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Founded in 1975, Four County Counseling Center is an expansive, non-profit organization that provides outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for behavioral health to Cass, Pulaski, Fulton and Miami counties in Indiana. Though focused on those four counties, the organization does provide treatment to other Indiana residents as well. It also offers a number of other services such as home-based care, case management and in-school behavioral health services.

Treatment and Staff

In both the outpatient and IOP, adults are treated using evidence-based modalities, such as CBT and psychotherapy, in the form of individualgroup, couples and family therapy from a person-centered perspective. Though each program is individualized, an introduction to 12-step principles is generally part of all programs. Groups cover a number of addiction-related topics, including dual diagnosis, relapse prevention and women’s-specific groups. Billignual groups are also available as is medication management, if necessary. For younger clientele, Four County Counseling Center offers play therapy.

Staff includes a diverse team of RNs, MDs, psychiatrists, case managers, Master’s-level counselors and LCSWs.


In addition to counseling for children and adolescents in a clinical context, the organization offers the same assistance as a home and school-based services. Groups addressing domestic violence are also available as are residential programs severe mental illnesses.

Although basic psychiatric issues can be handled concurrently with substance abuse treatment, clients can attend therapy as a stand alone service. Finally, supported employment services are available, serving as a liaison between those recovering from mental illness and local businesses.

In Summary

Across its many locations, Four County Counseling Center provides solid and convenient outpatient care to Northwest Indiana. Aside from addiction treatment, the organization offers a number of options designed geared towards those with mental illness and other behavioral issues; making it an ideal place for those struggling with co-occuring issues. For clients in need of more intensive care, the IOP may be a great option. In all, Four County Counseling Center provides all the necessary tools for beginning a life of sobriety.

Four County Counseling Center Locations

Four County Counseling Center
118 N Sally Dr
Winamac, IN 46996

408 North St
Logansport, IN 46947

401 E 8th St
Rochester, IN 46975

1000 N Broadway #A
Peru, IN 46970

118 N. Sally Dr
Winamac, IN 46996

1948 West Blvd
Kokomo, IN 46902

Four County Counseling Center Cost

Varies by insurance. Reach Four County Counseling Center at (574) 722-5151. Find Four County Counseling Center on Twitter and Facebook

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