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Finding the best private depression treatment centers

Finding the Best Private Depression Treatment Centers

Substance abuse and addiction do not always stem from experimentation, peer pressure or an accidental mistake. In some cases, the underlying cause of an addiction stems from co-occurring disorders or mental health disorders that complicate the treatment process. Dual-diagnosis occurs when an individual has a mental health disorder and abuses a substance due to the symptoms of the disorder. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, roughly 1/3 of individuals with a mental illness and nearly 50 percent of individuals with a severe mental health concern actually abuse drugs or alcohol. Due to the high rate of co-occurring disorders, finding private depression treatment centers that offers solutions to help with the underlying cause of addiction provides the opportunity to avoid substance abuse in the future.

Depression and Addiction

Depression impacts personal health and well-being because it causes a shift in the way that an individual perceives the world and his or her life. In some cases, individuals turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to avoid the uncomfortable feelings associated with depression.

Private depression treatment centers provide the tools that individuals need to improve their recovery goals by addressing the mental health disorder and improving the current situation. Since it is a private facility, individuals maintain their privacy and can feel confident in the discretion of the treatment program.

Finding an Appropriate Program

The key to finding an effective treatment program for dual-diagnosis that offers a high level of privacy is focusing on the types of treatments that you need. Ideally, you want a private facility that offers specialized treatment for co-occurring disorders and mental health concerns. Some programs that specialize in depression treatment offer limited assistance for substance abuse, so evaluate the treatment options before starting a program.

Factors to consider before starting treatment include:

  • The level of privacy
  • The way the private depression treatment centers address mental health disorders
  • Treatments for addiction or substance abuse
  • The costs
  • Your insurance policy

Opt for a treatment facility that accepts your insurance policy and that offers several treatment options to help with depression and substance abuse. Always look for personalized treatment plans before starting a program.

The best treatment program for depression and substance abuse depends on your goals and situation. As a general rule, select a private facility that specializes in dual-diagnosis and provides several options for long-term goals in a safe and private environment.


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