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Genesis Sober Living, in Cheviot Hills, California, has been around since 1999, but has recently undergone a $250,000 renovation and added a much raved-about outpatient component, making it one of the first hybrid programs to combine the top-notch care of residential treatment with the freedom of a sober living.

Genesis is for men only and is no average facility—while the majority of sober livings are suitable only for step-down care, offering only Spartan amenities and no therapy, Genesis has one program comprehensive enough to serve as a primary, extended or aftercare option.

Accommodations and Food

Cheviot Hills, where their facility is located, is a Los Angeles neighborhood bordering Beverly Hills and Century City. Befitting the area, the house is well appointed with modern interior décor. Residents sleep in luxury beds with fluffy down comforters and down pillows.

The house boasts a spacious living room with comfortable couches, coffee tables and contemporary art on the walls. It also features the most state-of-the-art 80-inch screen TV on the market (roughly 400 times better definition than the standard flat screen). Cell phones are allowed at Genesis, as are computers. Though housekeeping only comes a few times a week, the house tends to be pristine thanks to the chores assigned to each resident (which tend to take only a few minutes).

When it comes to food, all meals at Genesis are home-cooked with nutritious and delicious menus determined by clients and their house managers. While residents are responsible for making their own meals, at least a few clients always tend to have solid cooking experience so the food is consistently good; coffee is also readily available throughout the day. All food costs are included in the price.

Treatment and Staff

To live at Genesis, clients must also be concurrently enrolled in an outpatient program, though most choose the one offered at Genesis, which offers care from a variety of addiction experts for three to six hours a day. Typically, in the first 30 days, clients opt for six hours and then step down to three as they gain more freedom while still keeping a significant amount of responsibility. These variations in treatment are reflected in the flexible pricing.

The outpatient facility, roughly a mile away from the house, is comprised of what is rapidly becoming considered the finest clinicians and program in the LA area. Treatment is helmed by licensed therapists who go through bi-weekly training as well as CADC-certified case managers.

An average day at Genesis includes house activities such as morning meditations, weekly peer meetings, family support sessions and dinner discussions where clients plan the coming day. Twelve-step meetings are available off-site on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, while on-site meetings are on Thursdays; on Sundays, residents can choose between on and off-site meetings. All attendees receive mandatory drug testing three times a week.

Clients also attend sessions that consist of groups focused on family education, relapse prevention, emotional regulation and stress management.


Aside from their comprehensive treatment plan, Genesis offers recreational opportunities in the form of the Cheviot Hills Recreational Center, which is right across the street. The facility includes tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a pool and an executive public golf course.

Genesis is in the process of establishing an in-house music room for their clients—a free space stocked with instruments where residents can go to play music together, blow off steam and connect in early recovery.

Genesis works with the Los Angeles judicial system to accommodate court-ordered attendees.

In Summary

In all, Genesis Sober Living is unique in combining luxury sober living with a comprehensive and individualized outpatient program strong enough to compete with the best residential programs out there. Aside from their location, Genesis’ greatest strengths are their flexible curriculum and elegant digs, as well as the fact that they accept a wide variety of insurance carriers. Whether clients have already attended inpatient treatment or are brand new to recovery, Genesis has a structure to meet addicts at whatever stage they’re in. At this price point, there is no better option.

Genesis Sober Living Location

2703 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Genesis Sober Living Cost

$10,000-$15,000 (30 days, price depends on client’s needs). Reach Genesis Sober Living by phone at (800) 434-2301, or by email at [email protected]. Find Genesis Sober Living on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. Wanting to find out cost with Blue Cross /Shield insurance. Finances are very tight so we need rehab to be covered.
    Thank you

  2. I’m still here in LA, but I had to give a shout out to my RA friends. It’s been a wild ride since coming in for treatment, but I’m happy to be leaving soon. This is the last place for me, before heading back home. 60 days sober yesterday! Bless!

  3. Corrine Polfus on

    I have been an addict since the age of 18. I am now 57 yrs old. I have been addicted to meth,cocaine,opiates, marijuana,norco,xanax,soma,vicoden ES,ambein,and valium. I am a diabetic type 1 since the age of 10. I have nuropothy real bad in my left leg and part of my right leg. I have to use a cane to get around because my left leg goes out whenever, and my leg becomes like a noodle and I fall down. I’ve never really check my blood sugar, if I feel bad I’ll check. I really need someone to educate me on how to take care of myself. I DON’T want to live like this anymore!! I had trauma in 1994 and at the time, I just I guess checked out of life. I will explain if anyone can call me and help me live the way I SHOULD live. I must accept what has happened and live with it. I do not drive anymore (scared I guess) Please can you help me . I’m tired……..

  4. I would like to start off by saying that Genesis is definitely one of the few facilities I’ve been to that genuinely cares about every single one of their patients. Their group activities and discussions seemed to benefit us all, and I’ve met amazing people through them, whom I still keep in contact with to this day. Overall, this treatment center top notch. If you’re looking for a great facility, with amazing staff, then I recommend checking Genesis out.

  5. Brandon Shultz on

    I’ve been to different treatment centers but Genesis was the best fit for me. Staff was very caring and understanding which resulted in a very comfortable stay. I have created life-long bonds with my fellow alumni whom which I’m very grateful for.

  6. Trevor Wright on

    Looking to see what your availability is also had a few questions on pricing and insurance.

    Feel free to contact me at anytime


    Trev Wright

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