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The Good News Home for Women Review

The Good News Home for Women was founded in 1983 as a Christian nonprofit. More than 30 years later, it still operates in Flemington, New Jersey and provides residential substance abuse treatment, using the  12-step philosophy. Services at GNH are offered to women, 18 years of age or older, regardless of their race, religion, national origin or ability to pay. Dual diagnosis support is offered, but detox is not.

Accommodations and Food

The Good News Home houses 12 women at a time, in three bedrooms. Four women are assigned to each room, with the more senior women taking the two single beds and the two newer residents sharing a bunk bed. Each of the women gets her own closet space.

Each week, two women are assigned the chore of shopping for and preparing all meals for the residents. The facility is strictly non-smoking.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at GNH begins with an orientation phase where women are assessed and introduced to the 12-step principles. Clinical counseling, directed by the GNH social worker, provides the initial clinical assessment and formulates the treatment plan. These sessions identify critical issues and necessary medical referrals. From that point on, clients may enter a short- (28 days) or long-term (18 months) residential treatment program. Women choose the length of their own stay.

Treatment includes individual and group CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and REBT sessions, while residents also attend off-site AA/NA meetings twice a week. During treatment, the women receive addiction counseling that touches on co-dependencies, self-esteem issues, acquiring a healthy self-image, working the 12 steps and relapse prevention. They also take part in special workshops, ranging from the academic to the spiritual. They can even attend church services or receive spiritual counseling, if they so wish. Information on substance abuse-related health risks, nutrition and exercise is also provided.

For the first 28 days of treatment, women are prohibited from communicating with the outside world. After that initial period, they are allowed contact with immediate family. No communication with romantic partners of any kind is allowed.

The GNH staff consists of the director, an administrative director, a nursing supervisor, a dietician, two licensed addictions counselors, a case manager, an intake coordinator, a family program facilitator and a house supervisor, as well as a safety compliance officer.


Treatment at GNH comes with an array of supportive activities and extra programs. Clients may enjoy art therapy and music therapy. They also go on organized field trips, have a complimentary YMCA membership, and are taken to special local events such as a harvest festival, a craft fair, golf outings, banquets and movie screenings. Clients are also encouraged to take part in community service as part of their treatment.

Legal assistance is provided to clients for any court issues, as well as for child custody and divorce matters. GNH also provides its women with life-skills classes that teach problem solving, coping, budgeting and parenting skills.

Finally, the GNH family program offers family group, twice a month on Saturdays.

In Summary

The Good News Home for Women offers a comprehensive array of residential substance abuse treatment services. This is an ideal facility for women with substance abuse issues who want a caring, supportive organization to help overcome them. Despite its Christian origins, GNH is open and affordable to all women who need help.

Good News Home for Women Location

33 Bartles Corner Rd
Flemington, NJ 08822

Good News Home for Women Cost

$350 (admission fee); sliding scale starts at $550 for those with low income (30 days). Reach Good News Home for Women by phone at (908) 806-4220 or by email at [email protected]. Find Good News Home for Women on Facebook

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  1. Around the first week in July I had a telephone intake with Angela, at the time I was actually in detox and trying to set up my next step towards sobriety. Angela asked me a lot of questions about myself and I was being as honest about my shortcomings and fears as I could be. All of a sudden she exclaimed “you would not be a good fit for our program”. I sort of gasped, and then she asked what my credit rating was, and wanted my social security number. Hung up on me.

  2. Wow Cara I am a graduate and a former employee of the GNH, first I want to commend you on your success. You did the right thing by KEEPING GOD FIRST. . . I wish I was there to help in your guidance most of the women there referred to me as Jam Jam.

    Make no mistake about this statement “The counselor with whom you felt did nothing for you actually did more for you than you realize. You’re probably saying what the ………. She gave you the Will and the DETERMINATION TO PROVE HER WRONG…… That’s just why God gave you a test and you passed and you’re not one of the statistics….. To God be the glory…. Always Be True To Thine Own Self…..

    Ms. E. is a phenomenal woman of God without her I don’t know where I would be.

  3. If you are looking to attend GNH it is good for restoring your faith in God, Jesus, or whatever you believe your Higher Power to be. I attended this program and honestly that is all I walked away with and for that I am grateful. Iam grateful for the director Ms. E, Maria the house mom and some of the women I met there and am still close with today. The substance abuse counselor I was assigned to absolutely did nothing to help me, she would hardly listen during our sessions, fell asleep some times, and tried to say it was my family that was too controlling of things. She made me work on things that had nothing to do with what I needed help with and when I did ask her for help on the things I knew I needed work with she ignored me and would help the other women who she felt had more of a chance than I. One day she told me I had a certain amount of time left there and had to find another place to go, I made all the calls and on the day I was to leave I had no where to go and my family was not taking me back. The program let me go homeless with no where to go in a area I had no knowledge of. I used what little money I had and stayed in a hotel that weekend, with the grace of God and people in AA I survived that weekend! Since leaving I have successfully on my own gained full time employment, my family is extremely proud of me and in my life, and I have over a year sober! I share a 2 bedroom apartment with another women in recovery and pay rent, I’m off social services and helping support my daughter which I was told I would never be able to do if I wasn’t receiving social services from that counselor. I would tell anyone to think twice about really going there, they really help the only people who they think are going to make it and it’s kind of funny because the ones they thought were going to make it the ones I know have all slipped except one and the ones they set up for failure we are they ones who have shined!!!

    • And is is really wonderful there when the monitors just walk into a room without knocking. 20 year olds on a power trip. And being told you do not have COPD, but you are dirty. Sort of a cult there

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