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gallus-detox-centersGallus Detox Centers Review

Gallus Detox Centers operates two boutique detox facilities in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. In operation since 2011, Gallus Detox Centers uses a breakthrough medical detox program developed by founder Dr. Patrick J. Gallus.

After 15 years as an emergency room physician, Dr. Gallus noticed that detox methods had failed to keep up with medical technology, often following protocols for psychiatric intervention that neglected to take into account patients’ acute medical needs. Using the latest technology in medication bio-availability and cardio monitoring—while offering upscale luxury accommodations—Gallus Detox Centers ensures that clients receive as much comfort as possible during this challenging stage of recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Gallus Detox Centers are in comfortable suburban homes with décor designed to counteract the sterile and impersonal hospital atmosphere that deters many clients from seeking treatment. Each location provides a quiet, private environment, an the Scottsdale center has seven rooms. Every client has a private room with a comfortable bed, HDTV and WiFi access in a traditional décor. Patients select each meal from a collection of high-end local restaurant menus.

Treatment and Staff

Clients usually stay at Gallus Detox Centers for three to seven days, depending on the substance they’re detoxing from and whether they arrive at treatment sober. Alcohol detox usually takes three to five days, opiate detox is five days and benzodiazepines (Valium) usually takes five to seven days. Clients who arrive sober can often reduce their stay by one day.

Upon admission, clients receive a full bio-psycho-social assessment. Their treatment protocol is created by physicians and counselors. Gallus Detox Centers administers most medication through IV versus orally for comfort and to ensure maximum effect in the client’s system. This allows medical staff to better monitor the amount administered and make adjustments accordingly. Gallus Detox Centers also provides full cardiac monitoring of all patients using the newest technologies in critical care.

Since detox can be such an uncomfortable time physically, Gallus provides clients access to emotional comforts and recreation. Clients are allowed to keep their cell phones and computers (unless it is apparent that their communication is upsetting them). Each home has a nursing and medical tech staff available to offer emotional and physical support through the stay.

The treatment team at Gallus is unique in that it’s comprised of doctors and nurses with extensive critical care backgrounds including ICU experience that allows them to respond to any emergencies that may arise. A psychologist is also on-call for emotional processing, a Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor (LASAC) helps plan aftercare, and nursing staff and technicians are at the facility 24/7.

After 48 hours, most clients are able to begin planning the next steps in their recovery. The Gallus Detox Centers staff works with each client to facilitate their transition to residential treatment, a basic outpatient track or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or sober living facility.


Massage therapy is available at extra cost to ease clients through the aches and pains common during detox. Since detox is the first step in long-term recovery, Gallus Detox Centers has cultivated relationships with several residential and outpatient programs, sober living facilities and counseling centers to help clients choose further treatment that best meets their recovery needs and lifestyle.

In Summary

Gallus Detox Centers provide customized, cutting-edge medical detox programs in an intimate, upscale and client-centered environment. It provides a comfortable, home-like environment since many clients delay detox because they believe the process can only be done during an extended stay in clinical residential treatment facilities. Gallus Detox Centers also works hard to transition clients to outpatient treatment, only keeping them only a few days away from their jobs and families. Gallus Detox Centers also takes care to actively participate in planning each client’s next stage of treatment, ensuring that the groundwork they’ve laid down in detox has the best chance at leading them down the road to recovery.

Gallus Detox Centers Location

Gallus Detox Centers
4326 N. 75th St
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Gallus Detox Centers Cost

$1950/day (average stay 3 -5 days); most insurance accepted. Reach Gallus Detox Centers by phone at (855)338-6929. Find Gallus Detox Centers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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