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Florence Crittenton AgencyFlorence Crittenton Agency Review

Located in Knoxville, the third largest city in Tennessee, the Florence Crittenton Agency (FCA) offers residential and outpatient treatment programs for female and male adolescents ages 13 to 18. It was founded in 1896 by a group of community leaders in Knoxville who established a home for women in crisis. The facility modeled its program on the work of the Florence Crittenton Mission in Washington, D.C.

Accommodations and Food

FCA is located on 26 wooded acres that overlook the Great Smokey Mountains. Six buildings house academic and recreational facilities for residential clients, as well as clinical and administrative offices for inpatient, outpatient and community-based programs.

There are two residential buildings. One building is for adolescents in the Crittenton Youth Residential Services program. This building has 32 beds for girls ages 13 to 18 with moderate to severe emotional, behavioral or substance abuse issues. The second building is a two-story residential structure that serves teenage clients in the Youth Summit of Recovery inpatient substance and abuse treatment program. This building provides a total of 20 beds in separate facilities for male and female adolescents.

FCA also provides its own on-campus school, New Pathways Academy. The school has classrooms, faculty offices, a library, a computer lab and recreation facilities. Along with the school, it also has a ropes course, a 40-foot climbing tower, dining hall and gymnasium.

The food is in compliance with the USDA dietary guidelines and recommendations. The food service staff cooks most items from “scratch” and meet the nutritional/dietary needs of the clients.

Treatment and Staff

The two programs in FCA that counsel on alcohol and substance abuse treatment are the inpatient program Youth Summit of Recovery and the outpatient program Square One.

Youth Summit of Recovery provides an intensive, 60-day maximum, evidence-based alcohol and drug treatment. This is the only program for dual diagnosis adolescents in the entire state. In order to be admitted clients must have a substance-related disorder or a co-occurring substance related behavior and mental disorder. The program utilizes tools such as comprehensive assessment, individual and group therapy, alcohol and drug education, support groups, medication management and aftercare.

Square One is also a dual diagnosis program serving male and female teenage clients. The program is built around three phases. It uses Trauma Focused CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) as the main treatment modalities. Significant program components include assessment and evaluation, individual therapy, group and family therapy and educational activities. This is an individualized program where the staff develop a treatment plan, making sure each client receives the support he or she needs. Clients attend several intensive treatment sessions a week and participate in a follow up after finishing the program. A typical treatment plan lasts between 90 and 120 days.

FCA provides individual treatment plans for every client, therefore, with individual care, it does not have a cookie cutter approach. In Square One, a client is seen for individual therapy a minimum of once a week and family therapy every other week. In Youth Summit of Recovery, clients are seen individually a minimum of twice a week and once a week for family therapy.

The agency contracts with three different doctors. One doctor is dual credentialed as a psychiatrist and MS and the other two are psychologists.

While it does not do the full 12–step model, there are principles and practices from the program that the agency does incorporate. FCA does not provide detox services.

For both Youth Summit of Recovery and Square One, there are around 50 employees. The staff-to-client ratio for Youth Summit of Recovery is a case load of eight clients per clinician and for Square One, clinicians carry a case load of 20 clients and lead an Intensive Outpatient (IOP) group.

FCA has staff who are LSCW, LMFT and multiple staff who have a graduate degree that are working towards completing their licensure in various fields.

The on-call staff are a licensed clinician, nurses, case managers and a direct care team.

A typical day for Youth Summit Recovery is first the clients have a morning processing group, then from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, they have school. After school, they go to afternoon group and then have dinner. After dinner it’s substance abuse group from 5 to 8 and then bed time.

Square One is a standard outpatient program. It provides individual and family therapy five days a week, eight hours a day for adolescents and adults. It also provides IOP groups, trauma groups and mental health groups. Square One also offers all the major clinical assessments such as Full Scale Intelligent Quotient (FSIQ), psychological, mental health, trauma and many others.


FCA is unique because its staff is trained in Trauma Informed Care, the programs are intense and the low therapist to client ratio. Also, all clinical models are evidence-based and there is a ropes course and adventure based counseling.

In Summary

Florence Crittenton Agency offers intensive inpatient and outpatient programs for young male and female clients suffering from substance and alcohol abuse and mental illness. The program’s mission is to give them the tools and skills by teaching them to take care of themselves, teaching them to lead productive adult lives and bringing up their self-esteem.

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