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GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women


GraceWay Recovery Residence for WomenGraceWay Recovery Residence for Women Review

GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women is a recovery residence under the governance of The Georgia Association of Recovery Residences and The National Alliance for Recovery Residences in Albany, Georgia. Founded in 2003 by Debbie Mazur, GraceWay challenges clients to “live in the solution” to their addiction, offering a gender-specific, spiritually-based, two-phased program based on 12-step ideology. Utilizing its 5,300 square-foot blue Victorian dwelling, The House (built in 1890 but beautifully refurbished), and its adjacent nine-apartment transition property, The Way, the staff asks its residents to invest at least 30 days but longer stays are also available.

Accommodations and Food

The number of residents sharing The House at Raceway can vary but the average age of new clients is 23. Upon arrival residents are assigned a room; the number of beds per bedroom varies but most are shared. One single room upstairs may be assigned to a client just before transitioning to The Way.

It should be noted that GraceWay conducts random drug screens and has zero tolerance for relapse. If there is any indication of alcohol or drug use the resident will be released immediately and appropriate authorities will be notified. No readmission; there is no revolving door.

Caffeine and tobacco are allowed. Frequent opportunities to savor them are provided in the day’s schedule.

Treatment and Staff

Detox is not offered at GraceWay: all legal, medical and dental needs must be resolved before entering treatment. Lab reports showing results of screening for TB, Hepatitis C, HIV and STDs are required for admission.

Akron AA 12-step method is applied for addictions to drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, pornography and other behavioral issues.

Phase One does not have a set time frame but progress is assessed in 30-day increments. The first phase consists of daily peer groups, daily 12-step studies, health and nutrition classes, yoga and mindfulness meditation, arts and crafts, weekly individual sessions, weekly recreational activities and frequent trips to the local gym and pool when it is open.

In Phase Two, residents may transition to apartments, where they have the option to stay for up to two years.

GraceWay maintains a precise daily rhythm with a highly structured day its staff refers to as “the Marine Corps of recovery.” Weekday schedule spans wake-up at 6 am and lights out at 10:30 pm (later on weekends). Individual and group sessions, exercise, coffee/smoke breaks and individual time are balanced throughout the day.

The facility is staffed around the clock and some staff are in recovery.


Phone calls to children are encouraged even in the early days of residency and residents of The Way may have children living with them. Family workshops are conducted every four to six weeks

In Summary

With the option for an extended duration of stay and a commitment to introducing its residents to a new way of life in recovery, GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women is an invaluable resource to the community it serves.

GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women Location

412 West Tift Ave
Albany, GA 31702

GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women Cost

$3,000 (30 days). Reach GraceWay by phone at (229) 446-7800 or by email at [email protected]. Find GraceWay on Facebook

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  1. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS AWFUL PLACE!!! I searched for the “perfect” rehab for 5 days and I was so excited when I found Graceway. I wanted a p!ace that was religion friendly, all women, and a good counsolor. You are promised this beautiful story about the ladies supporting each other, Jesus friendly (you are not even allowed to go to church) wonderful support groups, etc. I could go on forever about how badly you are treated here! Especially if you have an opinion. Our “counsolor” was a woman that had RECENTLY finished the program herself. She would sit in her office with the doors wide open smoking an E-cigarette. She would talk on the phone using EXTREME PROFANITY and was constantly talking down to the ladies there. Where was the woman power and the lifting each other up and grow stronger together? This place was worse than the free detox center in downtown Atlanta. It was so bad that I WALKED OUT!!! That’s right, I was 6 hours from home with no car and nowhere to go. Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, ALL LOVED ONES, I BEG YOU NOT TO SEND YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HERE!!! There are so many wonderful rehabilitation centers with REAL PSYCHOLOGISTS and CERTIFIED counselors. She was so uncouth that as I was leaving she SCREAMS, “I think it’s funny you’re leaving and we all know you’re going to fail at staying sober”. Well, joke of a counselor, it has been 1 year 6 mos and 15 days since I have had a drink. I have obviously waited a long time to post something and that is because I was positive that I would sound petty. I will say rehab saved my life, just NOT THIS ONE. The next rehab i went to i checked to make sure that there was a licenced psychiatrist that I would be speaking with. This place was the worst 2 weeks of my life. The house is pretty but you realize as soon as you get there that it’s not in a great neighborhood. My Dad even told me that he didn’t feel comfortable leaving me there.A positive happy atmosphere is really needed with so many different personalities merged together. I wish I could explain the happiness I had when I got to my next rehab center. It was just wonderful! Supportive ladies, smiling faces, genuine concern when you were angry, terrified, or overjoyed, it didn’t matter everyone was supportive. One last thing before I end my diatribe, there were SEVERAL ladies, over half really, that were COURT ORDERED to go to a center. Find a rehabilitation home with people as dedicated as you are to stay sober. Best of luck and God Bless you and your family.

  2. Graceway Recovery Residence is a tough, no-nonsense, Christ-centered 12 step program that demands women to walk, live and breathe their own recovery. It is steeped in foundations of truth, honesty and difficult self-reflection that expects its residents to commit to change. Our family is so grateful for the integrity of its staff, who help guide, shape, and steer the women back into the light. The chains of addiction are so strong and restrictive, that a “boot-camp” approach to living a productive, meaningful life is the only way out of the darkness — but the women must work very, very hard! The chinking in the suit of armor must be tight, without any gaps, and in the surrounding community of Albany, Ga – the stark contrast of “life and death” can be seen daily. Graceway offers life – for those that are willing to own their journey of recovery and truly commit to change. We are cautiously optimistic that our daughter continues to “sharpen the tools” provided under the care of Graceway, as she transitions into a more productive, mindful, and sober life. We strongly recommend this program, as it is the one and only facility we have entrusted the care of our child to – and she has been given a “second chance at life” though the grace, compassion and very demanding expectations at Graceway. The ladies that see this program through will be given the life skills needed to survive in this difficult world, but the decision ultimately rests in the heart and mind of the addict. Graceway gives the clear choice to these women; who must decide the path of their own design. This model will work, if one commits fully.

  3. I’m trying to get in so I can save my life before its to late. I have no means to pay. Pleaee, and I do beg please help me

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