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Guiding LightThe Basics

Founded in 2011, Guiding Light Sober Homes in Austin, Texas provides two clean and sober living houses for men in early recovery. While a majority of the men follow a 12-step based protocol, others stay clean and sober by following alternative routes, including faith-based support.

Accommodations and Amenities

The houses are both located in quiet residential neighborhoods, and are close public transportation, as well as in close vicinity to many 12-step meetings, and Wal-Mart. The immaculate homes feature tiled and hardwood floors and are comfortably furnished. Guiding Light offers double and triple occupancy rooms, and accommodates between 10 and 12 clients per house.

Amenities include free long distance calling, wifi, Cable TVs, laundry facilities, laundry detergent, paper supplies, linens, a house computer with Internet access and a printer. Smokers can hang out in the garage, where there is an additional television set. Each house has a live-in house manager who provides peer support and maintains house rules.

Residents are responsible for their own groceries, which can be prepared in fully equipped kitchens. Many of the clients qualify for food stamps, and staff is on hand to help them apply for EBT cards and other government benefits, if appropriate.

Rules and Regulations

While Guiding Light prefers clients who have completed 30-days of primary care at a drug rehab, they will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Residents must perform basic household chores, maintain a recovery protocol and stay clean and sober. Attendance at 12-step meetings is not mandated, but many of the men, including the house managers are actively involved in AA/NA. Others attend faith-based programs at a local church.

During the first week, the curfew is midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. After that period of time, the curfew is lifted and clients are also allowed to have overnight passes, provided that they are in good standing. At Guiding Light, there is the belief that recovery cannot be forced on anyone, however residents are subject to random drug and alcohol testing and there is a zero tolerance policy for individuals who have tested positive.


Guiding Light accepts criminal justice clients who are referred by their probation officers.

In Summary

At Guiding Light, clients have freedom to choose a recovery protocol that works best for them, as long as it helps them stay clean and sober. Peer support is big here, and house managers are actively involved in providing vocational guidance, as well as spiritual support. For men seeking a close-knit recovery atmosphere, Guiding Light is a great match.

Guiding Light Sober Homes
Hansford House
9603 Hansford Dr.
Austin, TX 78753

Shenandoah House
8111 Shenandoah Dr.
Austin, TX 78753

Guiding Light Sober Homes Cost: $540 (30 days). Reach Guiding Light Sober Homes by phone at (512) 584-9693.

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  1. Ask around before you move here. The managers are hooking up with residents, home is dirty and overcrowded. It’s cheap but you get what you pay for – a over-crowded half-way house with sex offenders running it.

  2. Keep a close eye on your loved one if you decide to put them in one of these homes, they may become another victim. The house managers are dubious individuals given control over men when they are most vulnerable. This business is exploitative and disgusting.

  3. Please be very careful dealing with Indika and most importantly his house manager PeeWee.

    PeeWee takes advantage of young men who are in a very vulnerable position in life by sexually harassing them. He has been arrested for propositioning a minor for sex in the past and overall I fail to understand why this man is continued to be allowed to sexually abuse these men from a position of power. All of these facts are well known in the recovery community here in Austin. Further, this sober living is the kind of place where being sober is optional, Indika only cares about money. PERIOD. If you’re comfortable having using roommates then this place might be right for you.

    • Guiding Light Sober Homes on

      1. Most people in recovery have made mistakes in their past (During their addiction). Making a decision to live sober and become a productive member of society, will not erase your past. But, I am a firm believer in second chances. If you are Sober and a role model to others, you will get my full support and encouragement to continue to do good.

      2. These houses are “men’s houses”. I don’t deal with minors or juveniles. If there is a valid accusation, I highly recommend you follow up with the local police department.

      3. The Guiding light sober homes are zero tolerance houses. If you use drugs/alcohol, you will be immediately evicted.

      4. We have helped many many clients with financial hardships. We are hardly all about the money…… if you are willing to stay sober and make a change, we are willing to help.

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