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Footprints Beachside RecoveryThe Basics

Footprints Beachside Recovery is a 12-step treatment facility in Treasure Island, Florida, a small beachfront community about eight miles west of St. Petersburg. Opened in 2008, Footprints was recently listed on the National Registry of Effective Programs, a gold standard list administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Accommodations and Food

The accommodations are simple, contemporary and reflect the casual ambience of the surrounding beachfront. The bedrooms, which clients share with one other person, contain twin beds, nightstands, potted plants and vintage lamps. The common area boasts hardwood floors and walls painted a soothing pale blue, along with big black leather couches, plants and a glass coffee table. There are also outdoor therapy areas with comfortable beach chairs and a vintage Spanish fountain.

Staff members take clients grocery shopping off-site. A nutritionist helps select healthy ingredients that clients then cook themselves.

Treatment and Staff

Footprints offers beds for 14 clients, with the treatment program divided into 30, 60 and 90 day stays. Since treatment is individualized, program length varies from one to three months, although the basic structure stays the same. The facility offers group, individual, trauma, family and expressive arts therapy, as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming Hypnosis (NLP). There is also drumming and meditative therapy, relapse prevention therapy, addiction education and medication management. Clients attend a minimum of two individual sessions per week, as well as both on-site and off-site AA meetings. In addition, there is an on-site MD who specializes in opiate detox.

A typical day at Footprints includes waking up at 7 am, followed by breakfast at 8. The morning is spent in addiction and relapse prevention courses, as well as in NLP and group therapy. Lunch is at noon, after which there are more therapy and exercise. Dinner is at 6 pm, followed by AA at 7 (either on- or off-site). Free time is from 9 to 10:30 pm, with lights out at 11.

The staff is highly credentialed with degrees ranging from LMHC, LCSW to CAP and one MD.


There are plenty of extras at Footprints, including therapeutic yoga twice a week on the beach. Recreational activities include fishing, paddle boarding, beach walks, bowling and optional spa services for massages. An off-site gym allows Footprints’ clients to work out for free. Cell phones and computers are allowed, as is TV watching during free times. There is no pool, but since the facility is on the beach, clients can swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Yoga is an important part of the program, as is expressive arts therapy, which combines visual arts, music and writing.

Visiting hours are Sundays from 12 to 5 pm. The family program changes from week to week but involves group therapy with the clients.

In Summary

Footprints’ friendly staff and affluent beachside community make it a serene place to get sober. The mix of traditional and progressive therapy treatments offers clients the flexibility to experiment. Its innovative program and scenic surroundings make it an attractive option at a comparatively reasonable price point.

Footprints Beachside Recovery
151 107th Avenue #13
Treasure Island, FL 33706

Footprints Beachside Recovery Cost: $15,000 (30 days). Reach Footprints Beachside Recovery by phone at (877) 954-3908 or by email at [email protected]. Find Footprints Beachside Recovery on Facebook or Twitter

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  1. I thought I was a hopeless case. I had tried getting sober previously but ended up in a worse predicament than before. My life was in shambles and I just didn’t know what to do to get out of it. I called Footprints Beachside Recovery to enter rehab. I was a wreck and withdrawing terribly. Every single person at this rehab facility was so supportive and encouraging. I had days where I felt like I just could not go on any longer, the staff was there for me. The therapists at Footprints are some of the most caring individuals I have ever met. I honestly do not believe I would be alive to write this message today if it was not for all of their support. I was at the end of my rope. You can choose a rehab based on the amenities they have or whatever appeals to you most. Footprints has incredible amenities, but that’s not why I am so grateful I chose this rehab, it’s because of the staff. I truly believe that is what’s going to matter when it comes down to getting and staying sober. Today I have over a year of sobriety, I have my life back. Entering rehab I truly did not believe I would ever get my family back, have a decent job again, be able to love myself. I have all of that today and more. I can not thank John Templeton and the Footprints staff enough for helping me in my journey, they are like a family to me. If you are struggling with addiction just know that there is hope, no matter how little that hope may seem, it will continue to grow with the help of compassionate people.

  2. Shannon Herness on

    After three months of research I decided that Footprints was the right place for me to get my life back. It was the best decision I have ever made. I was scared, alone, drug addicted, mentally unstable, a hopeless human being when I first arrived at Footprints. I knew I wanted to change my life but I had no clue how to do that.

    Footprints offers not only a therapeutic approach but a holistic one as well. Holistic approaches include yoga, acupuncture, expressive arts, personal training, massage and nature days. Therapeutic approaches include two individual counseling sessions per week, DBT (dialectic behavioral therapy), gender specific groups, family dynamics, psychodrama, self esteem building and a safe environment to process the most sensitive of topics.

    Footprints is not a corporate run, money hungry, turn and burn institution. Footprints is a family owned, boutique style inpatient treatment center that truly cares about every client. I was made to feel like a family member. Specifically, John Templeton was there for me from the beginning to the end and his door was always open. John’s door is still open for me to this day.

    Today I am six months clean and sober. This is the longest period of sobriety I have had in 25 years. I have a new life. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. I could not be more grateful I chose Footprints. It has been and continues to be everything I wanted and more. I am truly grateful to John and Footprints for helping me and supporting me in my sobriety. I know I did a ton of work but without this wonderful place and the amazing people that work there I couldn’t have made it to where I am today.

  3. Brittany Ramirez on

    Footprints literally changed my life! I have been to quite a few treatment centers and none of them even compared to my stay here! They have an incredible clinical staff and I learned not only how to stay sober, but how to live sober! Being able to identify the things that trigger me! I finally feel secure enough to push myself to my full potential! I can honestly say this was the best decision I could have possibly made for me and my family! I met some amazing people and made memories that I will take with me forever! John and his staff genuinely care about each client and within 5 minutes of being there I knew I was in the right where I needed to be! I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with addiction! There is a solution and I’m blessed I got the opportunity to find that out! This was truly an amazing experience, being so close to the beach and being at such a beautiful location made all the difference. I am forever grateful for footprints and everything they have taught me!

  4. I sent my 20 year old daughter to Footprints and after being somewhat experienced in this arena, I can say that this is a one of a kind, top notch treatment center that provides above-and-beyond care and programming to it’s clients. The accommodations are beautiful, as is the gorgeous and relaxing beach next door, however, the best part of this program in my opinion are the caring and talented therapists, tecs and administration who work with the clients on a daily basis. John Templeton, president/owner, cares about each and every client and always does what he thinks is in the clients best interest. A substance abuse treatment program is only as good as the therapy (group and individual) and care provided, because young people’s drug use is often a symptom of a greater problem they are facing such as loss of self-esteem, anxiety or depression, being in an abusive dating relationship, etc. This program goes way beyond the typical focus of many highly regarded conventional programs which focus more on teaching “do not do drugs, this is why you don’t do drugs, this is how you stay away from triggers so you don’t do drugs “. At Footprints, during individual and group therapy, all of these conventional things are addressed, but the focus is often on the root of the problems people -or the individual – are facing. I say this because my daughter attended an excellent and prominent out of state rehab that did provide an excellent program. Unfortunately, many people with addictions do relapse for varying reasons. My daughter did just one month after a very successful 60 day stay at this other rehab. I ended up bringing my daughter to Footprints upon first sign of relapse, based upon the highest recommendation of a prominent Tampa, Fl therapist my daughter went to who had been the former Clinical Director at Footprints. My daughter did not want to go, she fought going back to another rehab, and ultimately, she ended up having a very meaningful and life changing experience while there. I can say with confidence that all the therapists were very good, and the individual therapy my daughter received from EJ was exceptional; it was something that my daughter felt helped her most in exploring the root of her addiction. Another great thing about Footprints is that a parent can sleep at night knowing that everyone there really cares about his/her child. The clients are treated with respect and dignity, like adults and quality human beings, even when the clients may not feel that way about themselves or always act themselves. I can’t thank Footprints enough for their quality program, for being there for my child even when she wasn’t there for herself and for helping my daughter to progress along the way to her recovery.

  5. My experience at Footprints Beachside Recovery was life changing!! I wish I had done it years ago. After the substance is put down..its time to work on all the rest. Why you do it.. how to change your thinking.. replacing the old habits with new habits!! Living on the beach was an awesome bonus!!
    I can’t thank John and his entire staff enough for helping me through the hardest time in my life. I go periodically to Footprints..even after my 30 days in order to maintain accountiblity and continue learning. Having my life back and more is just priceless!!

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