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The GreenhouseThe Basics

Before American Addiction Centers founder Michael Cartwright turned The Greenhouse into a chic rehab, it was a high-end spa fully-loaded with five-star amenities. Built by Stanley Marcus, the owner of Neiman Marcus, in 1965, the former getaway spot has managed to maintain its attractive and luxurious environment.

Accommodations and Food

After a $6.2 million renovation, the former spa is now a 130-bed treatment facility for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Clients share a giant bedroom and bath with one other person and each room comes with two queen-sized beds, views of the property and a daily maid service.

With an indoor and outdoor pool, a state-of-the-art gym, a Hokkaido tub, saunas and a whirlpool, clients are invited to relax during the early stages of their recovery. Clients also have the option of walking around the large property and admiring the gigantic fountains and lush greenery.

Meals are served three times a day and prepared by a professional chef. A typical dish may include a selection of roasted veggies, chicken breast, salad and lamb chops. Special needs and dietary requirements can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

Treatment and Staff

A medically-supervised detox, if needed, is included in the cost of treatment. Once a client is stabilized, they begin a schedule of evidence-based therapies such as CBT, DBT, Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Group therapy topics include life skills, meditation, boundaries, reflection, trauma, art recovery and relapse prevention. Residents can meet with their primary therapist twice a week for individual therapy. While 12-step work is not required, on-site meetings and classes with a 12-step focus are offered several times a week.

The staff is comprised of a mix of nurses, medical doctors, a psychiatrist, social workers and licensed counselors.


Family involvement is seen as a crucial component of  treatment. A three-day intensive family program takes family members through group and individual therapy sessions, giving them time to work on communication and healthy dynamics.

In addition to the on-site amenities, perks such as spa services, personal training and yoga classes are also available (for an additional fee). The Greenhouse also offers a free month of treatment for those who relapse after completing the 90-day program.

In Summary

While priced at mid-range, The Greenhouse offers much of the amenities and plush environment of a luxury treatment facility. Its focus on evidence-based modalities, and well as the more traditional 12-step and alternative treatments, makes The Greenhouse a well-rounded program likely to meet the needs of a diverse demographic of clients.

The Greenhouse
1171 107th St
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

The Greenhouse Cost: $26,500 (30 days). Reach The Greenhouse by phone at (800) 447-9150. Find The Greenhouse on FacebookTwitter and Google+

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  1. I think I’m going to become an addict, live in a luxurious facility for a while, be able to smoke, be able to have my phone, eat very well, be given sleeping meds, and the BEST part about it is, my health insurance covers it all, it’s like a free vacation… then you get out, relapse and do it all over again… WHY WOULD AN ADDICT GET CLEAN IF THIS IS THE “TREATMENT” THEIR GOING TO GET???? GET REAL PEOPLE.

  2. Summing up the Greenhouse. I was there twice. 1st time: Awesome experience. Julia the therapist was incredible. The obsession to drink was lifted right out of me. I felt as healthy as I could be while there. Met great clients, women and men. Still keep in touch with some of them. Nursing staff and BHTs were incredible. I was in detox three days and they made me feel as comfortable as possible. Classes were all meaningful and instructors were great too. My family came down for family weekend and really loved it. The food is awesome, yoga every day, structure, and if you get up on time and get b fast then you can get in line first for meds. No problems here the first time. I was sent to iop after day 20 when you get all freedoms back, which does pose a problem if you’re not ready for sobriety. Unfortunately I relapsed last Christmas and went back to greenhouse. Stay 2: same amenities. This time I never saw a doc…never! Therapist never gave me a treatment plan. Since I’m somewhat of a responsible adult when sober, I was made a peer lead again. This is when I basically was made an unpaid employee. Long story short my second stay sucked and I left no questions asked on day 21. My therapist was fired the next day…not sure why. This is a great place but you have to be very assertive about getting the best therapist and getting the proper medical attention. Other cool stuff…you have privileges…you get to watch tv, hot tub, pools, acupuncture, massages, just ask politely and you can use your laptop and phone, aa every night, big book studies, I even went for runs outside, staff goes on tobacco runs twice a week week, yoga daily. If you take responsibility for your recovery you will love it here. Oh and laundry and housekeeping are the best. Just ask a bht politely and you’ll be hooked up with whatever you need. Stay away from drama but that’s everywhere. I have 24 years military experience so I bonded with the vets while there. Say hello to Mr Sunday for me…nicest guy in the world.

  3. ted delsardo on

    This is my wife’s second time going there,the first time was alright and the staff was more than helpful, this time was total opposite, first up is my wife has COPD ,I get a call at work on SATURDAY and was told she was in hospital,who ever called me gave me the wrong number,so i had to scramble to get the right one,I finally reached her and found out how she was doing..It took 4 days for anyone from Greenhouse to call me and let me know how she was, oh they called me alright ,and I refused to call back knowing what I would say.
    My wife called me when she got back and told me how she was treated that day,not one nurse would help her to were she had to be, she could have fallen and I’d be a rich man, the doctors kept changing her meds on her ,also when I called to see if her things were secure while she was at hospital and I said she has valuable stuff they said whats valuable.? Huh to me her pen or pencil is valuable ..
    Then I was trying to reach her therapist ,called on a Monday left message no return call, twice on a Tuesday no return call and On Wednesday finally called a charge nurse and said if I don’t hear from her ,I’m coming to sign her out myself..Finally get a call from my wife and she said she was being released ,I told her they never told me,she said they did ,I never received a call or any kind of messages on either phones.
    The staff this time around is terrible ,lack of communication and so on..I don’t know what has happened since her first visit ,I know one thing I’m sure glad she’s finally coming home

  4. David Bradley on

    I commend you for getting your children out of that place! There were bugs all over the furniture in the rooms and you had to go through hell to get anything done. It was young man there about one of my children’s ages they were treating badly also and disrespecting his rights. I was in a room with many many bugs as I was told I would have a private room can use my cell phone and what not it’s hold of the story and get there. The first time I came in it took them 3 hours to get into a room and the person in that room had urine and feces and toilet paper up to the rim. Obviously these nurses look like that I guess too and they gave me a choice of sleeping there or on the couch or on the floor in the common area! I have four granddaughters I’m not freaking sleeping on a floor and I also work in nursing so I knew where to go. I would not wish this place on anybody in my world. I was there for close to 18 days maybe and I ate there twice three bites at a time. I have partials and I’m not going to take them out and eat in front of people I’m not that low as I wanted me to be. If you’re interested in doing a lawsuit you can text me or actually email me at NH Bradley at the nurses are so so lazy I’ve seen girls walk down the hall they can barely walk but if don’t get there they’re not going to get them medicine! Stupid! My nurses go room to room and pass them out but these people too lazy to do that and they called me by last name. It was some short very chubby woman with a boy’s haircut. Just rude rude rude. I don’t wish that on anyone I know and please don’t send your children there. if they do go there tell them not to tell them you want to leave because they won’t let you use phone. How dangerous is that I thought of walking on the road and they came chasing me cuz they knew they were wrong! Lawsuit pending call me to join or email me at NHBradley I work in nursing this place is the worst place you can send your child or loved one. I’ve been in nursing for 30 years I saw how lazy they were talk dirty it was I’m done with dealing with disrespectful people!!!

  5. This place is absolutely AWFUL! Just as stated in previous reviews the staff there is horrendous. The first night I arrived, there were three fights that broke out. I was appalled, especially when a staff member was hit as well as another client. If you enjoy a non-structured, run of the muck staff, and being treated like an animal this place isn’t the right place for you. Since I’m filing a grievance against this facility I’m not going to elaborate. While I was there every person that left there stated the night prior that it’s not the staff that made them well it was the community.

    I will say this, visitation is NOT AUTHORIZED THE WHOLE TIME YOU’RE THERE! Don’t bother bringing snacks because they won’t let you have it. If you run into problems please see Ms. Karen (Lead BHT on nightshift). She’s an amazing woman! She’s a straight shooter but also has common sense unlike most of the rest.

    I was mistreated by staff and wasn’t allowed to use the phone (during phone hours)because I mentioned I wanted to leave. There are some good employees but it’s few and far between.

    As far as Angie’s comment that we must be addicts if we’re complaining…first we’re all addicts for the rest of our life’s. I was in the military for 20 years and I know lack of structure. The staff is out of control and you’re treated like an animal not a person.

    The do Not honor their patient bill of rights policy. I’ll write more after the grievance.

  6. Sandy Isenhour on

    I don’t recommend this place. My son went there and it sure was a waste. First, they gave Suboxone the first week or so to him and then after he was there for his third week they moved him to their second phase which gave him total freedom. In my opinion he hadn’t been off drugs long enough for that keeping in mind Suboxone is also a drug. Moving on with this in less than five days in the second phase he took $500 out of his checking account. Which I don’t know how he managed that. Then I noticed he was on Facebook at 3 a.m. in the morning doing a live video with another male. I had no clue what he was doing but contacted his director who told me they suspended him of buying synthetic marijuana from a smoke shop and they was investigating and would get back to me. I then received a call back telling me the live video was some way of doing the synthetic marijuana and they couldn’t keep him there. So in less than an hour he was kicked out and put on a plane back to an area that he just left and was homeless at this point. So, they never helped any and I have no clue where my son is. Good luck if you have a loved one thinking of going there. If they can’t keep them clean while they are there how can they think they will stay clean when they leave.

  7. My mom picked up my father from this rehab today. 10 minutes after leaving the rehab he had a massive seizure. After an ambulance ride from the side of the road to the hospital. Blood tests came back his electrolytes were extremely abnormal, amongst a plethora of abnormal levels. The doctor said he was a day away from having a stroke due to not being medically monitored while in rehab. These are ADDICTS! Who is monitoring these addicts as they go through this potential threatening procedure?

  8. Angie Benincasa on

    The only reason I can think the Greenhouse has any bad reviews is maybe someone is pissed off and still in active addiction.. The center itself is top notch.. You couldn’t ask for a nicer place. I saw a lot of reviews about the food. Yes they cook chicken and fish a lot there, but that’s not the only thing.. And when it is chicken or fish its not cooked the same way every single day.. ha I promise you will like the food and probably gain some much needed weight while you’re there. The cleaning/room service staff there is AMAZING.. you will be surprised on how clean everything is.. Make sure you bring something to swim in because there is a nice pool inside and out.. The staff there is great.. yes some of the staff is from Nigeria but they’re great.. You will always have someone on shift that you can vibe with.. The only complaint that I can really have is the med lines.. Yes the med lines can get a little long first thing in the morning and again at night but think about how many times you’ve sat in a sketch place waiting to score drugs.. I think everyone will be alright waiting a few minutes for meds.. The rooms are BIG the bathrooms are very nice and clean.. Everyday house keeping comes in cleans, changes the sheets, empties all your trash and makes your bed.. Twice a week you can turn your laundry in to housekeeping the will wash dry AND fold your clothes for you.. Everything is done for you so you can concentrate on your recovery.. No one brought in any drugs while I was there. there was a mixture of older and younger but everyone finds their group and things are fine.. I hope I never need rehab again but if I did Greenhouse would be my first phone call.. That’s another thing.. the moment I called I already felt relieved.. if you cant get your loved one to go on your own just have them call and talk to these people they will for sure have them on a plan headed to Texas within hours.. When you call they BUY YOU a flight out there asap.. I’m sure I could find something to complain about I mean who couldn’t but its nothing serious.. The place is nice and the staff is great.. I loved my therapist Carolyn, she was very strict and hardcore but its just the way she is.. I didn’t finish my book of assignments she gave me while I was there but did when I got home. Aaron is a great guy there.. Joy the nurse is amazing. clint is pretty is Jessica the BHT.. ohh and I cant forget my girl Annette she was my fav by far.. there is really a lot of them that are great.. don’t be afraid to go there.. I’ve been to a few before this one and this is the longest I’ve ever been clean, this is the nicest place I’ve ever been and believe me I’ve been to ones way more expensive then this.. They make detox as comforting as it can possibly be.. they take care of you throughout your entire stay but when you’re in detox they really make sure you’re good. After detox they kinda let you spread your wings a lil bit and they’re not so much in constant care but for sure still there.. im serious if you want to go to a great place check out the greenhouse… I know everything looks good on the internet and pictures but Greenhouse is exactly like the pictures show if not better.. I just left January 3rd 2017. give it a try… it deff wont hurt you that’s for sure.. good luck to everyone in their recovery I wish we could all be recovered..

  9. My son in law is in rehab at The Greenhouse facility as I am writing this. These reviews have made me sad and sick to my stomach. Family weekend is next weekend for us and now, I am anxious about seeing this place! I pray he is getting the help he needs and makes a complete recovery.

    • Angie Benincasa on

      The reviews scared the mess out of me before I went there for myself.. The only thing I can think of is the reviews are from a lot of angry active addicts.. This place was AMAZING.. I just left there January 3rd 2017.. its for sure top notch.. you couldn’t ask for a nicer place or better staff.. Everything is done for you. You don’t even do your own laundry.. They do everything so you have time to focus on all the classes.. If your loved one is there have no worries its a very good place.. Im clean and sober today because of greenhouse.. Hopefully I will never need to go back to any rehab but if I had to it would be the GREENHOUSE for sure

      • But, if there are no “worries” while your there, then when they get out, REALITY hits them and they relapse, so whats the point of pampering them while in rehab? Why not make it like the real world… THAT’S A PROBLEM.

  10. Javonka newton on

    I am totally freaked out now! we just sent our daughter there she arrived today. Reading the reviews I really hope she gets the help she needs. I will be calling there and trying to talk with someone. If I get no where I will be on a plane to Dallas

  11. This place is not the place you want to send yourself or a family member! First off the picture you see are not what the place looks like. These picture were taken when it was a spa. It is old and moldy smelling inside. They won’t let you tour the the place. Now I know why. They say their is a 5 star chef. No he only know how to make chicken and fish. That’s it! You don’t get any other choice. I’m not sure if their are nurse or medical assistance since they won’t tell you. They gave the wrong medications to patients so they had to sit were they could observe them. So treated them like it’s their fault. Girl passed out had to go to the hospital, the so called nurses did not know what to do, so a patient help her, since I guess she had a medical background. They do not do full assessment on patients or clients, so your lungs are never listen too. I doubt they even did an incident report on their mistake. Their on their phones pretty much all the time. Good luck talking with one if you understand them. Mike the Social worker help by intimidation. He rude and they treat you as you are a criminal and not someone with a disease. The therapists are very rude and their tactics are through intimidation. And ask them a question they have no medical knowledge what so ever. Your lucky if you see the doctor and I not sure of his background either. I feel bad for people that truly their to get help, but it’s not what they say on their brochure. Plus they allow bullying and fighting , oh yeah they will kick them out, but they can come back the next day. Which ended up the same outcome. They allow the older patients to treat the young ones by bullying them. They say it will stop, but it doesn’t. Sex is not tolerated but I saw it in the elevators and other places, which scare me a little because I don’t know if it could being forced are not. Everything is the same thing everyday. I don’t know if they know anything eles, so everything repetitive, so you do get bored. I sincerely hope that you look into all facility and read what people are saying. One thing they said family therapy was something they do. Never did I come up to see a therapist with a family member. When you call , they tell you it’s the best place in the world and people are flown in just to go their, and they are, but very disappointed when they get their. When we were leaving. 3 people were leaving due to the staff ,facilities and the overall unprofessional staff there. God bless, good luck on your recovery. You know you can do it but look into a safe environment.

  12. Communication with our family was nonexistant .We dropped him off at the airport and didn’t hear from him again until he called to tell us when to pick him up,2 weeks later .Insurance forced his discharge because nothing showed up in his drug screen.When we pick him up we’ll ask him how it was there.

  13. Awful- After 2 weeks I’d had enough and made it clear that I was ready to leave. Despite having driven myself to the facility the staff refused to return my keys, wallet, and cell phone forcing me to have my family drive in to bring an extra set of car keys. This place should be avoided!

  14. I would not recommend this place to anyone. If you are expecting good care I would personally suggest looking somewhere else. Their staff are rude, they will loose your belongings, and they do not have good communication skills. They will tell your family that they will be well involved with them but that is wrong they will not be in contact with your family. I have been stressed out more by this facility then anyone should ever have to. Don’t think that your family member will be treated well because they won’t. They have young uncaring teenagers in the facility that cause more drama then anything. The patients nurses don’t speak well English. I am very let down by such an expensive facility. Also when sending money do it at Kroger or Wal-mart do not give them any money over the phone because your love one will not recieve it because they “lost” it. Think things over before sending your family member here.

  15. Longest 30 days of my life. Classes were non-informative, and repeated every other week. We literally ate chicken everyday. Staff members called “BHT’s” hated their jobs and took out their feelings on the patients. Almost every nurse was Nigerian and spoke non understandable English, making it difficult to get the right meds. The place is so money hungry, that they kicked out a patient for stealing and fighting, then 3 days later when he came back and asked to be let back in, they did in a heartbeat, he then got kicked out AGAIN for even more fighting. Gave a guy a black eye. They don’t take you anywhere off campus besides the park down the road, so for 30 days (or however long you stay) you feel trapped and it gets depressing. The schedule is the same everyday, monotonous. All there really is to do there is go to groups, smoke your lungs out, and eat chicken and fish everyday. In the program there is a mixture of old and young, 18-65. Most of the youngsters are there for the wrong reasons and don’t take their recovery seriously. Their very obnoxious and really just mess around causing trouble, try to get in each others pants and create drama. Even though it is rehab, drugs still found a way into the facility, and when they did, usually the person who brought them in would hand some out to other patients, affecting their recovery. I was offered heroin twice at this place, but turned it down because I was serious about my recovery. You had people shooting up in their rooms, snorting pills, etc. And the people who brought the drugs into the facility, were never kicked out because, once again, they love the money. The facility atmosphere is top notch, ill give them that, but that’s really all they got going for them. Also, if your insurance is paying for you to be there, don’t expect them to pay for all of it. When I got home, waiting for me in the mail was a bill for $3,450. And im not the only one who got a bill like this either, so its not that my insurance is bad. I could go on for pages about why not to go or send a loved one here, but I don’t feel like typing anymore, haha. Stay away from American Addiction Centers!! Pick different treatment options!!

  16. Do very careful research! Not a spa. The original part of the building is full of mold. The pictures shown on web site are not recent. The classes are very poor, information that is taken from Internet. A high price to pay ($30,000 +) for treatment that is readily available on Internet. The beds on the first floor are very worn and twin mattresses are used as the headboard. No privacy anywhere. Even had on of the staff come into my room and knock on bathroom door to remind me of class. Inexcusable. Facility is filled with very young clients that bring a lot of drama with them. Please do your research before committing. I am drug free after my stay, however I left with very little knowledge of addiction and how to live a drug free life. Would not recommend to anyone.

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