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Fremont Youth and Family Services


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With a legacy of providing services to families for over 30 years, Fremont Youth and Family Services is the behavioral health services wing of the governmental programs offered by the city of Fremont, California. Located about 40 miles southeast of San Francisco, the facility offers outpatient substance abuse treatment for clients between the ages of 12 and 18 as well as a host of family programs and services for parents.

Treatment and Staff

While some clients who attend treatment at City of Fremont Youth and Family Services are self-referring, most are there as the result of a probationary measure or first-time juvenile offense charge. Detox services are not available, and those in need of this procedure must complete the process before treatment.

Programs begin after an initial evaluation which includes clients’ families and consist of group therapy once a week at the facility in groups separated by gender. Individual therapy is also held weekly and all of these sessions are led by LADCs. It’s also worth noting that when possible, City of Fremont Youth and Family Services offers on-site counseling for these individual sessions at over 20 Fremont Unified School District sites, as well as at the Fremont Police Department for first-time juvenile offenders or clients seeking treatment as the result of a court mandate. City of Fremont Youth and Family Services does not typically stress 12-step recovery in these sessions though they do give information to their older clients about local meetings.

The facility also offers a separate program for mental health issues, wherein can expect dual diagnosis services and special group sessions that address co-occurring disorders. Most clients participating in the substance abuse program initially come to the facility because of a mental health concern, so the two programs are fairly intertwined.


Typically, the standard outpatient program lasts 10 weeks, though clients can extend this as needed. Following this, aftercare is provided in the form of ongoing individual sessions, either at the City of Fremont Youth and Family Services facility or at the client’s school.

The City of Fremont Youth Empowerment Academy is an annual program this summer with 17 young people participating to earn both elective and work experience high school credits toward graduation.

City of Fremont Youth and Family Services also offers a plethora of additional programs with an emphasis on family recovery. In addition to the family program counseling sessions, a host of parenting classes and workshops also meet each week. Infant day care is provided for families in treatment with children under five years old and adolescent clients and their family members can attend special early intervention alcohol and drug education classes as well.

In Summary

Overall, the Fremont Youth and Family Services offers a basic outpatient program tailored to adolescent clients and their families. As a result, participants can expect an emphasis on family involvement, strong dual-diagnosis support and services that accommodate a variety of schedules schedules, including on-site school counseling. For those in the area, Fremont Youth and Family Services is a great choice for the treatment and early intervention of young people.

Fremont Youth and Family Services Location

City of Fremont Youth and Family Services
39155 Liberty St, Ste E500
Fremont, CA 94538

Fremont Youth and Family Services Cost

Sliding scale. Reach City of Fremont Youth and Family Services by phone at (510) 574-2100. Find City of Fremont Youth and Family Services on Facebook and YouTube

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