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Florida Center for RecoveryThe Basics

Located in the small beachside community of Fort Pierce, the Florida Center for Recovery has been providing comprehensive treatment since 2002 for individuals struggling with substance abuse, process addictions and related mental health conditions.

Accommodations and Food

The Florida Center for Recovery is located on 12 acres of private land on the Treasure Coast of Florida. 72 men and women are housed according to gender in dormitories with double occupancy rooms. Several separate buildings accommodate the detox center, therapeutic center, dining halls, lounges and games rooms. Television is allowed here during down time, but cell phones and personal computers are not.

The grounds are accessible and expansive including a Zen waterfall for meditation, horseshoe throwing on the lawn, basketball and volleyball courts and an organic garden.

A four-star chef prepares all of the meals with the assistance of a nutritionist and vegetarian options are always offered.

Treatment and Staff

Detox and medical stabilization occur on the premises, supervised by a doctor from the local hospital, and every client undergoes an extensive addiction treatment assessment on admission. A board-certified physician, a licensed psychologist, drug and alcohol counselors and a certified trauma therapist work together to create individualized therapeutic protocols in order to treat the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the disease of addiction.

The 45-day residential treatment program combines traditional and holistic therapies with 12-step ideology and SMART Recovery. Clients participate in a structured six-day-a-week program, six hours a day, with 12-step meetings scheduled in the evenings. Daily group therapy is augmented with weekly individual sessions and a family program. Clients take part in grief and loss counseling, recreational and art therapy and relapse prevention and addiction classes. In addition, the Florida Center for Recovery makes spiritual counseling, yoga and meditation, chiropractic care and acupuncture a part of the schedule.


Organized meditation, the serenity bed, art therapy, chiropractic care, auricular acupuncture, personal training, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts and beach days are some of the extras offered at the Florida Center for Recovery.

In Summary

The goal here is to create a comprehensive individualized treatment protocol that treats the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the disease, utilizing both traditional and holistic therapies. The inclusion of a wealth of alternative therapies in the programming at the Florida Center for Recovery make it an attractive option at a reasonable price—especially for those who object to 12-step higher power ideology.

Florida Center for Recovery Inc.
2451 West Midway Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34981

Florida Recovery Center Cost: $17,500 (45 days). Reach the Florida Recovery Center by phone at (772) 460-2777. Find the Florida Recovery Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. 43 days clean and love it. Best desision to go to rehab and glad that I chose florida center. The rules werent that bad and I knew they were for my benefits so no big deal. Hey listen if you want to continue what you were doing before rehab why are you in rehab to start with. Thats how I look at it. I wanted to write about the place and the people as soon as I got out, but you know how life is. They tell everyone that is leaving the place to talk to them, anyone at the center about the good and the bads. They really want to know what the people getting out are thinking. I liked the fact that they encourage everyone to post about their experience online no matter good or bad and thats how they improve the place. So here it is.
    I love the people, the place is nice but nothing fancy like where the movie starts probably go but it modern and newly done. The food is definately ok. No problem there. Everyday new stuff and healthy too. sometimes too healthy for my taste specially the steamed vegetables. Not a vegetable eater what can I say.
    The doctor and nurses and the therapists I dealth with were all super nice and they really cared. If there is anyuthing I want changed is this. Lets get out and do some more stuff outdoor. Enough of inside stuff specially when basketball and volley ball and table tennis is not your thing.
    Over all they did what I wanted them to do. Get me clean and get me out of there back to work.
    Thank you all

    Dave L

    • Hi! I went there 5 years ago and have been sober since the day I walked out the door. I’m just so curious.. we used to have to run to the payphones after group to make our phone calls with phone cards that were almost impossible to find anywhere to purchase and the phones didn’t work most the time (mostly bc of ppl abusing the hell out of them when Mommy/Daddy/hubby wouldn’t come get them) so what do they use for phones now? I heard the payphones were taken out?
      Ps this was the only single bad thing about this place. I owe FCR my life. I now have the most beautiful family job home and relationships. I left the person I was back there in Florida!! Thanks!

  2. Joe Markenny on

    This place worked for me. Didn’t like everything there, pretty tough rules sometimes but it was good for me. I needed the direction and some tough love which I got. Dont get me wrong the people are nice and everything. I just was looking for more freedon to do some of my things that they said were against the rules. I am clean now and happy that I went for the rehab. Love you florida center people 🙂

    Joe (the sleepy one) (joke, but I thought it makes you remember who I am)

  3. All of you guys and girls sick of your life and trying to just get clean and get your old life back. I know what you are going through and I have been there. I went to florida center myself two years ago in January and last month. I sent my son there about two months ago and last month his girlfriend got admitted there too. Just believe me when I say they have been having a crazy life for the past 8 or 9 months, before getting into rehab. I have been pushing them to do what I did. To get help. And finally they accepted that they needed help. I decided to write about my experience and how my life was changed there, after reading some of the reviews. I trust this place. If you are looking and don’t know of another trusted place, all I am saying is that here is one. I don’t care where you go. I can tell you this is not one of those places you go in and do your time and come out unchanged. If I could change my life in this place, anybody can. Yes they are strict and I didn’t like their rules at first. Now I know better. It is called discipline. You will see that they have no problem throwing you out if you are not following the rules. They are not after your money. I can tell you that much. They want you to get clean. Clear and simple. That’s what I wanted, and that’s what I want for my son and his girl friend now. Good luck to all of you.

  4. I just got discharged yesterday and I have to say I love you guys. Specially thank you Chris, but every one of you guys are really awesome. I am pumped up and I see a new life ahead, as Chris always told me.
    I will be in touch and anyway coming back next month to see my dad and will stop by.

    Billy K R

  5. I went to FCR 2 years ago for my addiction to heroin and I know for sure that am here today because of this place. They saved my marriage and my life. When I think that I could have been dead if I had not got treatment when I did, I feel I am given a second chance in life. The day I entered rehab I was at the lowest point of my life. I don’t remember many of the things that happened that day. My wife took me there and she later told me she didn’t know if she wanted to stay in the marriage afterward. I must have cleaned up pretty good because when she visited me after a few weeks, she was very supportive of my efforts and for the first time for a long time we really enjoyed having each other and being with each other.
    After I got out, I did every thing I was thought to stay sober. The people there were really awesome and I remember my therapist Barbara who totally understood what I was going through. Some how I trusted her and trusting someone was something I that had not done for a long time. I will never forget her and my whole experience in there.
    So tonight I thought of thanking Barbara and all those who cared for me and a bunch of others that were there with me in FCR.
    Great job guys and keep up the good work, and please know that what you do matters. I know there are so many people out there that owe you their lives. As I said I am one of them.
    My friend’s girlfriend Jenny came there too. She is not with my friend any more but she was clean and sober for as long a year after recovery that I saw her with my friend.
    Thank you for all you did for me and all you continue doing for others.
    Bill S.

  6. I am David and I am an alcoholic. Now it feels good to say that. Probably I have been an alcoholic for the past 15 years or so and I always denied it. I must say my last rehab that I finished two weeks ago – I had one 3 years ago – changed every thing for me. My rehab time at fcr was nothing even close to what I expected. I really thought rehab would be the time that I have to put in for my drinking and my mistakes. I thought just go through it again and when done, I can tell everyone that you see, I did everything but nothing works, so its not my fault. Its life and it is what it is. But I can tell everyone that thinks like me now that it changed my life in ways that I didn’t even know it was possible. After the first week or so, I actually was looking forward to my day at the center. I made so many friends and think I even was helping others at the end. I know now that alcoholism is a diseas that can be dealt with and it is not a defect in personality. I know I can have my job, my family and live a happy life without the bottle. I know how to deal with the temptations of drinking when I get them. I get them, believe me, but now as I learned at the center, I acknowledge it and change my thought, my surrounding even for a short time and it has worked for me so far. It can work for you too. Just try it, anywhere you find a good reputable rehab. Just ask around and do your homework. My rehab was with fcr or florida center recovery. I am here writing this to thank them and maybe I can reach out to somebody else that is where I was a few months ago. I want to thank my therapist Christopher for his support and his caring. I want to thank Marcia that spent so many hours listening to me. And Connie, you made me cry when I was leaving because you started crying. I know I will be successful because I know there are so many people who really care for me and what happens to me.
    I am going to keep in touch with every one of you as I promissed. So long for now and yes I am stopping by in a year to tell you guys that your hard work paid off and how great I am doing. Promise.

    Thanks to all of you,

    You will need serious Physchitric care for years if you do!

    For three years Ive wanted to tell my story. I’m so happy to know that I was not dillusional about what happened to to me while at this facility. The testimonials above are completely accurate.
    I never saw a doctor while I was there. They lied to me about returning my cell phone after 3 days. They had pay phones that didn’t even work. I ended up in the hospital on my second day, I was unable to take the detox medication that had been prescribed,. After returning to the center, I was informed that there was no other medication written for me except Valium. And that would be discontinued on the third day. I literally only had water from the bathroom sink to drink. I could not stand up or walk due to being so drugged up with Valium and Haladol. I begged for them to call my husband and they refused. Ultimately I ended up resorting to slicing my wrist to get their attention. The nurse on staff made the comment ” that’s just superficial!” But thankfully someone called the police. I was once again taken to the hospital and later sent to a Physchitric hospital. My husband was never informed as to what was going on. He flew to Florida and picked me up from the Physc. Hospital. I later returned to get my luggage, but my wallet and cell phone were locked in a safe. The owners were the only ones who had access to the safe and could not be reached. We had to stay in Florida an extra 2 days to retrieve my wallet. But no cell phone! I could not fly home without my ID. They later shipped my phone back to me. In a bag with astringent. The bag leaked and destroyed my brand new iPhone. To say the least, I can’t believe this place is still open!

    • Kimberley English on

      You may not be “dillusional”, but you’re certainly delusional. FCR not only saved my life, but they saved my marriage, too. BTW, they no longer have payphones and you get your I.D. and phone back when you leave. Sounds like you would have quit before the 45 days anyway. Did you relapse yet?

      • Wow. Nice support from a fellow addict. After reading this, it sounds like the reply was not written by Kimberley English but Stacy who works for FCR. I’ve had the “pleasure” of experiencing her today. Such a bitch.

    • I was there only for 31 days in Nov and Dec 2016. I was there reluctantly at first but now, I thank god every day that my wife didn’t take no from me as an answer and pushed me to get help. I’ve seen with my own eyes the type of people who arrive there. I was one of them, but not as crazy as a lot of the other ones. They lie, they have attitude, they will do everything in their power to make life miserable for the poor people who work there. Natalie, I am sorry to say this, but probably you were one of them. You didn’t want to be there and you blamed the staff and the doctor, which he is there by the way, believe me I saw him and the very first day I argued with him. Anyway, I give credit for the life I have today to my God, my wife and the staff of the florida center. I don’t think you are lying. I think you needed help more than just for your addiction, based on perhaps years of psychological problems and you were not ready to accept it. You almost committed suicide. That is serious and your mental health is something that you should continue following up on.
      I’m sorry for what you went through but what you think about this place is simply not the reality. They save lives and they do it persistently and patiently. I am the proof of it. I recommend and have recommended them to members of my family and anybody else that needs help.
      I thank every one of the people working there that I came in contact with, specially Jose. Thank you Jose for all those conversations and words of wisdom. By the way, I bought the Mustang that I was telling you about.

      Jerry M

    • Roger troost on

      I had a person I cared about go into this rehab multiple times only to constantly relapse. Their mental health issues we’re not properly addressed. I was told this person witnessed clients having sex with each other. Clients overdosing right out of rehab and dying. The owner and his with used manipulation by offering the client gifts or to take shopping and buying things to get them to accept going to the program. The term we are your family is used which is a psuedo term because real family exist. Confidentiality was breached and relayed back to the client who deals with manic dreppressive disorder. The client was regularly released with no aftercare set up, no guidance on after care. No communication to significant other? It’s about insurance money and when I told a staff member are you aware clients are having sex at your residential complex. They said yes it happens? I said that’s unacceptable and shows incompetence by staff and owners. This place only shows good reviews which is misleading to the public. Clients die frequently as soon as they leave the program, sex between clients should never be allowed, alcohol, drugs are still used. No to poor after care. In my opinion it’s a joke. There is no full time psychologist or psychiatrist. This place needs to be investigated by the state. Would love to know the real truth. How many never improve do to not getting mental health issues addressed.

  8. This is the absolute worst facility for any human being..they are extremely unprofessional and physician assessment…this statement disgusts me …I layed on a filthly dirty bathroom floor for a week detoxing with the only supervision being my roommate who was stuggling horribly herself My counselor Cynthia was horrible. SAVE YOUR LIFE AND MONEY AND NEVER MAKE A DECISION TO ENTER THIS FACILITY. AS I MYSELF HAD TO DEMAND TO BE BROUGHT TO THE HOSPITAL AND ADMITTED FOR A WEEK DUE TO TOXICITY OF A DRUG THEY DECIDED TO WAY OVERDOSE AND WAS ALMOST IN CARDIAC ARREST ONE MORE DOSE AND I MAY NOT BE HERE TODAY SERIOUSLY DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND RESEARCH BEFORE SIGNING YOURSELF OR LOVED ONE INTO THIS FACILITY…They never even made my family aware that I had been admitted to the hospital … By gods grace I was released on MEDICAL ISSUES …they also chose to write such a horrible report to me about my behavior which NONE OF THESE THINGS WERE TRUE ….PATHETIC AND AGREE WITH OTHERS JUST OUT FOR YOUR MONEY NOTHING MORE AND I ONLY SAW A DOCTOR ONCE TWO WEEKS AFTER ADMISSION

  9. I must agree with Scott, when I asked to get a case of water they told me I could buy it out of the soda machine for a dollar a bottle and they have a cigarette machine for $8 a pack and they cost $5 at the store the food is all frozen crap and the promotional video’s are the staff pretending to be clients what a load of crap this place is a SH!t hole believe me


  10. Scott crackhead on

    This facility is run by a bunch of former crackheads, pumps and meth addicts that care about little else than lining their pockets with as much of your savings as possible. Avoid at all costs!!!

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