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Founded in 1984 in the Seattle suburb of Auburn, Washington, Future Visions Programs Inc., provides outpatient substance abuse treatment. Their focus is mainly using group therapy to treat men and women who suffer from chemical dependency, they offer outside referrals for those seeking individual therapy or support for co-occurring disorders. They cater to a broad array of clients, including those who are dealing with criminal justice issues and court-ordered to get treatment.

Treatment and Staff

Future Visions’ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) lasts approximately seven weeks, followed by a four-week aftercare protocol. Using an evidence-based approach, IOP is comprised of three-hour group sessions that meet four times a week. The groups are co-ed and range between eight and twelve clients. Group topics include relapse prevention, communication skills, the disease concept of alcoholism, guilt and shame. Clients learn about the 12 steps and the Big Book during week one of IOP. Future Visions Programs encourages the attendance at outside recovery support group meetings, including AA/NA and CODA for those with co-dependency issues. The 30-day cost of IOP is $1,875 and the complete program, including aftercare is $3,275.

Future Visions Programs has three chemical dependency professionals on staff, including two CSACs and a LCSW.


Aftercare is one group session per week, lasting for an hour and a half, for four weeks. Substance abuse treatment and educational classes are offered for DUI and criminal justice clients.

In Summary

Those looking for more comprehensive services, including one-on-one dual diagnosis support, might not feel comfortable with Future Visions Programs. Since they encourage 12-step participation, this might be a perfect place for a client who already attends AA/NA meetings, and is seeking affordable supplementary therapy.

Future Visions Programs Location

Future Visions Programs, Inc.
620 M St NE, Ste 2
Auburn, WA 98002

Future Visions Programs Cost

$1,875 (30 days). Reach Future Visions Programs, Inc. by phone at (253) 735-2718 or by email at [email protected]. Find Future Visions Programs at Google+

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  1. Hey REHAB REVIEW… UM that pic is a condo – not Future Visions. They don’t teach 12 step and big book the first week and my insurance paid for most of my treatment – the email is not correct and your negative comment about comprehensive services are wrong too. The only thing you got right was the phone number. They are not a dual diagnosis facility (drug and alcohol only), and IOP is 6 weeks not 7 weeks. You obviously have no clue about treatment because there is no such thing as 4 week aftercare- that would be useless at best. My attorney recommended them because they are very professional and they have had a great reputation for many years. The office manager Jim really knows the insurance stuff well and explained exactly how long my treatment would be and spread my payments out to make it much more affordable for me.

  2. It appears that the staff loves to tell all, even when they appear to be clueless in the gossip they so much love to share. They appear to make up things that makes sense to them, but not really having anything to base it on that is reliable, but this does not stop them from attacking patients with nonsense gossip and rumors. I am that patient, i have been going to this treatment center for almost four months now. I was led to believe this was a much shorter duration, but it appears they make it up as they go along to how much time you will spend. Don’t think for a minute they are open minded, they think you are bad because they need you as bad, and will say anything they need to your employer so as to make them look good and you bad. They will even bring it up in class, so all your peers believe you are bad, i have seen criminals given more credibility then what i have been shown. Each week appears to be worse than the week prior. I think they are trying to push me out of the program by these attacks of my using when i have not. I hate the staff now and i know this will not be changed. my time has grown another two months

    • Apparently Jo Blow its pretty clear to anyone with any common sense that you are bashing them because you got yourself in trouble at work, resent that you have to be there and are blaming them for your mistakes. I am an alumni of Future Visions and it is downright shameful that you would lie terribly like this about them. They have always been serious about helping people who want help even beyond the treatment aspect. The ONLY reason you would get 2 more months treatment is because you are pissing dirty. Its funny how you first say they are trying to push you out then you say they are keeping you there longer. I did a 2 year deferred there and I NEVER saw them treat anyone or call anyone BAD! The counselors are recovering addicts and are very understanding and live what they teach. Even people like me who got a DUI ( one of those criminals you are talking about) are treated like someone with a problem not a criminal and I resent your holier than thou attitude toward people like me. I went to their annual celebration for alumni last year and there was at least 100 people there that have graduated and everyone has been thankful for the love, support and knowledge they give you there. Maybe if you were serious about getting help and stopped using, you might find out that the actually care about you..

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