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The Gables treatment facility was established in 1983 near downtown Rochester in Southeast Minnesota. Since then, it has provided residential substance abuse treatment for women. Treatment is provided at high, medium and low intensities and residential stays last a minimum of 30 days. Gables also treats eating disorders, provides dual diagnosis services and runs a monthly family program.

Accommodations and Food

The facility is located in a four-story English Tudor Mansion first built in 1912 that has since been completely renovated. Bedrooms as well as group rooms, lounges and counselors’ offices are on the upper two levels.

There’s room for 30 clients and bedrooms are shared between three or more. The garden level has additional living areas and bedrooms. Each woman has a small cabinet by her bed where she can keep her approved private belongings. The common area contains a piano and provides plenty of natural light.

Meals are arranged by a registered dietician and prepared on-site by the clients themselves. Nutrition issues specific to recovering women are integrated into the treatment plan, including accommodations for special dietary and medical needs. Meals are served regularly at 7:30 am, 12:15 pm and 5:45 pm.

Treatment and Staff

The Gables program is designed to introduce women to a substance free lifestyle and the 12-step philosophy. The high intensity level is for clients in residential treatment while the medium intensity stage refers to those in extended care and low intensity means residents are in the halfway house.

Treatment programs provide a full-day curriculum of care under an individualized treatment plan. While group therapy is the primary treatment modality at the Gables, The Gables also offers individual therapy for issues specific to each client. Counselors use DBT techniques to address co-dependency, mental health, self-esteem and body image as well as housing and employment issues. Groups focus on developing independent sober living skills, concocting a comprehensive discharge plan and learning about relapse prevention. Women who are dealing with eating disorders are evaluated upon admission and given a concurrent treatment plan that blends eating disorder and chemical dependency recovery skills.

Doctor visits, psychiatric evaluations, psychological testing, prescription costs, dental visits and transportation are not included in the cost of treatment.

The Gables’ staff consists of a medical director, a psychologist, a consulting psychiatrist and a treatment director, as well as licensed chemical dependency counselors, technicians, nurses, a dietician and spirituality consultants. The Gables also houses Eddy T., a therapy dog who’s said to be adored by clients.


Every month, outside family therapy consultants are brought in to lecture and conduct therapy sessions with residents and their families. Additionally, a parenting skills group is offered through PAIIR (Parents Are Important In Rochester).

In Summary

Focusing on only female clients means that, over the last 30 years, The Gables has had a chance to hone their skills. In short, this could be the ideal place for women to enjoy a sense of support and community and build the necessary psychological structures to remain sober and gain back autonomy and independence.

The Gables Location

604 5th Street SW
Rochester, MN 55902

The Gables Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach The Gables by phone at (800) 422-5370 or by email at [email protected].

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  1. Michael D Forsythe on

    As a former counselor at The Gables, I can not recommend it as a treatment facility. The approach is old school 12 step, very confrontational, and lacking modern approaches like motivational interviewing, CBT and DBT. There is a revolving door for counselors. I’m glad to be out of it.

  2. Maria Yurasek on

    I was kept a prisoner there in 1996 for 8 months, It is a malicious, non-supportive place that only wants money, They added on another month because I ordered a mail-order tee-shirt. This place needs to be closed down – horrific experience an the counsellors were screwing inmates ( lesbian ).Very immoral.

  3. The Gables is the only residential treatment facility in the Rochester area, which is extremely unfortunate. Perhaps a decade ago, it was a lovely place for women to stay for recovery for a variety of challenges, however today, it is not a supportive, safe atmosphere for recovery. This facility’s website is somewhat impressive but the minute you open the front door it smells like a dirty, old ashtray. I was not allowed to tour the place due to patient confidentiality but my 23 year old daughter has assured me the marketing materials do not match the “mansion,” as advertised. The women in recovery were essentially there waiting for their court date and jail time. NOT an ideal place for someone without a criminal record. Sexual harassment from the lesbians housed there made for an awful, awkward, and uncomfortable situation for someone who is there to heal and move forward with her life. The meal that was provided was less than desirable…no fresh fruit or vegetables…but a cold sandwich with a stale hamburger bun and potato chips. As a parent of an adult, I was provided a list of rules that included a hand written phone number that I was told could reach the client at any time, without phone restrictions…not true. I called the number at three different times and it rang and rang. No answering machine or staff to answer. Originally, we were very excited and relieved that our daughter could transfer to a residential program closer to home for extended care. We all went into this with a positive attitude and hope for that next level of recovery. The moment I walked in the door, my intuition told me to turn around but she wanted to give it a try and follow through with her care plan, which I admire. We received a call at 7am the very next day from our daughter sobbing because the place was so awful. Our daughter is a tough, smart, beautiful young woman who has been through hell and back. Anyone that wants to get well needs to place themselves in the most positive, uplifting, and inspiring environment to support their personal recovery. The Gables is not the place to go.

  4. Horrible experience. Rude, uneducated staff. In it for the money; rather than helping with addictions. Claims they treat duel diagnoses, but my experience was movies, educational videos from YouTube, and 1985. The food is disgusting. The in house meetings are unorganized and not informational. You are easily put on restricions, which I was not on but peers seems to be getting three checks (infractions) per day. Checks are given if you refuse to pick up the therapy dog’s poop (actually the dog that accompanies Jeannie to work every day). If you leave a light on, something plugged in or if you say something they disagree with , staff is very confrontational and enjoy drama. The house smells of urine (former nursing home). I slept on a dirty, unmade bed for thee first two nights after begging for fresh sheets and pillow cases. They tend to kick people out, after taking $15,000+ from insurance companies. I decided to leave after two weeks being there not having seen a therapist, a Nurse, meeting ONCE with my councelor whom on the 14th day of being her client she did NOT even know my name. I begged for homework assignments, promised I would get them and was pushed aside. I was basically wandering aimlessly for two weeks. I wasn’t getting the help I needed. I decided it was a waste of time. I am very disappointed, as I need to the help. I was there on my own decision. Alcohol was brought into facility by a peer, which boggles my mind. They make it mandatory you work,vovolunteer or go to school even if you’d rather work on recovery. We are basically there to be the maids, give them money (they have a pop machine that they reap money from not letting us bring our own cans) and we are robots. Do not go to this place. I promise you’ll be disappointed.

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