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How to Find the Best Rehabs in the US

How to Find the Best Rehabs in the US

Now that you’ve made the mental decision to seek professional help for your addiction issues, it’s time to move forward with getting into rehab. Rehabs are everywhere in the US, as you’ve noted from television commercials, addiction treatment TV shows and billboards around major cities. But how do you know where to go to find the best rehabs in US? There are a few ways you can narrow down the competition. Let’s get started.

Your Addiction in Focus

Just like your fingerprints, every addiction varies in some way. First of all, you may be addicted to one or multiple substances. Secondly, your addiction history could be 3 months or 30 years. Your personality, your background, your childhood and your current family situation are all aspects related to your addiction. In order to get the best treatment possible you need to better understand your addiction. The best place to do this is through the aid of a doctor, mental health professional or addiction specialist. They will conduct a thorough review of your dependence and addiction, along with a physical and mental exam. Through this information gathering session, they will be able to diagnose you with a particular level of care that will best meet your treatment needs. Level of care refers to:

  • Choice of setting for treatment, i.e. outpatient, inpatient or intensive outpatient
  • Decision to go through detox or not, depending on the level and type of addiction, and the requirement to use medical supervision during detox
  • Associated diagnoses, such as co-occurring disorders including substance abuse and depression
  • Current living situation, i.e. homeless, working as a c-level professional or a college student

These factors will play a role in determining what kind of rehab will best suit your needs. After you have been diagnosed, there is another way you can decide which rehab to go to among those ranked as the best rehabs in US.

Check Out Rehab Reviews

Start by asking your medical team about the rehabs available to you that are most recommended. Then seek out rehab reviews on your own. One place to go is the website Here you can receive reviews from professionals whom have rated rehabs according to location and price. You will be able to identify rehabs via based on their services, amenities and treatment methods. This will go hand in hand with the level of care you’ve received from your doctor. Take both sets of information and match yourself to the best rehabs in US that will best serve you.