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Gateways Hospital Percy Village


Gateways Hospital Percy Village Review

Percy Village is one of the residential treatment facilities operated through Gateways Hospital of Los Angeles, California. Treatment programming includes co-occurring disorder support, daily living skills, individual and group therapy, and socialization for adults who are between the ages of 18 and 59 who have previously been in a locked mental health facility and are ready to step down to a less intensive environment.

Accommodations and Food

Percy Village is a two story brick building that takes up a good three quarters of a city block in the Boyle Heights area of LA. The facility provides up to 136 beds in shared bedrooms, some of which have private bathrooms en suite, other share a bathroom in the hallway. There’s a community dining room and industrial kitchen, and there is a room with a TV, books, tables and chairs. The facility is formerly a retirement community, so it’s fairly spacious and in a safe and quiet residential neighborhood near a library and several grocery stores and shops.

Treatment and Staff

Programming at Percey Village provides a variety of structured behavioral and clinical services along with teaching independent living skills. For instance, clients are able to leave the facility during the day and are encouraged to find work, but are held accountable for attending house meetings and group sessions. Additionally the programs at Percy Village are not necessarily focused on chemical dependency or co-occurring disorders, though there are certainly support systems in place for clients who are dealing with them, but rather overall mental health and wellness.

At the beginning of their stay clients establish a relationship with their case manager and work on a goal and discharge plan. Daily living skills, like time management, socialization and community reintegration, are addressed regularly. There are also crisis intervention services, medication management and psychoeducational lectures. HIV/AIDS education, personal hygiene and managing finances. Twelve-step involvement can also be integrated.

Staff of Percy Village include residential staff, therapists, LCSW and case managers.


Clients who are participating in this program are eligible for outside agency services and resources. This includes medical and dental care, housing and job placement assistance.

In Summary

Gateways Hospital’s Percy Village facility houses a number of people who are in between treatment stages and want to transition back into their communities safely. The support programs offered through Gateways provide a foundation and valuable resources for success after they leave treatment. The Gateways network at large is a very valuable asset to the Los Angeles recovery community.

Gateways Hospital Percy Village Location

3455 Percy St
Los Angeles, CA 90023

Gateways Hospital Percy Village Cost

Medicaid and sliding scale fee. State assistance is available. Reach Gateways Hospital Percy Village by phone at (323) 268-2100.

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  1. Percy Village is an incredibly negligent IMD Step Down with staff who dont care about teaching the mentally ill people DMH entrusted to them to be honest, responsible, safe members of the community. It is hardly a reintegration program. My girlfriend lives here and it has been a nightmare for our relationship. She prostitutes herself inside of Percy Village for meth from dope dealers who also reside at Percy Village. The residents use their bathrooms for these transactions. Percy Village does not allow me to visit my girlfriend’s room but it is ok for the dope dealer to go use it to have sex with her in exchange for meth! Percy Village is negligent. Residents are learning how to hide prostitution, drug dealing and addictions while housed here due to lazy and dishonest floor staff. Even worse the staff abuse their power to play matchmaker and encourage infidelity and reckless sex with multiple partners. I caught an STD from my girlfriend because the staff and treatment teams allow residents to abuse medical privacy to hide cheating and sex elsewhere from us. Medical Privacy is not intended to protect and conceal irresponsible and dishonest behavior which is a health hazard to the community! My relationship has suffered greatly because of the repeated relapses which occur here. Residents know the staff is negligent and admit they like it because they can break the law and no one cares, worse the staff lie to help conceal activity from outsiders. DMH is negligent to place recovering addicts and mentally ill people in need of being taught honesty and responsible adult behavior in the care of Percy Village.


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