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Based in Corona, California, Signature Healthcare Services is one of the largest networks of private psychiatric hospitals in the country. It delivers mental health and substance abuse treatment services for children, adolescents and adults in ten hospitals. There are facilities in California, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois and in multiple locations throughout Texas. Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute provides outpatient treatment for adults over 18. Located in the Austin suburb of Georgetown, Texas, the programs are tailored for individual needs.

Treatment and Staff

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) At Georgetown is for clients over 18 who require rigorous treatment, but not the constant supervision of an inpatient environment. The IOP operates three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9 am to 12:15 pm, and offers additional access to support for clients outside of these hours.

Clients are admitted to this program for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. For dual diagnosis clients, medication management is available through the assistance of a doctor and psychiatrist. Additional dysfunctions addressed include family and interpersonal conflicts and emotional disorders. Clients that require detox may be referred to an affiliated hospital in the area.

Treatment for the IOP clients includes individual and group therapy, with a focus on MET. Group topics include psychoeducation, mindfulness, distorted thinking, interpersonal skills, spirituality and wellness, self-esteem, grief, building healthy habits and addiction education. Clients begin discharge planning almost from the time of their admission, and specific treatment goals are set with the assistance of the client’s case manager. An emphasis is placed on relapse prevention and life skills, as well as conflict resolution.

The Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute staff is a team of interdisciplinary professionals including psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, and CADCs.


A weekly AA step study meeting is held on-site. Clients also benefit from peer-to-peer sharing on challenges facing those new to recovery, including weekend and holiday planning.

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) will be available soon. This program will offer a more intensive level of treatment than the IOP, while still allowing clients the freedom to stay overnight in their homes instead of the hospital.

Inpatient acute psychiatric care is available for clients that present with primarily mental health issues, and for whom chemical dependency is a secondary issue.

In Summary

Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute offers limited but valuable care for those in central Texas that do not require inpatient treatment for chemical dependency. The range of topics discussed in group sessions means that clients will have a safe environment in which to become educated about their disease, as well as to establish a strong recovery, all the while maintaining some autonomy. Groups facilitated by licensed therapists means that clients are able to discuss the challenges they face in early sobriety in a safe environment.

Georgetown Behavioral Health Location

Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute
3101 S Austin Ave
Georgetown, TX 78626

Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute Cost

$6,000 (30 days). Reach Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute by phone at (512) 819-1100.

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  1. sheena wolfe on

    Unfortunatley most mental health clinics that charge a lot of money are only in it for the money. Try a low cost or sliding scale treatment center. They are there to actually help people. I have not been here personally but i have been to no cost outpatient places and the have helped.

  2. We sent are son there last Saturday a week! The assessment went ok. But as we started talking to the case manager and explaining that due to my husband and my friends husband ( guardians of are son ) and us as stay at home moms without the possibility of finding a sitter, that we can’t come personally out there for a group meeting she became rude! Now we all agreed on a conference call! As the call took place and are son was included the Doctor or Therapist ( not quiet sure what he was ) he told are are son it was ok not to be ready to change! Well in are sons case that was a very bad statement to give because that gives him the idea that he can continue what he has been doing ( destroying families )! So than the same day I was told that the nurses will get in touch with me because we have not been informed about the changes that have been made in his medication! Nor did we get informed that he had to be removed from his roommate because this boy was harassing him with his sex stories and are son is only 12. Than of A few mins ago as I write this are friend ( the guardian ) has been informed to pick him up and that needs to happen by noon! There was no prior call that he will be released and we were just there yesterday and we haven’t been told a single word!
    I consider that very unprofessional, you would hope in a place like this, that they know how to do their jobs!

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