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affordable rehabs Aurora-King City canadaThe Basics

Freedom from Addiction is located in a serene setting in the beautiful Aurora-King City area, just north of Toronto, Canada. It provides detox and residential treatment for adults, 18 years and older, who struggle with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Freedom offers 30, 60 and 90-day programs and advocates an approach based on complete abstinence after detox is complete. Based on this philosophy, it is a popular choice for addicts who are struggling to get off methadone or Suboxone.

Accommodations and Food

Freedom’s residential program is located in a beautiful 25-bed 6,000 square foot building. The premises come complete with amenities including beautiful tranquil meeting spaces, an office center with computers and entertainment and TV areas. Clients have private or semi-private rooms with en suite bathrooms.

All meals are prepared on-site by a a gourmet chef and served in the dining room. Clients can also use the well-equipped on-site gym, working with a staff trainer.

Treatment and Staff

Every new resident at Freedom from Addiction receives an individualized treatment plan. On-site medically supervised detox is available and usually lasts three to five days. Clients are monitored around the clock and can transition seamlessly to the residential treatment protocol once they are stable.

Residents have full days of group and individual therapy, psychoeducation groups that address the disease of addiction and peer support meetings. Therapy is CBT-based and also uses the 12-step framework. Clients attend daily 12-step meetings on-site, for which they break off into small gender-specific groups.

The treatment team includes Master’s-level nurses and a medical doctor who specializes in addiction. Staff are also credentialed to provide therapy and medication management for clients with co-occurring disorders, and a psychiatrist visits the campus each week.


Freedom from Addiction treatment also includes acupuncture and massage in treatment plans. It encourages clients’ families to take an active role in their loved one’s recovery. One weekend a month, family members are invited for a weekend of workshops, support meetings and family therapy.

The program also provides a complimentary 12-month aftercare program which includes access to groups and alumni meetings. Additionally, Freedom works with each client to locate outpatient treatment and sober living facilities in their community.

In Summary

Freedom from Addiction has created a solid treatment program dedicated to serving the Toronto area. With all clients residing on its beautiful campus, its community provides evidence-based treatment, with a strong emphasis on the 12-step philosophy and total abstinence.

Freedom from Addiction
33 Victoria St
Aurora, ON L4G 1P9

Freedom from Addiction Cost: $17,300 (30 days). Reach Freedom from Addiction by phone at (888) 241-3391 or email. Find Freedom from Addiction on Facebook, Twitter, Google+Yelp and YouTube

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  1. I left freedom after 60 days of substance dependency and still can not absorb i am free from the evil that lived within me. I open my eyes now and look in the mirror and see the person i saw in the mirror 19 years ago, and ask myself where have i been for 19 years. Alot happened including loss of my loved one when i never even visited them in hospital because i was too busy with my bad habits.
    I cannot look back anymore that is what freedom thought me, because now i need to only look into the future and build myself stronger day by day.

    Let me tell you when i first arrived at freedom i was convinced these people are just wasting my money and time, and how could a counselor who never used drugs can now understand me… my surprise the first counsellor that spoke to me when i felt that i just wanted to run away from there really from the moment he opened his mouth to speak to me changed my life, and a new life was born in me, thank you Kamal, the hope you gave to me the very first day when my world was shattered got me here today, 60 days of freedom which i never thought will come. And more importantly the counselors thought me and counselled me on my new life after leaving freedom rehab. It is a strp by step process of making you clean and strong and the system really woks, let me tell you that i came very close to leaving this world and thought had no return, but this place made a miracle happen in me,

    Maybe for a counsellor is a well trained job, but not here not in freedom, these counsellors are doing it with love care and dedication to change us to live again, to see the truth, to love ourselves, and to wake up seeing a new me, i do not know how i can say thanks to all of them, all the cousellors unbelievably well trained, professional, caring, loving and never ever judged us in any wrong way, specially knowing we have anger management and are mostly in bad mood, still never judged us wrongly, all the staff, all nurses were extraordinarily kind, supportive, and there is only one thing i can say, thank you for accepting me , and for not judging me, and for having faith in me. As my own family abandoned me many years ago, this love i received in freedom made me realize i am worth living.

    Freedom is a family setting, they teach here unity amongst the patients, and this is very important s we patients help and support each other. And further when we leave freedom we have sponsors who we daily interact with, and as well freedom will make all available support resources known to us so we can be supported at all times. We are never alone we talk to them all the time even after we leave because their goal is to make us free forever.

    I am intending to make full use of all AA meetings and sponsors, as i have decided to not return to my past.

    By the way let me tell you that freedom is a very clean motel and amazing chefs and food very delicious and fresh, the personal trainer helped me alot in my fitness goals as well. Many thanks to all the chefs and personal trainer, nurses, counselors, all staff who changed me into new me and made me see the truth, i will give you my word to stsy as strong as i left you guys and only become stronger with the lords will. Amen.

  2. J.D.

    I still cannot believe that i left freedom with 60 days of no usage, this felt like true freedom after 11 years of dependency to opiods.

    For myself i found freedom Of addicton very professional, very caring staff.

    I personally liked the female counsellor very caring and dedicated and she helped me alot with my attacks and obsessions. Although the male counsellors were just as good , however female counsellor was more available in the clinic.

    Food was quite nice and full of varities, and the two chefs did cater for my special taste if i requested.

    Rooms were clean and windows available for fresh air, also i liked the fact that we had freedom to walk out if we chose to stop the rehab treatment, this made my will power stronger to figth against my habits and to know that i am there by my own free will.

    Freedom is very friendly atmosphere and anytime felt confused or depressed there were nurses available to confort me, even everyone in the group we helped each other when one of us felt in need of speaking about what bothered them.

    The fact that freedom was a more private place and bit smaller in capacity than other big rehabs i found to be a big bonus because it became more personal more private and the counsellors had more time to spend with us, as bigger rehabs become less personal. Freedom felt at home, the right home after 11 years of my suffering a and dependency.

    I like to thank Franco very much for running freedom and his amazing staff and amazing beautiful nurses and counselors who took very well care of me.

  3. Indeed it is a great place with great staff and really caring counselors, i just left freedom of adcition after 60 days stay, and found this rehab by far much more soothing that the other 3 rehabs i have stayed at this year. I found nurse Arlene, Luca and Lisa very caring and catered my needs as a woman whenever I required anything.

    I found the male counsellor very caring and compassionate which healed my wounds deep inside when he counseled me.

    I feel much better now than ever, as i did not find happiness in my 3 other rehabs stay in B.C.

    It was the compassion and care of staff of freedom of addiction center that made all the difference,

    I thank you all specially the nurses and counselors.


  4. I want to say thank you to the counsellors and nurses at the aurora freedom of addiction center, for accepting to work with my addict brother and to put all their efforts into making him free from drugs. For the nurses and counselors and staff that work in this kind of setting we cannot undermine their sacrifices for willing to work with a culturally rejected addict when we as family members who love our addict family member unconditionally, could not even cope with the.

    We have to understand that the staff working in this center specially the nurses and counselors are making a difference in the lives of our addict family members by truly sacrificing their own peace as the nurses and counselors are continously under emotional attack from our addict loved ones. Truly i admire nurses and counselors that work in this center because not even one minute they neglected my addict brother nor my family by continously dedicating their full attention into making us feel at comfort and making my heavy drug dependent brother free of drugs until now, this is a miracle and it is because of their hard work. Every one additional day that our loved ones are free of addiction is a miracle that is because of the hard work of these nurses and counselors.

    I have met nurse Lisa in person and counselor Vincent in person so far , and i cannot express enough gratitude towards their kind hearts , genuinely calming and motivating personality, i apologize if i do not recall the names of the other two nurses i met last sunday who were very kind and supportive and calming comforting and motivating as well.

    When counselor Vincent was talking to me last Minday and trying to give me reassurance that he will take the best care of my brother i saw tears in his eyes after i very briefly told him about the story of my brother, i saw the kindness and genuineness of counsellor vincent and he immediately took me to nurse Lisa for more reassurance and comfort, this meant the world to me, because i felt deep inside that they considered my brother their own brother, when i said Goodbye to counselor Vincent he told me Miss Elli please understand he is you brother however for me he is human being that is in deep trouble and i am here to do all in my power to save his life. This statement of him in my opinion is worth a billion dollars , because his words with the watery eyes he had gave me all the positive energy that i needed to transmit to my mother and sister brother and aunts, many many thanks to the nurse who attended to me and my brother Reza last Sunday in a
    Long conversation and Nurse Lisa and Counsellor Vincent, you are the best, may god make your lives filled with the best rewards eternally and fullfill all your moments with hapiness. Amen

  5. We’ve just completed formal de-briefing, and will be sending another “client” within the next 18 months. If the staff at this facility treats individuals with actual substance use disorders the same way as they treated the actress we sent to gather information, it’s a complete lawsuit waiting to happen.
    Interacting with people who pay money to receive treatment as if they are children is unethical and detrimental. We understand you are being hired by adults, and as such they will live up to the standard set for them.

  6. I just spent 30 days at Freedom. I found the program to be very good indeed – for me. My family is benefitting tremendously as well. BOTH the 12 step program is taught ALONG with 1 on 1 counselling. This is critical. A lot of rehabs do not offer this service. The combination worked extraordinarily well for me. There is a pace to Freedom that allows you to really absorb what you’re been taught. Interaction with other clients is also key to the experience.

    As with all rehabs, there are rules and while I didn’t have any infractions, if you take things too slowly and don’t show up on time, there are consequences. These include taking away phone privileges.

    My counsellors were excellent and were able to probe deep into my psyche. Other staff (some who are in recovery) provided me with great insight.

    There is a lot of sharing and you really can get very tight with your group.

    I found the food to be good and the chefs were very accommodating (I try and eat mostly veggie).

    I am attending weekly aftercare meetings to stay in touch with my group. My wife goes upstairs with families and learns more about addiction and finds them very useful indeed.

    Overall, I found the staff to be attentive and the entire experience to be very beneficial. I enjoyed the AA meetings that we went to off site (once per week). I am now actively looking at all types of support including Smart Recovery.

  7. People say its a great program were I found different for myself…The staff there including there counselors I found to be very uneducated what I mean by this is how can someone help you that hasn’t been down the road themselves…I was there in year of 2016-2017 they had staff that that had just graduated from a one year course in addiction and recovery…A client paid $15,ooo dollars non refundable and was allowed to go on visit offsite with girlfriend that client use to get high with…I find this very unprofessional when family member that paid for the program made it known for them not to allow any visits other than direct family…You guessed it client ended up using with girlfriend,sent back to jail because the program was court ordered and yes his father ended up not only having his son sent to jail but also lost his $15,000 dollars..The counselor that allowed him to go for visit was a security guard there before he became a counselor…Very unprofessionally run by staff in my opinion were one in charge of the counselors is not a recovering addict including any of person direct family…

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