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With a history dating back to 1995, Phoenix, Arizona’s Friendship Community Mental Health Center specializes in programs for those suffering from mental health disorders, though it offers programs for substance abuse recovery as well. Friendship CMHC offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient counseling services and a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to serve the greater Maricopa County area of Arizona.

Accommodations and Food

Unlike the majority of outpatient programs, both the morning and afternoon sessions at Friendship CMHC provide meals for clients. The early sessions feature continental breakfasts, with offerings like breakfast burritos. For those attending afternoon sessions, hot lunches are catered by local restaurants. On Fridays, Friendship CMHC will often “treat” clients to meals from fast food style restaurants, with meals like Subway sandwiches or pizza. All of Friendship CMHC’s services are hosted in a small office building, with humble rooms for group sessions all set in a single hallway.

Treatment and Staff

Friendship CMHC offers several different programs at their center in Phoenix, each marked by a different level of intensity. The most comprehensive is the PHP, which requires clients to attend group and individual therapy no fewer than three times a day, Monday through Friday. Those attending the morning program typically attend four sessions from 9:15 am to 1:30 pm. Average program length at Friendship CMHC is four to six weeks with tapering intensity, often starting with five sessions a week before scaling back to only two or three.

Those in the afternoon program attend three sessions from 2pm to 4:45 pm. These are typically group-oriented and address topics like anger management, crisis prevention, grief and loss and relapse prevention. Group sizes vary between five and 10, though generally no larger; afternoon sessions typically tend to be smaller as well. Residents specifically seeking help for chemical dependency are advised to attend the morning program, which has specific sessions for these issues.

These sessions may touch on concepts found in 12-step philosophy, but Friendship CMHC is not a predominantly AA-oriented program. Again, those looking for a substance abuse oriented mode of treatment are advised to work out this schedule during their intake and attend the morning sessions which address addiction recovery concepts.

Friendship CMHC can also weave individual sessions into a client’s program when necessary, with individual schedules ultimately determined during each client’s intake session. One-on-one sessions are conducted with an independently licensed therapist. After the initial program is done, residents can enroll in Friendship CMHC’s one-on-one counseling sessions as a transitional aftercare program.

There are nursing staff and a medical doctor on-site at Friendship CMHC, though the doctor does not prescribe medication. Instead, Friendship CMHC works with each resident’s previous primary care provider to continue their medication routine, if any. Potential clients should also be advised that Friendship CMHC cannot begin intake evaluations without a referral from their primary care provider. Despite the medical staff, however, there is no medical detox offered at Friendship CMHC; clients are expected to handle this procedure before beginning their program.


One boon for those considering Friendship CMHC is their flexible pricing plan, which operates on a sliding scale based on income. They also accept a wide variety of insurance plans, which comes part and parcel with Friendship CMHC’s philosophy of coordination with their clients’ primary care providers.

In Summary

For those living in Maricopa County, Friendship CMHC provides a comprehensive and varied program of behavioral health services. Its program is flexible and offers small touches that make it stand out from other outpatient facilities including daily meals, sliding scale payment plans and access to one-on-one counseling sessions. Friendship CMHC allows residents to craft their own schedule, and so provides ample opportunity to tailor programs to meet individual needs.

Friendship Community Health Center Location

Friendship Community
Mental Health Center
c/o Mary Warinner, Community Liaison
730 E Highland Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Friendship Community Health Center Cost

$1,920-$2,560 (30 days average; $160 per morning session, $120 per afternoon session). Reach Friendship Community Health Center by phone at (480) 332-1731 or by email at Find Friendship Community Health Center on Facebook and YouTube

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