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Gail Appel


Gail Appel Review

With a private practice in New York, Gail Appel is a therapist who specializes in sex addiction, chemical dependency and trauma. She offers individual, group and couples therapy rooted in evidence-based treatment methods. As a psychotherapist for over 25 years, Appel aims to give her clients a safe and open space to work through their life struggles.

Treatment and Staff

Appel’s approach involves helping clients recognize and stop their self sabotaging behaviors. She does this by examining their past and identifying where the root of their addiction may lie. This can be in former relationships or with goals that were not met. From there she helps guide her clients into finding a satisfying and healthy life balance without the weight of the unwanted thoughts and feelings that can accompany depression or anxiety, or through an existing sex addiction.

Appel curates a “sober” plan where clients identify triggers and learn new coping skills. Sessions are designed for individuals to start to open up about their feelings and work on communication while facing any underlying issues. Appel also aids in dealing with the feelings that come up when her clients are not under the influence of any kind.

Her group therapy for sex addicts and partners of sex addicts runs every week. The Wednesday evening sex addiction group addresses any shameful feelings associated with their addiction along with self destructive behaviors. This deals with obsessions or preoccupations and aims to help take the power away from the need to control the sex addiction with dangerous habits. The Thursday evening partners group is for those who are in a relationship with a sex addict or with someone who is dealing with any kind of addiction. This helps clients deal with their feelings of insecurity and distrust, and in time the clients will also learn how to trust their own gut again. Both of these group sessions run for about an hour and a half.

Appel also offers counseling for those who are struggling with a co-occurring disorder with a chemical dependency or with a shopping, gambling or eating disorder. Appel’s individual sessions run for about 45 minutes and couples therapy is 60 to 90 minutes.

Appel has been a therapist for over 25 years and since 2005 has dedicated a good deal of her practice to helping those with a sex addiction. She prefers to work with her clients in a collaborative way and focuses on clients finding and achieving their life goals.

In Summary

Gail Appel has extensive experience working with clients who have felt stuck when it comes to meeting their goals and plans due to their debilitating addiction. She is able to help them reexamine their choices without the burden of shame. Her main focus is to develop a healthy life plan while moving on with their lives and to identify triggers and avoid relapse.

Gail Appel Location

144 West 86th St, Ste 1A
New York, NY 10024

Gail Appel Cost

$175-$200 (per session). Reach Gail Appel by phone at (212) 787-1879.

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