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GEHA Health Plans Addiction Treatment

GEHA Health Plans Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a costly problem. Each year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates that $11 billion is spent on health care for illicit drug users, with an additional $25 billion spent on those struggling with alcohol addiction. Addiction treatment centers focus on providing those struggling with any form of addiction with the skills and strategies they need to break the cycle of addiction. For those who are struggling with the painful reality of addiction, seeking rehab is an important part of the healing process. With the right addiction treatment facilities, individuals struggling with addiction gain victory. However, rehab is a costly process, and some facilities can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars per day, leaving you to wonder if your insurance will help with the cost. For those who have GEHA Health Plans, coverage may be available.


Do GEHA Health Plans Cover Addiction Recovery?


Most GEHA Health Plans cover some form of addiction recovery. However, GEHA Health Plans addiction recovery coverage varies from plan to plan. Because of the variety of GEHA Health Plans available, you will need to look at your coverage given in your specific plan.


For instance, if you have a plan that covers medically supervised detox, it may not cover the costs of the rehab you need after detox to gain victory over your addiction struggle. The GEHA High Options Benefits plan, on the other hand, offers coverage for rehab, but may not cover luxury rehab. Because of this variance, you will need to check with your specific plan.


Limitations on GEHA Health Plans Addiction Recovery Coverage


As you consider what your GEHA health plan offers, make sure you look at the length of time for treatment that the plan will cover. Some plans only cover a portion of the time your counselor will recommend for treatment. Be sure to have a realistic expectation for what length of care is covered before seeking addiction treatment.


Also, luxury rehab may be limited with GEHA Health Plans addiction recovery coverage. Luxury treatment includes benefits such as:


  • Resort-like, live-in facility
  • Private rooms
  • On-site entertainment and amenities
  • Excellent food


If you feel luxury addiction treatment facilities are right for you, and your GEHA Health Plans coverage will not cover a portion of it, talk to the facility of your choice about payment plan options. With the help of your GEHA Health Plans addiction recovery coverage and payment plans from your treatment facility of choice, you can get the help you need.