Finding the Best Rehab Centers in the US | Best Drug Rehab Centers in the US
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Finding the Best Rehab Centers in the US

Finding the Best Rehab Centers in the US

Getting into one of the best rehab centers in the US may be the best thing you do all year. After all, at the top rated rehabs you have the most prestigious medical staff, greatest variety of services, and top notch facilities. Who wouldn’t want to go into detox and treatment at such a place? There’s only one issue—knowing how to find such a wonderful place to go to.

Begin the Process

In order to find the best rehabs available for your level of care and personal needs, you need to get diagnosed by a medical professional. This can be an addiction specialist, your family doctor, an ER nurse, or a psychologist. The medical professional will do a series of tests on you, such as blood work and chemical screening, as well as ask a lot of questions about your substance use habits and history. This will help them determine what level of care, i.e. outpatient versus inpatient, that would be best for you. They will also provide you with referrals to the rehab centers they feel to be a good fit. Here’s where you need to step in and:

  • Ask your doctor, addiction specialist or mental health professional which of the best rehab centers would be a possibility for you.
  • Ask them for any information they might have for the rehab center, such as brochures or contact information.
  • Request that your doctor, etc. submit a referral for you to one of these centers after you have selected the one you want to go to.

Now it is your time to do some research.

Scout Out Rehab Centers

Take the list of centers provided to you by your doctor and go online to look at rehab reviews. See what past clients have to say about their experiences and success rates for each place. Look up the rehabs’ websites to view videos or pictures of the facility. Other factors to research:

  • The types of methods offered at each center, i.e. alternative methods, religious based services, nature based programs, etc.
  • Different levels of care treated at the center
  • The variety of therapeutic programs available, such as equine therapy, art therapy, group therapy, etc.
  • The location of the facility, i.e. the beach, mountain retreat, urban district, an unmarked office building, etc.

After you have completed your research review your notes to see which rehab center is going to be the best fit for you. Then, contact the center to see if you can get more information, or contact your doctor for a referral.