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Grayken Center for Addiction


Grayken Center for AddictionGrayken Center for Addiction Review

Grayken Center for Addiction is a treatment facility that specializes in the care of children, adolescents and adults struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders, as well as individuals with co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and trauma. Founded in 2017, the Grayken Center integrates evidence-based therapies and medical services. It’s worth mentioning, the 12-step recovery model is not a component of the curriculum. As Grayken Center is part of the Boston Medical Center, the facility can offer a broad range of medical and psychiatric services for clients in need of dual diagnosis support for co-occurring mental and physical disorders. 

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, clients first undergo a comprehensive bio-psycho-social intake assessment that includes a medical exam, mental health screening, complete history of substance use and an account of the individual’s circumstances. Based off these results, the Grayken team designs the best possible personalized care plan tailored to address the unique needs and goals of the person. When necessary, clients immediately transition into the detox program. Grayken offers a medical detox that includes withdrawal medication, counseling and around-the-clock supervision. The facility specializes in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to treat opioids such as fentanyl, oxycontin and heroin. In these cases, clients are treated with Suboxone to block the effects of opioids. Individuals going through a mental health crisis are treated with acute stabilization care. 

Grayken Center provides a multi-faceted treatment model that integrates an array of services including evidence-based models, psychopharmacology, psychoeducation, relapse prevention and referrals. Clients engage in individual and group therapy rooted in CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and ACT. The facility believes that addiction is a chronic disease. As such, Grayken educates clients on relapse prevention techniques like coping strategies and awareness. The integrative approach also offers a range of holistic methods such as acupuncture, massage and mindfulness-based stress reduction. 

The multidisciplinary Grayken Center for Addiction team is comprised of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, mental health counselors and nurses. Medication management and medical services are offered for individuals struggling with co-occurring conditions. 


Grayken Center understands the importance of parental involvement when it comes to the success of a child’s recovery. As a result, the facility offers parent coaching and family therapy. In addition, there is specialized programming for substance-exposed newborns 

In Summary

The Grayken Center for Addiction is a specialized treatment facility in the Boston Medical Center. Grayken offers integrative programming that combines medication-assisted treatment, medication management, acute stabilization and evidence-based therapies. For anyone in the New England area seeking comprehensive care that includes top notch medical and psychiatric resources as well as a robust therapeutic curriculum, Grayken Center is an excellent resource.

Grayken Center for Addiction Location

One Boston Medical Center Place
Boston, MA 02118

Grayken Center for Addiction Cost

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