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Finding the best addiction rehab centers

Finding the best addiction rehab centers

In order to manage your addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or pornography, you need to get professional help. After all, addiction is a chronic brain disease, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and needs to be treated by medical experts including addiction specialists, physicians and therapists. For patients seeking treatment, the most effective route is to go to one of the best addiction rehab centers in the US. Here you will receive top notch care from industry experts with decades of hands-on experience.

Searching for a Rehab Provider

As you begin your search to find the best addiction rehab in the US start with rehab reviews and by visiting your doctor or mental health professional. Here you will get the all-important diagnose of being addicted. This is the most crucial step toward getting you the right help you need. Your primary care physician or counselor will conduct a series of tests including blood work and mental analysis to figure out your current level of care. What does this mean? Your level of care is the type of treatment setting that will be most effective for you at this stage in your treatment. Here are the most common level of care settings that you will find at rehab facilities available to you:

  • Outpatient programs, such as group therapy, AA or NA meetings, or marital counseling
  • Intensive inpatient programs that allow for several hours of therapy during the day, followed by a return to a work or home environment
  • Residential inpatient treatment involving a stay in a therapeutic community for a period of at least 3 months, in optimal situations

Several factors can determine your level of care:

  • Your position of employment does not allow you to leave work for days or weeks at a time
  • You have a family obligation that requires you to stay at home most of the time
  • You are dealing with severe addiction and must receive focused, intense treatment in order to get the help you need
  • You are struggling with detox and require an on-site detox facility along with medical supervision

For individuals at high ranking jobs, such as c-level professionals, there is the option of executive rehab. Other people who require total security when they enter into a treatment program typically go into private rehab centers. Family members or those with obligations in the home, such as a primary caregiver to an elderly person, are more likely to receive treatment in an outpatient or intensive inpatient program. As you search for the best rehab for your needs, consider there are many options to meet the varying degrees of responsibility and addiction.