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Group and Pensions Administrators Addiction Treatment

Group and Pensions Administrators Addiction Recovery Treatment

When people hear the term “addiction” their first thought may be drug or alcohol addiction. However, addiction also includes addictive behaviors such as compulsive gambling, playing video games, and sexual addictions. Addiction is a complex, chronic disease that alters the brain, according to research from the National Institute on Drug Addiction. This research has come a long way to helping us better understand how addiction changes the brain. No matter what substance or behavior you or a loved one is struggling with, Group and Pensions Administrators addiction treatment may be able to help make treatment for this addiction more affordable.

What to Expect from Group and Pensions Administrators Addiction Recovery Treatment

Addiction is similar to other chronic diseases. Research shows that in drug addiction, for example, parts of the brain associated with judgment and decision-making are affected by that drug use. Just like another chronic disease, addiction can be prevented and treated successfully, according to the National Institute on Drug Addiction. When left untreated, however, addiction can last a lifetime. Addiction involves multiple factors including biology/genes, environment and brain mechanisms. No single factor determines whether or not someone will become addicted to drugs, alcohol or another behavior. For many individuals, addiction may be a developmental disease that starts in childhood. For example, dependence on some drugs can develop in adolescence or early adulthood. The right treatment program will address the different factors affecting addiction and provide support through each stage of the recovery process, recommends the National Institute on Drug Addiction.

Group and Pensions Administrators addiction recovery treatment coverage can vary based on the type of insurance policy you or a loved one holds. For example, you may be required to pay a co-pay, co-insurance or deductible in conjunction with treatment. Medical pre-approval may also be required prior to entering treatment. These requirements may vary between policies, so it is important to speak with a benefits counselor to confirm which requirements are in place for your policy. Many in-patient addiction treatment centers offer 28 day programs. However, other programs of a longer duration, such as 60 or 90 days, may be better suited for your needs or your loved one’s needs. A benefits specialist can confirm whether these longer addiction treatment programs are covered by your Group and Pensions Administrators policy.

Contact a benefits specialist to learn more addiction treatment facilities and your insurance coverage.


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