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Goshen Sober Living


Goshen Sober Living Review

Goshen Sober Living is a Phoenix based sober living facility for men. It provides a safe and affordable home for those who have struggled with addiction but are now dedicated to creating a life free from substance abuse. The organization requires clients living in the facility to follow the house and community rules. They must be at least 30 day clean and sober at the move in date, as well as an active member of the 12-step community. 

Accommodations and Amenities

The seven bed, single family home sits in a quiet residential neighborhood in Phoenix. There are three bedrooms that two clients each share, and one private room. The home itself is very nice and offers a variety of upscale comforts and amenities. There are two living room set ups, each with a flat screen TV that is connected to DirectV, along with Wifi, Internet and Netflix. There is also a shared home computer available to all clients.

The home has two refrigerators. Clients are assigned a certain fridge for their personal items. They eat in the shared dining room, and prepare their own meals.

A washer and dryer are on site. The facility supplies all cleaning necessities and toilet paper.

Rules and Regulations

The first 30 days are considered the probationary period. As a result, clients must stick to the 10 pm curfew during this phase. At move in clients have to prove that they are sober, and provide contact information for their sponsor. In the case that a client is laid off, they have two weeks to find another job.

After the initial 30 day period, clients move onto phase two. This stage allows for an 11 pm curfew. Goshen requires a 30 day minimum stay . Throughout their time in the house, clients are working their steps and attending at least two support meetings per week. There are meeting cards that AA members must sign so clients can turn them in to the house manager. A mandatory house meeting takes place once per week. In phase two, clients can have one overnight out of the house per week. However, they should anticipate drug tests every time they return from an overnight stay.

Goshen does not permit smoking inside the house. There are designated areas outside where clients can smoke. The manager has to grant permission for anyone under the age of 18 in the house. The residence prohibits women in the bedrooms at all times.

Clients have to complete chores like working in the yard, taking out the garbage and cleaning areas of the house. There is a zero tolerance policy for any sort of abuse, either physical or verbal. In addition, clients have to submit to random, weekly drug tests. If there is any refusal, they face immediate discharge. There is a two hour window that clients can complete their drug test in but if they go outside of that amount of time, they are discharged as it is considered a positive result.

There is a house manager on site at all times. Clients can decide to move out at any time, but they have to give at least a two week notice. The staff is happy to provide positive referrals as long as the client is not disruptive in the house.

In Summary

Goshen Sober Living is adamant that it is not a halfway house or a treatment facility. Instead, it is simply a safe and productive environment that gives clients a solid structure and stability. Above all, Goshen Sober Living really offers the chance for men who are new to recovery to have a good head start in life.

Goshen Sober Living Location

3460 W Evans Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85053

Goshen Sober Living Cost

Move in total is $325, weekly fee of $150. Drug tests are $25. Reach Goshen Sober Living by phone at (602) 527-1078. Find Goshen Sober Living on Facebook

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