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Gracie’s Place


Gracie’s Place Review

Gracie’s Place of Chambersburg, PA is a women’s recovery home that is owned and operated by John Lloyd, who also runs a men’s only recovery facility in the same area known as Noah’s Place. Gracie’s Place is a faith-based program that offers a number of support services, including counseling as well as case management for those who have been incarcerated. The house offers support for their clients to participate in a number of 12-step communities, including AA, NA, Smart Recovery and Celebrate Recovery. While in the program clients focus on their recovery process by learning life skills, attending group therapy and learning how to be accountable to themselves. 

Accommodations and Amenities

Up to 12 clients live in the recently renovated home that is fully furnished thanks to generous donations and gifts from local businesses. There are six bedrooms that are each shared by two women. The bedrooms all have twin beds, nightstands and dressers. There is a full kitchen stocked with cooking utensils, a living room with television and couches and two full bathrooms. In addition the house offers two laundry rooms.

Rules and Regulations

This is a three to six month program typically, though there are opportunities to stay in the house for longer if necessary. On move-in day, clients all are given a drug test and have to submit to weekly drug screenings throughout their stay. There is also an evaluation performed at intake and clients may be referred to an outpatient program if they are not already participating in one. Any court ordered classes, such as anger management, must be attended to as well. 

Clients have to find a home meeting that they attend regularly, and get a sponsor. All clients have to attend a minimum of three AA, NA or other support meetings weekly. There is also a mandatory weekly house meeting led by the house manager. The house manager helps residents set up essential medical and dental appointments and find counseling services to address issues like past traumas. Clients also have a curfew at 10:00pm, and for the first 10 days are not allowed to be alone in the house. 

Clients have to get a job and be out of the house for most of the day. Transportation is not provided by the facility, but the house is close to several hubs. There is a posted list of chores that every client is assigned to on a rotating schedule. Keeping the common areas like kitchens and bathrooms clean is mandatory, and all the women are responsible for keeping their personal spaces tidy as well. 

Clients are allowed to have their cell phones with them in the facility and can have sober visitors over to the house during the day, though there are no overnight guests allowed at the facility. As this is a faith-based program clients are expected to find a local church and become involved. They are also required to manage their own medications. MAT is not a service the facility is able to provide. 

Any client who tests positive for drugs or alcohol, displays any violent or unsafe behaviors or is not able to adhere to the house rules is taken out of the program immediately and given three days to retrieve their personal belongings. 

In Summary

For women who are ready to make a lasting change in their lives, Gracie’s Place provides a safe and supportive household that is comfortable, and structured. Clients learn how to live an accountable and stable life and how to help their housemates do the same. 

Gracie’s Place Location

P.O. Box 791
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Gracie’s Place Cost

$450/ move in fee, $125/week. Reach Gracie’s Place by phone at (814-419-6624). Find Gracie’s Place on Facebook and YouTube. 

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