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Greenhope Services for Women Inc.


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Founded in 1975 in a former convent in East Harlem, Greenhope Services for Women, Inc. offers residential substance abuse treatment for formerly incarcerated women in New York City. The facility offers a long-term inpatient program as well as outpatient services that serve an estimated 400 women annually.

Accommodations and Food

In 2011, Greenhope Services for Women moved into a new residence called the Kandake House, an eight-story, environmentally-friendly apartment building which can accommodate 72 residents at a time. Clients at the facility can expect dormitory-style rooms with one to three roommates and basic furnishings including twin beds, dressers, night stands and closet space. Each room is grouped with two other rooms to form a suite with a shared bathroom and common area. Of the 72 total beds, 28 are set aside for pregnant women or mothers of children under five who can stay in residence with their children. Those in this program receive their own room and participate in the Rising Mothers program which adds a parenting and life skills component to therapy.

There is a cook on staff at the facility who provides three hot meals a day. Clients can also expect snacks during breaks from treatment and in the evenings during their free time. 

Treatment and Staff

As mentioned, Greenhope Services for Women works predominantly with formerly incarcerated women. As a result, many who participate in the program are court-ordered, though self-referred clients are welcome as well. Those in need of detox services must complete this procedure before they begin treatment.

Treatment begins with an initial evaluation that sets up an initial plan for length of stay, though this can vary due to progress and court requirements. Clients typically participate in the inpatient program for six to nine months. During their first 45 days of treatment, residents participate in a busy daily regimen of group and individual therapy sessions led by LADCs. Twelve-step recovery is another major part of Greenhope Services for Women’s overall philosophy, with AA and NA meetings held at the facility each week. Still, attendance at these meetings is optional.

Dual diagnosis services are offered, as there is a psychiatrist on staff who offers individual sessions on an as-needed basis and oversees a medication management program. The facility also offers a family program, with family members able to set up group therapy sessions and also visit clients for social visits on the weekends. Clients can also supplement their program with special domestic violence education classes which are led by a LCSW.

After the first 45 days of treatment, clients can begin to shift their program to emphasize working with Greenhope’s Vocational and Educational Services department in conjunction with their daily therapy sessions. During this time, vocational workshops, job training, job placement, academic support and GED preparation are offered to clients.

For those not participating in the residential program, the facility also offers comprehensive outpatient services, including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) which consists of group and individual therapy sessions three times a week, mirroring the inpatient track.


While there are not many recreational activities available during a client’s stay, residents can request special trips each week including gym time at a local facility or supervised weekend shopping trips in the neighborhood. Weekends are also typically set aside for family visits. As clients earn privileges during their time in the program, they can begin receiving day passes to visit family on weekends as well.

Aftercare is provided as well, with many clients transitioning into a stepped down outpatient program after their residential stay is over. This program typically lasts six months and mirrors the IOP. Those participating in the IOP can also receive aftercare, frequently transitioning to a standard outpatient program followed by group sessions on an as-needed basis. 

For potential clients who are facing a prison sentence, Greenhope Services for Women offers the Alternative To Incarceration (ATI) program. When approved by the courts, this option allows women to participate in the year-long residential program followed by six months of aftercare. During this time, the facility works in conjunction with the courts to provide frequent updates and drug test results.

In Summary

In all, those attending Greenhope Services for Women can count on a long-term residential program with comprehensive recovery services. The facility offers a busy daily schedule of group and individual therapy sessions, 12-step support and educational and vocational services. Considering the range of programming available as well as aftercare, Greenhouse Services for Women is an affordable facility worth considering for those in NYC.

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Sliding scale. Reach Greenhope Services for Women, Inc. by phone at (212) 996-8633 or by email at [email protected]. Find Greenhope Services for Women, Inc. on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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