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Green Mountain Treatment Center is located about 50 miles from Portland, Maine, in Effingham, New Hampshire. This is a residential care facility for adult men and women who struggle with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Treatment is comprehensive and includes holistic and traditional methods including CBT and the 12 steps.

Accommodations and Food

The Green Mountain residential facility is equipped for 75 beds on 72 acres of land. The grounds contain an apple orchard, walking paths and modern luxury accommodations. The men’s and women’s residences are separated across the campus, with the men’s facility located in the main treatment center that also holds the cafeteria, dining hall and The Great Room, an elegantly decorated space with a grand piano, fireplace, love seats and couches. The women’s side in hidden in a shady, wooded area across a charming walking bridge. The clients share bedrooms with one other client and have private bathrooms in each room. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, furnished with full beds, dressers, and closets. There is a bit of a rustic feel, especially on the women’s side where the housing is situated in two large cabins. Both the men and women’s residences feature a lounge and living rooms, both with TV’s, dining tables and comfortable couches.

The dining room has high, wood paneled ceilings with a large, elegant light fixture in the center giving the room a warm glow. The food in prepared by an on site chef with menus designed by a licensed dietician. There is also a salad bar, coffee, fruit and dessert options, which are offered cafeteria style.

Treatment and Staff

The programs are gender-specific and separate, so the men and women don’t interact during their 30 to 90 day stay. The treatment is structured with several group sessions a day in addition to meditation, chores and Big Book study. There are daily 12-step meetings off site for two hours and psychoeducational groups. There is also a dual diagnosis program with medication management services and access to a psychiatrist regularly.

A typical day would involve an early morning wake up, followed by meditation and house chores that are divided up amongst the clients on a rotating schedule. After the first meal of the day the clients have a community meeting then go into group process groups or relapse prevention groups until the next meal is served. Individual therapy is also integrated into client’s weekly schedules on an individualized basis. These sessions may focus on the client’s specific needs and utilize evidence-based therapy methods, like DBT and EMDR. On the weekends the clients have more free time to visit with family or for group activities, like movie nights or dinners.

There is a large staff of about 100 at Green Mountain, which includes a clinical team of LCSWs and CADCs. Additionally a majority of the staff are also sober.


There is a on-site gym with stationary bikes, elliptical, Stairmasters and treadmills along with free weights and yoga mats. Exercise is scheduled into treatment on a daily basis. There is also a green house across from the men’s facility where clients can partake in therapeutic gardening.

Every client works with his or her therapist to design an aftercare plan, which may include moving onto a sober living facility or an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Green Mountain offers referrals to additional treatment options in the client’s community.

In Summary

Green Mountain is a great choice for men and women looking for 12-step oriented recovery in a calm and serene environment. The highly structured treatment combined with the beautiful landscape, brand new facilities and gourmet food makes for a great treatment experience.

Green Mountain Treatment Center Location

244 High Watch Rd
Effingham, NH 03882

Green Mountain Treatment Center Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Green Mountain Treatment Center by phone at (603) 230-2448. Find Green Mountain Treatment Center on Facebook

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  1. I am a 23 year old woman struggling with opioid addiction, and my dad is forcing me to go to Green Mountain this weekend. It’s Friday, I was already terrified beyond comprehension and now reading these horror stories, I’m even more scared. The people who work for admissions are extremely persuasive, claiming they’ve been the worst drug addicts ever. One guy said before he went into treatment he was shooting heroin, popping pills and smoking crack at the same time. If that really happened, he would be dead. It doesn’t sound like this is going to work. Anyone have any advice for me? Guess I’m about to be on the streets soon. fml. Someone help! My Facebook is Jennifer Killahh ( Instagram is @its.jkillah phone 203-605-6626

  2. I was all set to go here and now all these reviews have me a fucking reck. I am desperate for sobriety. But how the fuck is someone suppose to feel after reading all this. Im mad, I’m so fucking mad because I don’t know. I don’t want to question every God damn place I go to

    • Hey, did you end up going? It’s 2019 so this is the most recent post. I convinced my dad that he can’t force me into this hell hole against my will, so I am NOT going to GMTC (I am so relieved about that) – and now I’m about to be on the streets. But at least living on the streets, I can do what I want and won’t be held against my will. Sounds like this place is just gonna traumatize me and make me worse. If you did end up going, let me know your story. My contact information is in my previous post. Whatever happened, I’m praying that you are okay! Stay strong. You can always talk to me if you need someone who is going through something similar.

  3. Stay away!!! They will tell u anything on phone to get u in the door, once you are in that all goes out the window. Staff barely sober themselves a lot with just over an year and coming out of a sober house themselves. Staff can be very hostile and a lot of mind games and brainwashing. Just so people are aware cash price is 15000 if u use insurance u will be billed 2500 a day for a total of 75,000 for 30 days. If u want more proof go to look at past staff reviews, this is a insurance scam. Rooms are basic bed is a step up from a jail mat. As for gourmet chef That’s a joke sub par at best comparable to a hospital cafe. You can get the same program in AA and save yourself and loved ones 75,000.

  4. I’ve attended many treatment centers and seen various types of therapists over the course of my 13 year battle with alcoholism and drug addiction. GMTC saved my life. The program they offer is second to none. The staff helped me see the truth about myself which was the beginning of what’s become an incredible journey in long term recovery. During my stay, I never saw one instance of any sort of incompetence on behalf of the staff nor did I feel as though I was being treated like a dollar sign. Aftercare is very strongly encouraged as studies show that the longer somebody stays in treatment the better their chances of long term recovery will be. That being said, I saw a ton of people receive scholarships to various aftercare programs because they could not afford it. The staff cares, and that encourages the community to care about each other. I’m still in touch with a ton of guys that I went through the mountain with. I have a connection with those men that means more to me than anything else, and GMTC facilitated those relationships. I would recommend GMTC to anybody who is looking for a way out of their suffering.

  5. I am so thankful to the Green Mountain Treatment Center in Effingham NH for all they have done for my son Robert he’s been struggling with drugs on and off for a long time they made his transformation really comfortable and his mind set is in a much better place now he can go on to take care of getting and staying sober. Now hopefully he can move forward and enjoy life with some sort of normalcy. Again thank you Green Mountain Treatment Center for all you have done.

  6. Stacey Dubreuil on

    If you have had issues with Green Mountain Treatment Center, please call/text me 603 305 2488 or send me a private message on my facebook. My family and I too fell victim to their scams.

    • Will do…..most deceitful, incompetent, downright harmful “rehab” (a complete farce to call it rehab) I’ve ever heard about…… 35 years experience in!

    • Robert Madaglia on

      Hello, Did you get any people to respond to your post? I would be interested in talking to you. We have just had significant problems with Green Mountain Treatment Center. After my loved one got out and we compared notes, we learned that it was worse that we really knew. We are going to make it a point that people learn about in my opinion all the problems at this place and the lack of qualifications of the people that run the place, The owner has a high school education, the COO has no clinical or medical background, The director went to a technical institute for construction, the case manager has a record for breaking and entering, and has been arrested for another offences. The lies about almost everything to my loved one, and made me out to be a villain, Help me organize and do what we can to reveal what really goes on at that facility and get the word out so no one else has to endure the lies, and lack of disrespect to the clients. I could go on in detail for a long time, and intent to in an organized fashion. Please contact me if you want to be involved in revealing some truths

      • Robert I to have been through hell and back and you said it all. I could write a book about the mind games the untrained staff we would be here for days. Please email me at [email protected] that goes to anyone else that has had the same issues, i think we should all try and do something as a team hope to hear from anyone regarding this, please do not contact me to tell me it saved your life or that you had a life changing experience. Thanks again

    • Please help me, I’m so concerned. It seems like they are keeping him from calling us.
      We are trying to talk but are told he forgot or didn’t want to speak.
      I want to go and pick him up

  7. Way to go Green Mountain!!! This program is designed much like a students IEP indiviual plans to fit each clients personal needs for successful recovery. Fantastic, brillant!! Thank God some “great spiritual people ” have dared to make a difference. A modern individualized holistic treatment
    approach to today’s world in addiction treatment. Dont blame the program when its the insurance companies that need to accept an pay cause this is the true way to recovery!!! Amen?

    • I agree with you the insurance companies need to help to this happened with my son he did 28 days than came out of treatment and insurance wouldn’t cover his next step of Sober living and he relapsed and almost died now he’s back in again they need to step up help.

  8. I IMPLORE ALL – DO NOT GO!!! I have years of experience with many needing treatment and am absolutely APPALLED with many things going on with this center! This “treatment center” is very poorly run and have medically HARMED numerous clients! Their “intake coordinator” is only concerned with the insurance (money!!) aspects and medical intake is abysmal! NO HELP for anyone with medical disabilities – even when very ill and struggling with numerous and/or critical medical issues. They do NOT have a “medical team” – rather ONE MD and ONE Psych.via SKYPE and phone, and with only TWO APRNs to care for 80 clients. RNs also pitifully under-staffed and overwhelmed. Many to ER due to having no/poor medical treatment, closest hospital horrific: ER MDs, staff deplore anyone from the constant influx at GMTC. “Counselors” are young NEWLY sober individuals who ALSO live in sober houses – ???? – and without any prior experience. Only allowed two 10-minute phone calls per week even no matter how emergent the need (medical, financial, etc) nor even with staff. NO family involvement at center with client. The “family liaison” also young and poorly trained, overwhelmed with one call per week to one member. If family tries and needs to be involved, liaisons and “team” will not include causing significant problems immediately upon returning home. Clients are “informed” at discharge that they must pay Green Mountain several hundred dollars if need transportation home. Could easily be shut down, easily have lawsuits. Please get help at the many other treatment centers if at all possible.

    • I second this, all of this is ABSOLUTELY correct! I am going through this right now, and all of this is painfully correct. As a family member, I can attest to their utter incompetency, non-professionalism, total lack of insight and one goal in mind, the almighty buck. They give an “estimated” discharge date so that “medial necessity” can be evaluated each week, so they do not want to give a 28 or 30 day time frame to hinder recovery (they want to be able to contact your insurance company on a weekly basis to see if extensions will be approved. If so, then it is “medically necessary” for your loved one to stay in treatment. If not, your loved one is all of a sudden ready for discharge. If you do not follow Green Mountain stamp of approval to leave, then surprise! You don’t get a completion certificate. Who is over a barrel?) Poor family members that do not know any better and believe that their loved one is the priority with this half assed facility. The vulnerabilities of families in crisis are grossly abused by this facility to the endth degree. I was also told that I could not change “patient liasons”. I was told that it was against policy, people make mistakes and the one that I had was one of the best. I said that is unfortunate. Hence, I have not gotten any updates on the progress of my loved one, outside of the measly 10 minute phone call that you wait like a dog to get in a 3 hour time range on Wednesdays and Saturdays from my loved one. Nothing from the “professionals” at Green Mountain, probably because they can’t find anybody.

      • On Monday, July 24, 2017, my husband and I made the difficult decision to have our 31 year old son enter a drug detox center with his agreement to do it. We contacted New England Recovery and Wellness Center and they referred us to Green Mountain Rehab Center, in Effingham, NH as the closest Detox center to our home. We arrived at the center at 7:15 PM and he was admitted by 10:15 PM. We paid for his full non-insured price for 10 day detox ($2,500) with our Visa card although my son gave me his life savings to pay the card back the next day. This was an adjusted amount as they usually charge the insurance companies $2750 a DAY for Detox Services. My son signed all the contracts that evening, even though he was not in the right frame of mind. They did not give us time to read the contracts, just told him to sign.

        We were told it would be a 10 day medicated detox where he would be cared for by professional staff, would be medicated by an RN and constantly monitored.

        On Monday, before our son got his first dose of meds to help relieve the withdrawals, they made him sign of statement that he understood everything he signed the night before. He was still very depressed, inebriated and started with severe withdrawals at this point. Around 4, we got a call stating that a clinician at Green Mountain Rehab Center thought our son was a danger to himself and brought him to Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, NH as they could not handle mental issues. This Hospital was not equipped for Mental patients as well and a Phycologist was called in. For nine hours, my son was locked in a room, with no water, no food, no withdrawal medication, no toilet paper. He was having diarrhea from the withdrawals. The call button was disabled. He asked to speak to his parents and they refused. The Phycologist spoke to him via tele-conference only. He was released to go back to detox as they found him not a danger to himself after nine hours of being held against his will. On Monday night because they never gave him his meds during his hospital stay, they gave him the incorrect dose of withdrawal medication and he felt very ill because of it.

        On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, my son started refusing medication due to the inability to get it in the correct dosages and on time. He barely ate because of the stomach issues he had with the incorrect dosages. Continued to ask to speak to his Mom – they said okay, but never gave him a phone.

        On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, I got a call saying my son was defiant, refused his medication. They said he was not getting along with the female staff members. (Later my son told me that ONE staff member was abusive and controlling and it happened to be a female.) They all called her Nurse Nazi. I asked to speak to him to find out what was going on. They told me they would let him call in a little while. I never got the call. After he was brought back home on Saturday morning, I was told that on this day, he went to the kitchen to get a meal and found a huge cockroach on the floor. He killed it and left it there for all to see. He no longer wanted to eat there.

        On Thursday, July 27, 2017, I got a call from Eric, an administrator. He said that my son decided that he was not going to the 20 day rehab after the detox as planned, later I found out it was mainly because of the above-mentioned issues (and many more he told me about later) and because he had no money. They wanted $19,000 for 20 days of in-house rehab. I was told that the reason why they took him at this facility was because he said in the beginning he was going to go to a 20 day in house program. They wanted his family to pay for the treatment. They pressured us like sales people. I told them we don’t have this kind of money and then he mentioned a Boscawen NH treatment facility for 6 months for $3,500 a month not including groceries. I again reiterated that I did not have that kind of money. My son did not have health insurance. He then said that because he will not be going to rehab, his detox will end on Sunday. I was to pick him up at 9 AM sharp.

        On Saturday morning I got a call from Green Mountain Rehab. They were dismissing my son for non-compliance and it was starting to affect other addicts there. They were packing him up immediately and driving him home. After 4 ½ days of violations and a staff member’s abuse, they just packed him up – left most of his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper and drove him home. When he got home, we spoke to our son. He was shocked to learn he was leaving. He said the beds were filling fast with addicts that had insurance. He said he never was in non-compliance, accept for the withdrawal medicine which they were not dosing correctly so he stopped taking incorrect dosages. He did take a few classes and spoke freely to others rehabbing there when they were having group counseling sessions. My son said when they told him he was leaving, it was in front of the other rehab patients. The others were very angry with the company for making my son leave. They said he was not non-compliant and felt they were picking on him.

        Today is July 31, 2017, I called and spoke to Keith Kraemer, a director there. I told him that we spoke to our son immediately after he got home and got a very different story from him. Medication errors, being forced to go to Huggins against his will and many more issues. Many times he asked to speak to us and they never let him. We demanded our money back. I told him that he had 48 hours to return our money or we would going to start a malpractice lawsuit. He said the Financial director would call today. He also called back and gave me the number for the Financial director, Paula Ayotte, at Granite State Rehabilitation. I spoke to her and reiterated that we would start a malpractice lawsuit if we were not paid back the total amount we paid for the 10 day detox when there were so many serious issues and he only stayed 4 ½ days. She is supposed to get back to us within 48 hours.

        This is where we stand now.

  9. I can’t believe that this place exists! The guy who runs it (Eric) is a total con artist – who attempts to sleep with any young (or even older) woman who comes through the facility. His insurance scam is going to catch up with him soon. And now he’s hired a washed up (read fired) “spiritual director” to add a new flair to his offerings. Karma is an amazing thing – so I have no doubt Eric and his crew will get there’s sooner or later. In the meantime he’s taking money from lots of desparate families and that’s just wrong.

    • Erin, If these things are true that you are saying, you should do more than just post it here. Relationships with patients is inappropriate and a serious charge. If this is really true, then take it somewhere where it will make a difference in these behaviours. Otherwise, this is just gossip.
      And, where did the “washed up” (fired) spiritual director work before? Do you know?

  10. I just got out of Green Mountain yesterday, I feel like a completely different person. I fought this program and place so much when I first got there, thinking it was a load of crap and I just needed to get away. The 12-step people like Piers and John Cross are absolutely amazing. I have never felt so great in my life leaving there with the tools they gave me to go out in the real world with. It’s not only a place to fix your drug and alcohol problem, it fixes all the bad things you dealt with in your active addiction, it changes your life. If you see any bad reviews on this place I can guarantee it’s from someone that didn’t see it through, trust me I was there. Don’t let that discourage the life changing and life saving decision that is going to Green Mountain

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