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Founded in 1981, Glenbeigh Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers in Northeast Ohio aim to treat addiction in a supportive and caring environment with an emphasis on 12-step principles. The main facility in the Cleveland suburb of Rock Creek stands on 80 acres of manicured land in a rural community, allowing clients of the inpatient program the freedom to walk around and relax in a quiet and serene setting as they recover.

As a non-profit rehabilitation facility, Glenbeigh receives monetary support from the community to keep its doors open and costs low. Treatment at Glenbeigh addresses the mind, body and spirit.

Accommodations and Food

Glenbeigh’s inpatient program at Rock Creek has a comfortable, clean and spacious environment. There are 172 beds in the facility and two people per room. Each client has his or her own closet, dresser and nightstand. Many common areas are available for residents to work on their assignments, read or interact with one another, in addition to the outside grounds. There is a full fitness center with sauna.

Food is served cafeteria-style by staff. Clients can also prepare their own sides at a comprehensive salad bar. Dietary restrictions are accommodated as well for any food allergies or sensitivities.

Treatment and Staff

There are many different treatment tracks at both the Rock Creek location and Glenbeigh’s six outpatient facilities, and dual diagnosis treatment and detox are available. After an intensive diagnostic is performed by intake staff, either inpatient, outpatient or 90-day Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment are recommended.

Glenbeigh uses medication for treatment: detox treatment involves Tramadol and/or Suboxone for a limited amount of time under a physician’s care and clients can take Trazadone if necessary for sleep.

Inpatient treatment is a multi-disciplined program that focuses on abstinence. The days are very structured: clients wake by 7:15 am and start the day with breakfast before attending group therapy and individual therapy. Gender-specific groups are also offered, and there is a significant emphasis on 12-step participation.

Group sessions focus on identifying triggers, using patterns and developing awareness about behavior to move on from alcohol and drug abuse. In addition, specialty groups are offered for women to address prior trauma and the stigma that women face as addicts and alcoholics. Dual diagnosis groups incorporate psychological and psychiatric assessments and individual therapy encourages self-esteem and a positive self-image.

The IOP and outpatient programs utilize the same groups and techniques, but the schedules vary according to level of therapy needed.

Staff at Glenbeigh is made up of physicians, nurses, certified chemical dependency counselors, psychiatrists, LISWs and clergy. There are 30 drug and alcohol counselors on staff daily and a full nursing staff as well. The facilities are staffed 24/7. A psychiatrist is on the premises during the day.


Extended care is offered for those who participate in the inpatient treatment program and need a transitional time before moving out on their own. Extended care clients have less structure than those in inpatient care but have access to the staff at all times and still live in a safe environment. Aftercare and relapse prevention groups are also offered for any clients who relapse after staying sober for six or more months. These clients may return to Glenbeigh to evaluate the relapse and make a new plan.

In Summary

For those looking for a comprehensive rehab facility at an affordable rate, Glenbeigh is a good option. The accommodations are welcoming and the care is supportive, gentle and positive. With a large staff of medical professionals as well as a strong emphasis on 12-step principles, it offers a comprehensive treatment program with substantial aftercare support that can assist addicts and alcoholics on their journey to lifelong recovery.

Glenbeigh Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Location

2863 State Route 45
Rock Creek, OH 44084

Glenbeigh Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Cost

$14,000 (30 days); most insurance plans accepted. Reach Glenbeigh Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers by phone at (440) 563-3400 or by email. Find Glenbeigh Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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  1. Glenbeigh is out for the money. The substance abuse specialist there recommends inpatient treatment for virtually everyone who’s referred there even if they already doing well with outpatient care and have a good support system and home environment. He spent less than 15 minutes evaluating me before telling me I had to stay or I’d be reported to the state medical board as non-compliant with treatment recommendations. I lost my medical license over his “evaluation” and, when I had a hearing with my board over this, he claimed he spent “several hours” before meeting with me, discussing my case with other staff. I met him right after breakfast! I guess either he and his staff are early risers or he committed perjury, which is a felony. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, PAs–don’t trust this hospital or its staff.

  2. Glenbeigh has a really good treatment plan for patients looking to kick drugs of any type and alcohol. But they are not very organized internally. I stayed at glenbeigh and after only one week asked to leave the facility. This treatment costs “patients” or what i call customers thousands of dollars to stay at the facility but during my stay when i went to transfer from detox to normal patient status their was a mix up when i had to change rooms. Not only was it glenbeigh’s fault but when i brought to the attention to the staff i was treated poorly by staff and nurses in charge of what rooms patients stayed in. Not only was i told by a doctor i would stay in the room i started with in the detox section of the facility another day or two and then told i had to be out of my room asap to allow new customers ah ah ah i mean patients to use my bed but i had to leave my belongings un locked and in a place other patients could go thru my stuff for four hours. When the situation looked to be over i was very upset and asked to speak to the head nurse who then proceeded to denie that glenbeigh was at fault. Offered no way of compensation for my trouble or even offer to pay my way back home. If u wanna be drugged up like a zombie, miss treated and disrespected by the nursing staff and lead around like u are in a Nazi camp than glenbeigh is for u!! I suggest trying the cold turkey route. But if u need they first step, go to detox here leave and continue your treatment thru n.a. or a.a. meeting and out patient services. Going thru this experience makes me wanna stay clean enough!! Thanx glenbeigh!! Getting rich off junkies since ’81!!

    • overcrowded, 170 patients mostly ages 18 to 25 , poor medical care 1 Dr. 2 P.A.’s 2 Rn’s per shift maybe 4 Lpn’s Dish out the drugs . unsafe , people called CA ‘s ,short for Gleinbeigh police , what a joke. Therepy is short. 12 people in a group 1 hour in the morning , 1 hour in afternoon. 1 hour per week private counseling is this what I paid for ? The kitchen staff and housekeeping are only people that earn their money. If you want 28 days of all this sign up lots of advertising to look at. What I got from. Gleinbeigh ? A bad reaction to a prescribed drug lost my vision in case you’re wondering now have a medical condition due to that. That I will have the Rest Of My Life thanks. Dr. Should’nt have a medical licence. Cleveland clinic affiliated don’t let that fool you. I left and spent 6 more days inpatient at Main Campus with the WONDERFUL STAFF there fixing everything that I had as a result of my ” Rehab ” look for local places folks Thats where you’ll be doing the recovery you’ll be better off , save money , and get a better result. I am sober and clean only because I Want to be and I didn’t have to spend 17 grand and develop a medical problem to get that. Fyi I met 4 others in my small town that have been to Gleinbeigh and I have the nicest review

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