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For those who struggle to keep their eating habits under control, FitRX offers a 90-day program that aims for inner transformation and full recovery. It’s a part of American Addiction Centers, a recovery outfit that has received its fair share of complaints (though it should be noted that FitRX has mostly steered clear of them). By addressing the underlying causes of binge eating, clients who have suffered from addictive and unhealthy relationships for many years are given a second chance at life. FitRX also offers relapse prevention tools that residents can use after they complete the program.

Accommodations and Food

Clients are housed in a comfortable inn across the street from the main facility in Brentwood, Tennessee, an affluent suburb of Nashville. Those who cherish their privacy will be happy to know that FitRX offers private rooms for every person. Each comfortable space features a queen-sized bed, phone and kitchenette. For those who wish to bring their personal laptop to treatment, WiFi is also available at no additional cost.

The grounds at FitRX feature plenty of nature and state-of-the-art amenities, all aimed to encourage physical activity. An Olympic-sized pool is open for water aerobics and lap swimming while a massive gym allows clients to work out with a certified personal trainer.

Achieving optimal nutritional health is a multifaceted process. Caloric needs, food allergies, taste and digestive issues are taken into account as nutritional assessments are made. Based on each individual assessment, catered meal plans are created. All food is eaten together in the dining room to promote a sense of ease with others around meal times. There are also trips to the grocery store and restaurants, as a way to prepare clients for the real world as they learn new eating habits. Overall, the goal at FixRX is to create healthy relationships with food through mindful and attuned eating.

Treatment and Staff

FitRX has integrative plans of action to help stop destructive eating habits. From binge eating to night eating to compulsive overeating to emotional eating, this facility looks at healing residents from four different angles: behavioral, physical, medical and nutritional health.

Clients begin addressing the behavioral health component of their addiction through intensive therapy. Primary therapists are assigned to each resident and are seen once a week for an hour at a time; there’s also six hours of group therapy per week under the supervision of a licensed psychiatrist. A variety of evidence-based treatment modalities are used, including EMDR, CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and PT. Through these methods, clients can identify triggers and develop new coping mechanisms. Group topics include emotional triggers, relapse prevention, family dynamics, trauma and nutrition. Off-site support groups such as Overeaters Anonymous are offered for those who want to take part in a 12-step program.

When it comes to physical health, residents are introduced to new ways of exercising in a group setting. Under the guidance of a certified personal trainer, they undergo body composition assessments to see how much weight must be lost and how it should be done. Through nature walks, body movement, badminton, circuit training, water aerobics and park outings, clients are able to reach fitness and weight goals.

As a result of the excess weight that many residents carry, a myriad of health problems often develop. With the guidance and support of a highly trained MD, clients are able to heal or stabilize these conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and a variety of skin conditions.

Clients also discover new ways to relate to their bodies. As a result of their overeating and excess weight, clients often suffer in the area of self-esteem. By viewing themselves in more loving ways, they begin to gain confidence and improve their outlook on life. Cosmetic makeovers allow clients to pamper and appreciate themselves in new ways.

A resident psychiatrist, MD, nutritionist, personal trainer and a variety of licensed therapists make up the staff at FixRX, all possessing extensive backgrounds in the area of addiction and eating disorders.


FitFX guarantees that if you happen to relapse with your disease after completing the 90-day program, an additional 30 days of treatment is available at no additional cost. Spa-like services such as massage, haircuts and acupuncture are available at an additional cost.

In Summary

For those who are looking to get their weight and over-eating habits under control, FitRX provides an affordable program with great nutrition and amenities. With a wide range of therapeutic modalities and a strong emphasis on relapse prevention, this program can help people achieve both a healthy relationship to food and an active lifestyle.

FitRX Location

820 Church St E
Brentwood, TN 37027

FitRX Cost

FitRX Cost: $11,250 (30 days). Reach FitRX by phone at (855) 567-3537. Find FitRX on Facebook and Twitter

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