I had it all: two beautiful little girls, a loving fiancé, and supportive friends and family, but inside I was miserable and felt like dying was the only way to end this vicious cycle.
    Two days before checking into Gulf Breeze my luck ran out, my fiancé found a bottle of forty pills and asked me if I had a drug problem, I was angry, yet relieved that my secret was exposed. I cried in his arms and said, “I need help!”
    I contacted a friend who had been in and out of rehabs several times, all of which were 12 step programs, and none of them had worked for her. She told me about a place she had just come back from called Gulf Breeze Recovery in Florida. She said, “I have been to them all, and Gulf Breeze is a godsend.”
    She called Reed, and I could tell in his voice that he was sincere and willing to help me in any way he could.
    When I arrived, the place looked like a resort. I was greeted by a very friendly guy named Alex Wright; he showed me the facility and I was so impressed, a sense of relief came over me. I was scared of detox because I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried about hurting, withdrawals, and whatever comes with getting off of opiates.
    The nurses and staff treated me like family and not just like another addict. My detox was very comfortable and the nurses accommodated me day and night.
    After I left the detox treatment I was moved to my permanent room, which was extremely nice and very comfortable.
    My first two weeks were spent in the spa and sauna to help more with the detox process. After about two weeks being there I started feeling like “Me” again.
    I was laughing with the other guests and it was genuine; I would cry because I missed my family, but it was also genuine. I wasn’t masking my emotions anymore with pills.
    Being in Gulf Breeze Recovery, they don’t remind you of what you were and what you did. They remind you that you still have and will always have good in you and that what you did in the past is over. Every day is a new day.
    It will be a year on August 29, 2015 that I have been sober. I could never have done this without my beloved friend who gave me this beautiful gift of Gulf Breeze Recovery.
    Gulf Breeze made me see how I can live a sober life by remembering the simplest, but oh-so-powerful, four little words, “It’s just a thought.”
    I wake up happy to be alive. I am a better mother, daughter, fiancé, friend, and human being because of the teachings at Gulf Breeze Recovery.

    • To “A MOM” … I sure would like to talk with you about this. I have considered this place for my son and would like to hear more of your experience. I don’t want to make my contact information public on here, though, so I’m not sure how to go about talking with you.

  22. P.S. — No refund if your loved one doesn’t finish the program, and no insurance will pay out until the program has been completed. Unless money is no issue you for you, you might want to know this information.

    • Just to be fair, there was never a discussion about refund. In fact, a final payment was made roughly 17 days after the review. Fortunately, the son remained in the program and, at the end, has benefitted from his experience. We do explain at the beginning that payment is up front and that we will file insurance for the family as a courtesy. Unfortunately, most insurance companies require that we submit claims after a person is released from the program. I hope nothing but the best for the son, A MOM, and the entire family. ~ Barnett

  23. NOT A FAN!! Parents. do your research before you invest your $27,000 into this program. Going in, we were told that we would be involved in our son’s treatment. Two weeks into the program, and when calling with our first “issue,” Barnett refused to to even speak with me. He promised to call me back but never did.

    We are not meddling parents and actually have been happy to let the program take its course. However, upon our first inquiry about an issue, a counselor, Joe, told my son this was the “classic form of manipulation” from us. I thought we were going to be a team, but apparently Joe is pitting us against each other.

    My son now thinks, after two weeks, he has learned all there is to learn and that what he’s getting is just repetition of what he’s already learned. From what I’ve observed, unfortunately, I think he’s right. For that reason, he’s considering leaving.

    If you are a Christian, you should know they are teaching there is no such thing as sin nature. I wish I had done more research before spending my hard-earned money on this program.

    As an added note, the facility is not as “posh” as presented on the website. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING A COMMITMENT TO THIS PROGRAM AND HANDING OVER $27,000.

    • I’ve worked with many treatment centers, including this one and I know them to be exceptional, caring and very focused on including the family in treatment. It’s a big part of their program. But this is not a center for minors, so your son must be an adult. As such, if he tells the facility he doesn’t want you involved in “his” treatment, they have to honor that by law. Their hands are tied. As for anyone at the facility telling a client his parents are meddling, how would you know that?
      There is some misunderstanding that isn’t being accurately expressed here. I advise people do what you suggested, do the research, read all the comments below which are truly reflective of the quality and care of this program, and then call them and talk to them and judge for yourself.

    • After witnessing her son’s transformation, “A MOM” updated her opinion concerning Gulf Breeze Recovery (see “A MOM” on June 23rd, 2015’s post).

      “A Mom on June 23, 2015 8:38 pm

      UPDATE FROM A MOM — If you read my review from May 23rd, you will know that I was not initially impressed with Gulf Breeze Recovery. While I am still disappointed in the way our only “issue” was handled by Barnett and the counselors, I must say that our son has thrived under their care. He graduates soon, and we’ve never been so optimistic. In spite of a bumpy start, we would do it all over again. It has been an amazing experience!

      My husband and I have enjoyed the weekly family video conferences with the counselors and have ourselves come away with invaluable information and encouragement.

      Our son tells us it has been a life changing experience for him, and he cannot say enough good things about EVERY SINGLE staff member.

      We ‘re all very excited about the future. Thank you so much Gulf Breeze Recovery!”

      Thank you “A MOM” for giving us the opportunity to help your son and family. ~ Barnett

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