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4-circles-recovery-centerFour Circles Recovery Center Review

Four Circles Recovery Center, part of CRC Health Group, is a hybrid of residential treatment and a wilderness therapy program. Located in Horse Shoe, North Carolina, a small town just 15 minutes from Asheville, this facility offers the best of both worlds—a full clinical program and week-long trips into the Blue Ridge Mountains. Through this blend of therapies, young adults between the ages of 18 and 28 acquire a wide variety of tools to tackle addiction, substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues.

Accommodations and Food

With beautiful trees, ponds and miles of clear blue sky in every direction, Four Circles Recovery Center feels more like a woodsy getaway than an institutional boot camp. When clients are not off hiking and camping, they are living in gender-specific homes. The wooden, single-level houses hold up to 18 clients at a time and feature earthy color tones and lots of natural light. The bedrooms are very large, holding between three and four clients a time. Each resident is assigned a single bed with space underneath for personal belongings. The homes also have laundry rooms, kitchens and plenty of space for therapy. While TVs can be found in the living rooms, they can only be used once a week during movie night; Facebook and cell phones are banned.

When clients are not living in the residential facilities, they are out camping in the wilderness for four to 14 days, returning home to shower. During this period of treatment, they learn how to set up camp as well as cook for themselves in the wild.

Meal times in the homes are also a hands-on experience. The kitchens come fully stocked with nutritious options, allowing clients to create their recipes of choice. Typically, group members take turns doing the cooking and cleaning each week. By working in a group, clients learn how to communicate and help one another; staff members also pitch in to teach cooking skills when necessary.

For physical fitness, the homes have small workout rooms equipped with weights and stationary machines. Residents can also engage in many outdoor activities, such as ropes courses and long hikes. There is plenty of space to sit outside and relax on the porch, but smoking is prohibited; nicotine patches can be provided for those who need them.


Four Circles Recovery Center  requires a minimum commitment of 60 days, although some clients stay up to five months at a time. While on-site detox is not offered, arrangements with a local facility can be made prior to admission. Under the guidance of medical doctors, nurses, counselors and therapists, clients are immersed in gender-specific therapy and experiential wilderness activities. While women venture into the woods for periods of two-to-seven days at a time, the men spend at least half of their time in the wilderness for periods up to two weeks.

No matter where the clients are, they see therapists four times a week for group and individual counseling. Some of the topics discussed in groups include body image, anger management, healthy relationships, career planning, relapse prevention, codependency, self-esteem and trauma. When it comes to family involvement, conference calls with the primary therapist occur once a week.

Residents have access to daily AA/NA meetings that, through the experience of a recovery-based community, help them gain insight on how to live a sober life. In addition to the 12 steps, clients participate in such activities as meditation, journaling, art therapy and martial arts.

Prior to discharge, clients spend a week engaging in solo activities that put their new life skills to use. When this is completed, they focus on creating a strong aftercare plan. With the help of their therapist, a support system, 12-step fellowships and continuing care programs are mapped out.

In Summary

Four Circles Recovery Center is a great option for young adults looking to embrace nature as they work through their issues. With a home-like setting, gender-specific treatment, 12 step meetings and experiential activities, they have a wide range of support for their sobriety.

Four Circles Recovery Center Location

156 Clear Crossing Ln
Horse Shoe, NC 28742

Four Circles Recovery Center Cost

$32,000 (60 days). Reach Four Circles Recovery Center by phone at (877) 893-2221. Find Four Circles Recovery Center on Facebook

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  1. As an employee who worked there, I can tell you most of what is advertised is an egregious lie. Admissions lies dramatically about what you will have here, but the main concern is that most of the program advertisements lie and misrepresent what you’ll actually do. Clients are not cared for in a way that is appropriate for their needs.

    • As an employee that also worked there, I can tell you that the above comment is from a very disgruntled and entitled person. This same person does not have the education or background knowledge to be able to say “Clients are not cared for in a way that is appropriate for their needs.” things like this get said when certain types of people don’t get their demands met.

  2. Dale Ethridge on

    Our son attended but left the program after a short stay. There were 30 minute counseling sessions only to ask how was doing outside. The hikers are not counselor.

    We first believed that our son was exaggerating. However, we met others who attended and completed the program. They were left with a lot of debt and little skills to cope. They substantiated what our son had said.

    • Randa Alawar Westland on

      We are considering this place for our son, since it is more affordable than other wilderness programs. But after reading your comment, I’M REALLY CONCERNED!
      I don’t want to give my son a bad experience….

  3. Majority of this is a complete lie.
    1. It says your out in the wildreness for 4 -14 days. False. You are out 14 days everytime.
    2. Says you come back to shower. False. the 14 days you are out there you won’t get one shower.
    3. Says you see a therapist 4 times per week. False. You get 1, 30 minute session with your therapist per week. Group sessions are with your guides who have no training in that area.
    4. Says food is good. B*** S*** food is awful. You will be hungry.
    5. You will be completely miserable. Majority of people there are there because the court forced them. If you have a choice. DO NOT GO HERE. I REPEAT. DO NOT GO HERE. The very nice place you see in all the pictures is where all the main people work. You rarely go in there. They don’t show you where you stay on base because it’s gross. literally trash. This place costing $1,800 a day (without insurance) is complete robbery. You get one call home once every three weeks. You’re therapist calls them before hand to fill them in. So when you tell them how much of a s*** hole the place is they won’t believe you because the therapist just told him or her how lovely it is. When you try to leave it’s hell. They make you spend hours on end filling out paperwork. literally all. day. long. Please help yourself and find somewhere that cares about your well being rather than their pockets.

  4. RE Martin and Associates on

    I have conducted interventions that resulted in successfully placing young adults in this excellent program.

  5. Hi,
    Would you be able to admit a young adult girls(31yrs) who have very low self esteem? She is my daughter and we live in South Africa.

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