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Gladstones Clinic is a private drug treatment center with co-ed facilities in Cotswolds, Bristol and London, England. Besides treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, it specializes in helping men and women suffering from eating disorders, online and video game addictions and other compulsive behaviors. Gladstones Clinic keeps its numbers small to ensure the privacy of clients, as well as to provide a people-centered approach. The program includes detox, primary care and aftercare. Gladstones Clinic does not accept referrals from social services, prison or probation services.

Accommodations and Food

Located in rural Gloucestershire, the Cotwolds Clinic is an idyllic farm-style house with red tiled roofing and a private courtyard that includes potted plants, a pristine lawn and picnic tables. Cotswolds accommodates 12 clients. Bristol Clinic accommodates 12 residents inside a gray townhouse, while the London Clinic lodges eight clients, inside an brownstone with quaint white Victorian-style windows.

Residents have their own rooms, which include full beds topped with white comforters, large windows covered with lush panels, dark wood dressers and private bathrooms.

The residents dine inside luxurious dining rooms, which include contemporary dining tables and windows that allow for ample sunlight. A private chef caters to resident’s personal needs and all dietary restrictions are accommodated. Three healthy meals are prepared daily, along with ample snacks, fruit and drinks throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

At Gladstones Clinic, medical detox is provided at all facilities, including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for those withdrawing from opiates and alcohol. While in detox, residents are monitored around the clock by nursing staff and an on-call physician.

Length of primary care is 30 days and all clients receive individualized treatment plans. Gladstones Clinic utilizes a holistic, non-12-step approach, along with a plethora of evidence-based practices including CBT, DBT, Gestalt therapy, EMDR, transactional analysis, solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Treatment includes group and individual therapy and psychiatric care. The groups focus on addiction education and peer-to-peer support, as well as processing by recreating their pasts and understanding the core of their substance abuse. Clients are required to write a lifeline, which includes their history from birth to 15 years, followed by a history from 15 years to the present day.

After primary care, residents step down to a 30-day secondary treatment program. During this time, residents continue living where they are or move into a secondary unit. Besides daily group and individual therapy, which is in the mornings, clients receive vocational and/or academic guidance and participate in sports and group activities. Gladstone Clinic’s transitional care includes sober living placement, attendance at AA/NA and/or SMART Recovery meetings, individual counseling, group therapy, psychiatric follow ups and a family program.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is provided for individuals who can’t attend residential treatment. The program parallels the primary care track and is designed to suit clients’ personal needs.

Clients requiring psychotropic medications meet with a psychiatrist, who assesses them for co-occurring disorders. The rest of team includes licensed counselors, therapists, an acupuncturist, a nutritional consultant, a shiatsu practitioner and a medical staff. The client-to-staff ratio is one-to-one.


Art therapy and psychodrama are incorporated in the program, allowing clients the ability to heal by creative expression. Other alternative therapies include acupuncture, shiatsu and meditation. A lifetime of free aftercare is offered in the form of group therapy at the Bristol Clinic on Saturday mornings.

Gladstones Clinic provides a specialized program for adolescents between the ages of 16 and 18. The program treats a plethora of addictions, including substance abuse, co-occurring and eating disorders.

In Summary

For men and women suffering from chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders, as well as other addictions, Gladstones Clinic offers comprehensive, clinical, evidence-based care. Clients can also expect comfortable accommodations, an exceptionally well-rounded staff, ample transitional services and solid aftercare. Individuals looking to establish a strong foundation for recovery might substantially benefit from seeking treatment through this organization.

Gladstones Clinic Locations

Gladstones Clinic Ltd. Bristol
24 Berkeley Square
United Kingdom

Gladstones Clinic Ltd. London
Lexham House
28 St. Charles Square
W10 6EE

Gladstones Clinic Ltd. Cotswold
Narles Farm
Dursley Road

Gladstones Clinic Cost

$13,046 (30 days). Reach Gladstones Clinic by phone at 0117 9252995, (0808) 274-0800 (free from US) or (0800) 774 7024 (free from UK landlines). Find Gladstones Clinic on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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  1. God, where do I start. Gladstones has quite literally saved my life, It has given me a second chance, everything about it has been so helpful. To say that this place is incredible is an understatement, from the food to the therapy to the staff. The safety and security that Gladstones has given is out of this world. I can’t be grateful enough for the chances and opportunities that I have been given here. To finish I need to say a huge thanks to the management staff that were there all the time to listen to my endless whining, awful jokes and even my outside worries.

  2. Gladstones
    I’ve learnt so much about myself while staying here for 5 weeks, it;s been a painful but amazing experience and now I am leaving. I feel like I’ve found out who I am and Gladstones has saved my life.
    I came here broken, lost, and addicted to A class drugs. I was isolating and mentally in a dark lonely place, desperate for help and without any hope.
    I completed a detox off subutex and was using them for years. I believed once I had completed which I have done a dozen times but never successful until I arrived here.
    Gladstones has daily structure, staff really support you in a non-judgemental way. I came in angry and never knew who I was, full flight from reality. After settling in I soon started group therapy which has been challenging. I had to explore my secondary emotion, anger and what was underneath that was a lot of remorse, regret, sadness, hurt, vulnerability, anxiety, and the fear of being rejected or not feeling good enough instead of running from uncomfortable feelings.
    One time, I acted out and after I completed an assignment on shame. I learnt that since my childhood, I had carried toxic shame and in a very caring, supportive group that “it wasn’t mine to carry,” “what a relief”. I slept like a baby. I’ve learnt I had a lot of love and compassion for others, but never gave myself any. And now today, I am learning that it is okay to be vulnerable and place boundaries to keep myself safe. I’ve learnt to accept feedback on my behaviours, take responsibility, take care of myself, eat well, to be in a structured routine, and plenty more. The staff here are kind and thoughtful to provide what I need,
    I would recommend Gladstones as is it a high supportive, very caring, with consistency at all times.
    Today, I’m leaving with the tools to manage my emotions and appropriate boundaries to connect with my care plan on the outside world.
    The opposite to Addiction is connection and I will be attending Fellowship in my community .
    It feels awesome to be free from the bondage of addiction that nearly completely destroyed me. I will never forget my experience here especially doing my Graduate ceremony before leaving and it was hard for me to say goodbye to staff and my peers but really good to acknowledge how far I’ve come on my journey here. Toady I feel like a new women than when I arrived. Again Gladstones has saved my life and Am forever Grateful xxx

  3. I went into Gladstones London in march 2017 at the age of 52. I was near death following a harrowing 8 year relapse after many years of recovery. I was on a massive methadone script (well over 100mg per day,) benzos, obscene amounts of crack, hashish and GBL to mention but a few. I was in an extremely fragile mental state, slightly psychotic, heavily traumatised and my body was shutting down. I was so lucky to end up in Gladstones London. They supported me and detoxed me as gently as possible. All my needs were met physically and emotionally. I’ve been to plenty of rehabs in the 80’s and 90’s and had experiences that varied from the horrendously traumatic to the bearable. My experience here was totally different. Not only did I get successfully detoxed but I got more insight into who I am and why I used, along with how to cope with this than I ever could have at a rehab that just tries to sell you the 12 steps. I am now well into my third year of recovery and have successfully reengaged with my life, career and the world, and have the tools to maintain this. Before coming to Gladstones I thought I’d had my shot at recovery and blown it. I didn’t believe I could get clean again let alone maintain it. My gratitude to them is immense and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

  4. Gladstone`s were just fantastic,the delicious food and the love,understanding,care and support around outside issues aligned with illuminating therapy from the excellent therapists really transformed me during my stay. I simply cannot speak highly enough about the experience they gave me.

    [email protected]

  5. My time at Gladstones has been life-changing. The therapists and staff have been fantastic in facilitating my recovery. I have learnt tools to continue my recovery and integrate myself into society along with improving my personal wellbeing, which I continue to practice. Special shoutout to the chefs the food is amazing. I would recommend Gladstones London Clinic to anyone in need of recovery to a fulfilling life.

  6. Gladstones did for me what I could never do for myself & that was to get me free of all mind altering substances and give me the tools to deal with the disease of addiction in everyday life. Being in treatment with a close group of people tackled my everyday social anxieties and really taught me the start of how to love myself. great things happened in Gladstones for me personally and along with the daily groups and one to one therapy it changed my life from a life I never want to return to. The food was not only incredibly healthy and balanced but also delicious and mealtimes were some of the best times we spent together as a group. My accommodation was both peaceful and comfortable and the grounds surrounded by natural beauty. I truly believe Gladstones saved my life and I continue to do after care there to this day. Thank you.

  7. Hi Tim,
    The most informative post you have shared on this page about the failure of cardiac rehab But the grim reality is hardly less Cinderella-ish on this side of the pond. And the reason so many freshly-diagnosed heart patients like Anne-Marie are falling through the cracks lies squarely with the doctors who are failing to refer their patients to cardiac rehab.

  8. Hi James

    Sorry for the late response to your above comments, we were not aware of it being on here until today.

    As mentioned above we take these matters very seriously and would encourage you to contact us at [email protected]

  9. Went to Gladstones what a shambles of a place all they are interested in is money, Cotswolds is a tiny little place where you feel claustrophobic they won’t refund any money to me as I left early just ignore my calls and emails, I then went to another rehab and got clean and did get great treatment, Gladstones is well overpriced for what it is as the other rehab was 3 times the size and had more therapy and charged less. It’s all smoke and mirrors with this rehab.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Total and utter shambles. I had the misfortune of spending one week at Gladstones london which is also claustrophobic, . It was without doubt one of the worst experiences of my life. My list of complaints is endless but suffice to say the word I used to describe this place is shambolic. I am in the process of complaining, seeking legal advice and reporting to the QCC. I have previously spent a month at Castle craig Scotland and could not recommend Castle craig enough. If you want to go to rehab I am implore you to go to a properly run proffesional centre. In Gladstones London the patients are effectively left to their own devices which may be ok if you have a group of people who can get along but not when you have 9 highly volatile people. It was like being in the big brother house, The things I witnessed happening in a rehab centre beggars belief. I left in such a state of anxiety and stress I had to go straight to my GP and ask for something to calm me down. If anyone would like to contact me, or would like to share there experiences with me the may help whilst compiling my report to the QCC please reply to this post. I don’t want any other person in a vulnerable state and addiction problems to go to this centre. It is a disgrace and I am aware of other complaints on the internet if you search.

  10. James Murray on

    Gladstones Clinic cannot be trusted…
    I did a 30 day programme at Gladstones in the Cotswolds which was altogether a very helpful and largely successful programme for me and I came away thinking i could could conquer my addiction.
    However we overpaid Gladstones when going there by £500 and over a year later they have still not paid us back. They refuse to answer my calls and return my emails. This has caused me so much stress that i relapsed 4 months after leaving the clinic and ended up having to go into a different treatment centre. I am now 7 months clean but am still trying to get my money back.
    I am currently seeking legal advice however if anyone has any better suggestions this would be welcome!

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